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Choose Wisley

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by NinjaWarrior, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Brothers of Eternal Crusade,
    I come here to warn you of a mighty shadow empire lurking in the darkness. I come to warn you to choose your race wisely as it could be your worst and last mistake! A clan is rising with many veterans from across all platforms and the globe all with hours of experience in many other games and one powerful leader is bringing them all together to create what may be the most powerful clan eternal crusade will ever see! It is a clan that is so planned out with its own structure and ranking system it is almost flawless! It will be a clan which will not be know by many then burs into a fire like a Phoenix and engulf the world in its flame! So I come to warn you make your choice wisely and choose the darkness of Chaos or god help your soul!
    I hope you take this into consideration when you decide your fate.
    Choose wisely Brothers,
    For you have been Warned!!!
  2. If I were you, I'd spend less time posturing and more time praying for worthy opponents. I dont know anyone who wants a one sided battleground. Talk about boring! I wont favor a faction due to player superiority. The Ultramarines are looking forward to a challenge NinjaWarrior! :)
  3. I respect your word as I am drawn to the light of the imperium and that of the emperor as I collect space marines in the 40K universe but I believe chaos will have more freedom n the game if you play with the extensive lore of the WarHammer 40k universe . But I see your decision is made and I hope we one day meet in the battlefields and we will see who is mightier !
    Algernon I wish you the best until we meet on that faithful day! :)
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  4. Funny that you've mentionned God. Nobody believes in him in 40k xD
  5. Chaplain Ramun Ramun Active Member

    I'll take a requirement leaflet, so I can ram it down your yapping maw.. Chaos scum!!

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