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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    A bit off topic I guess, but I never thought of 'devoured' as being quite the right word. At least, when I think about it I sort of think of the soul being torn apart as the soul...stuff is drawn into the directions that his emotions led him to at the moment of his death, which for the vast majority of people, would surely be in all sorts of directions. Or, if not at death, then the emotion that was probably the strongest one of his life. For example; someone who died peacefully in bed but felt the elation of becoming a father for the first time.

    The soul stuff wouldn't necessarily be of the same sort of size as each other though, because people are often conflicted. Only those that dedicate themselves to a god (or rather, to one particular emotion) would be drawn fully into the embrace of that particular god and those that dedicate themselves fully to an emotion would have to be pretty rare and even single-minded in order to do so.

    I accept that I may be arguing semantics, but I think then that it just joins the god, but not like your immune system engulfing hostile bacteria etc, but more it just sort of seamlessly merges with it. But you don't retain any sense of individuality per say unless that God wills it.

    For example; if you die to Nurgle's rot, your soul will be 'respun' or reimagined by Nurgle into the form of a Tallyman. Similarly, it's said that even mortals who die but have managed to impress Slaanesh regardless become a Daemon Prince as well.

    In regards to the Tallyman though; I don't think there's anything particularly different between them being created as any other Daemon considering that all the Gods need faith and worship (whether knowingly or not) in order to power them.

    Ynnead imo can't possibly form because it's impossible for the Eldar to all join the infinity circuit as there's cases of souls being lost to Slaanesh.
  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    After reading Fulgrim, I'm really liking Slaanesh more. I've always loved music and been a musician for some time. I can totally see myself getting wrapped up in the perfect sounds or wanting perfection in my playing. I use to have Nurgle as my second favorite but I think Slaanesh just took that spot.
  3. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    No, excess is bad...stahp it!

    First off, those are very good artistic renditions that are applicable to the game. I agree on those completely.

    Second, yes, Keepers like to grab the persons that intrigue them and drag the poor sods away. Amplify that attitude because of other reasons and you've got the major plotline for the game I kept referring to and why that Inquisitor's life sucked. ;) Also, I sit well with the Eldar because I empathize with them the most of any army, and on multiple levels. I'm an elf-y dude, but in truth, I also feel their weaknesses and their restraint. I am compelled to fight Sai'lanthresh because I too see that if I fell to Chaos, then unquestionably that's where I would fall. Straightaway. Their enjoyment of destroying purity would cause me a stark level of dread.

    Reiterating my previous post:


    In regards to Mhorge's post, the whole 'soul being devoured' thing is generally left to abstraction, so his interpretation is as good as any as far as I can tell.

    Also, we have found that Ynnead can succeed in spite of the losses. That's part of why it's a big deal. Ignoring the numbers, the actual power of the souls in the Eternal Matrix upon the last death can be sufficient to destroy Sai'lanthresh. (little known fact: all of the Infinity Circuits linking through the webway form what is known as the Eternal Matrix which is where Ynnead sleeps, so it's not the Circuits combining their powers Captain Planet style when the end is nigh. Also, the Eternal Matrix is heavily warded and a lost Circuit does not compromise the Matrix so don't be getting any funny ideas.)

    Why is this potentiality believed? Partially because when Asuryan was killed by Sai'lanthresh, he imbued all of his psychic might into the souls of the remaining Eldar. When all of the Eldar die, what is left will catalyze a new god derived of the head of the Eldar pantheon. This was the fellow that Khaine answered to. Why did he die against Sai'lanthresh? Because he was much more wounded by Sai'lanthresh's destroying the majority of the Eldar than most other gods and Sai'lanthresh went for the head first. Of course, pieces of him are lost with Eldar deaths but the recombination of most of him and the catalyzed god could drop Sai'lanthresh. After that, the Eldar souls can freely rush from him back into the Warp and be reincarnated, permitting the Eldar to start anew having corrected their sins. Source.

    The other 'partially' is because our seers all agree on it being the only happy ending we can have but that the ending could happen. It's a slim hope and we know it. Fun thing is, we live because of slim hopes, and it's all we've got! The skein shows that it could succeed and that's all we need. If it was genuinely hopeless then we would've moved on already; we work in maybes, not absolute negatives. The bad news is that Eldrad postulated that it would take thousands of years for there to be enough souls for the quota to be filled...but given that he saw it in the skein at all indicates that such an eventuality could still occur. Nevertheless, the immovable reluctance of GW to progress the plot will forever prevent this from actually happening.

    Too bad Eldrad was dropped by Sai'lanthresh. At least you guys still don't have his soul. Hard to pin down, isn't he? :D
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    Slaanesh has really grown on me recently after reading about the emperors children.
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  5. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    You 'Eldar' (what an arrogant title to call yourself in the first place ;)) remind me a lot of the Imperium, you both insist on believing in something that isn't there.

    Haha, seriously though, if anybody could upset the Gods I would say it would be the Eldar, but they've painted up Chaos as such an inevitability it's hard to trust any other source of GW's. Speaking personally here of course.
  6. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Say what you will, but I find the fact that the Eldar are still breathing at this point is evidence enough of their potential success.

    Also, what I've cited is just as, if not more, valid than the whole 'Chaos Eldar' discussion we had, so I'll just let you trust what you want to trust. ^_^

    (Eh, not so arrogant. I know my allegiances, I just don't break RP when the Sai'lanthresh thread has been so fun to talk in previously.)
  7. shinros shinros Subordinate

    I feel sorry for your poor acolytes in your dark heresy campaign since slaanesh and her daemons love to corrupt people. Going the tome of excess most of the imperial laws is to counter the machinations of slaanesh. The fact is that the same laws cause many to embrace she who thirsts in the first place since the said laws are so brutal. As I said before the inquisitor in your campaign who got "kidnapped" by a keeper I take it he was not the "same" anymore being with a keeper like that most fall in love with the things.

    In warhammer fantasy there is a story of a keeper waltzing unto the battle field the army took one look at it and then they started murdering each other so they could be its "personal" champion. That is nuts it did not even need to do anything.

    Anyway did some of the player characters in your campaign end up embracing she who thirsts? I recall you saying the only surviving original character had 98 corruption by the end of the campaign. If I was him I would retire(if you can do that in the imperium.)

    The sad fact is that in lore it says those who want the destruction of she who thirsts and her servants just end up giving slaanesh more power anyway. Slaanesh got an overpowered portfolio, excess is really, really broad and covers many things hence the other 3 gods being weary of she who thirsts even if she is the youngest.
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  8. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Apologies: wall of text.

    Well, the party survived because I'm a nice GM, but the cleric had been foremost in every attack on daemons. He had been nearly disemboweled by a daemonhost of the Dark Prince which had festered a special wound in his mind, and his obsessions to be the best and most intimidating cleric were used against him. He began work on a floating throne, (like Karamazov's but smaller and no legs) and while he was working on it, they were recruiting for a massive attack on the cults of Sai'lanthresh that were arming against them. One of their recruits revealed that he was actually a former artisan who could help him with the throne. The artisan was a fighter and survived every conflict despite the outstanding losses suffered. Turns out, the artisan was a daemon and only the cleric could see or interact with him and no one ever figured this out until the end, when he suddenly appeared in the last chamber with glowing red eyes besides the cleric as he rode the throne into battle against the Keeper. The chair locked him in place, opened his mind to the warp and he suffered something like 35 corruption while he was already at 62. The party shot the back of the chair with an anti-material rifle, saving the cleric's soul but doing a fair amount of damage to him. Then, barely able to stand, he lifted himself up in his hexagrammatically-warded power armor to face the Keeper, succeeded his obscenely hard willpower test to not drop on his knees, and stood in its way for one turn as it swatted him like a fly into a bloody mess against a nearby wall. He had barely parried two of the strikes dealt, but only one is needed to hit when you have the power of a Keeper. He survived at like -6 crit damage because he had been preparing for this moment for some time, but only just survived. He'd never be the same.

    Before fighting the Keeper, they watched as it had finally killed the Inquisitor but he had one last trick in his sleeve to prevent the Keeper from getting what it wanted just yet. The assassin managed to hold onto said 'trick' and the adept had the relic needed to contain the daemon, but it was a puzzle, an IRL rubix cube that I only let the party work with once every 10 minutes for a single minute and to do so required a successful intelligence test. Everybody else tried to step in the daemon's way but they were dropped one by one until the adept, now exactly one meter away from the Keeper, got his last chance with the cube. I timed him and at 17 seconds left, he finished the puzzle and they sealed the keeper in the relic. Upstairs, (physically next to our game) the battalion of troops led by two of the party members had managed to hold down the onslaught of Violator Space Marines in a Tabletop game that determined how many reinforcements the Keeper was given and whether or not the party would be able to escape, and the battalion had managed to hold the line (mostly) for the entire game.

    As for the Inquisitor, the daemon never actually managed to pin him down throughout the story but it got really close several times until the very end. I recall two separate instances where he was holding on to something to not get pulled into a warp rift, and there was another time when the Dark Eldar who were unknowingly working for the Keeper, captured the ship he was on and took it into the webway but couldn't nail the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor down until the party managed to finagle their way in to exfiltrate him.

    Fun times.

    Knowing how to make a Keeper work like a Keeper can make a game truly harrowing. I cannot tell you how close I got to turning some people. Dropping that cleric had been a goal of mine and 98 corruption is so painfully close, although he was quite profane at the end and he had to succeed on a willpower with a minus equal to his corruption to stand against the Keeper and not bow to it. Luckily for him, they had prepared for something like this and his warded armor, sanctified gear and a plethora of talents permitted him a low chance of success instead of 01 or go home. Sadly no, my party was comically paranoid about falling to the Dark Prince so they didn't quite, although others also fell from grace, like the Arbitrator who followed the cleric down the wrong path (into something like 70 corruption).
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  9. shinros shinros Subordinate

    Interesting story that campaign must of been awesome.
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