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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. shinros shinros Subordinate

    They used that same piece of artwork in the tome of excess I really like it too. They got the horrifying daemon version of it in the official chaos daemon codex.
  2. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    This is somewhat related to our previous discussions.

    Chaos Eldar? I think I've found what happened to one of them.


    Overtaken by daemons on a Crone World and now being finished off by Inquisitor Czevak.
  3. Seronadem New Member

    Slaanesh....may the women be satisfying, alcohol percentage high, and colors beautifully vivid as we live on to experience new and exciting orgasms
  4. Sorcerer Xelioks Active Member

    Hmm... I find my pleasure from crushing and subverting the wills of my enemies although i have respect for Slaanesh my true god will always be Tzeentch
  5. Adren Trianos LaerBorn Subordinate

    I just finished reading Wrath of Iron and the Slaaneesh corrupted Hive city sounds real cool, People getting fused to walls, whispers, Eerie Purple Lights everywhere. Crazy Pink Eyed mutants. Be a great location for the game after launch maybe.
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  6. Legendary Z-t-1-m-Q Well-Known Member

  7. shinros shinros Subordinate

    I know right I like the small detail when the iron hands psyker looks at the slaanesh followers souls he describes them to be pink in color.
  8. Jarl Crovax Lord_Crovax Arkhona Vanguard

    The art in progress... image.jpg
  9. Barsabbas Active Member

    I come to give warning to the followers of slaanesh, the world eaters and word bears mean to destroy you all , I may hate your legion but I like to see battles fought when both are prepared to fight and not taken off guard. *smiles and says lets see what happens the fools of the world eaters and word bears see that their plans have been brought to light, make them suffer and leaves with the voices and laughter and shadows but whispers a final message, THERE IS A SECRET SONG IN THE GALAXY AND ITS SOUND IS LIKE RAZORS THROUGH FLESH , I came here to turn up the volume*
  10. Lord Malferon Malferon Subordinate

    Slaanesh is truly an overlooked and underestimated god. He/she/it is the least of the Four, but his minions are within the heart of Imperium, feasting and fornicating within its gilded halls. The aristocracy controlling their worlds are almost completely in the thrall of She Who Thirsts, whether they know it or not. All who feel lust, greed, selfishness or seek excellence are puppets in its hands.
    Is not the Prince of Excess the best patron? Please, indulge and entertain him well, and she shall save you from the cold hands of death, gifting you with immortality and an eternity of sensation.

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