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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    That may be counter-productive, as i might start dancing it up instead of doing my job.
  2. I will ranch a couple of Nurglings together, shove em in a bag, and let sweet warpspawn take course
    under the influence of Slaanesh's pleasures & barry white equivalent to demons.

    I shall then wait 3 weeks, before loading said bag into a battle cannon, and fire it,
    allowing the fruits of my nurglings' disgusting nature to unfold.

    It cant be clean at least.
    It'll make some imperials wretch I imagine if the Nurgling's hadnt stopped through the ordeal...
  3. Ghraf Ghraf Prefectus

  4. Strayed Strayed Well-Known Member


  5. I don't understand the Dub thing, Dubstep isn't really all that decadent, or painful. Everything about this screams Noise Marine to me, and Industrial/Aggrotech all look like Slaaneshi cultists.

  6. HiveCommander reporting in, FOR THE DARK GODS!
  7. Strayed Strayed Well-Known Member

    Well it was a choice between either posting that or this, which is far more painful and cruel.

  8. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    For the love of all that is unholy ...
  9. Sorantam SpiritofRock Subordinate

    Personally I think the Slaaneshi blastmasters should fart out something less horrendously aggressive, and more unashamedly sleazy.


    "...Captain, it was awful. Suddenly cutting through the sound of battle were these.. these sleazy bass riffs! All the Guardsmen put their weapons down and started.. they started kissing each other and taking off all their clothes... The Commissar produced a whip as if from nowhere and started.. Oh Emperor save me, I'll never speak of it again. And in the middle of it were the Chaos Marines, decked in fur coats and bling... It was lucky I had my ears stuffed full of toilet paper, or I'd have been down there with them.

    Yeah, or I'd have been down there with them... heh." :cool:
  10. Alpharius Unfairly_Lucky Active Member

    The reason I think dubstep is what many people believe that Noise Marines play is because of the bass and treble, and the extreme variation between the two. Played at extreme volumes, it's like being simultaneously punched in the gut (bass) and stabbed in the ears (treble). There's no middle ground, which is great for a cult of psychotic hedonists determined to experience the universe at the extremes.
    Personally, I just like Slaanesh because the Dark Prince and his followers look like they have fun.
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