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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    I took it. :cool:
  2. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    I have no idea if you're serious or not with half your posts, but I do find them amusing.
  3. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    I am never serious about anything when talking on the internet (unless what I say seems serious) :cool:
  4. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    I hope that when they do put noise marines in they put their weapons in 3 categories, base concussion and treble. With the weapon types making different sounds it would be cool if a group of them could make music with a sic drop.
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  5. PrinceOfWar Recruit

    Excess and excellence my brothers!
  6. Will someone please stop strangling that cat!
    Oh wait. It's Slaaneshi marines singing!
  7. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    If you hear a Slaaneshi marine sing, you're already dead.
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  8. I hope the 5th sub-faction will be one of Slaanesh's followers. Angels of Ecstasy for example :p , I can't betray Lorgar but I'll serve Slaanesh too! :cool:
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  9. Artillis Recruit

    I hope if I make a aspiring sorcerer with a mark of slaanesh I can summon me a harem of daemonettes (as long as they look like the sexy table top version and not some of the other less savory images floating around on the net.)

    That aside would be cool if they have daemon summoning and it's actually based on what mark you have. Though with how they are trying to make this game follow the lore it should be that way.
  10. Morcalivan Morcalivan Active Member

    So when a Noise Marine becomes a Daemon Prince do they get a sex change?
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