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Children Of Slaanesh, Scream Your Praises Here!

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by shinros, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    As the person writing the book also asked me to write it all out in a somewhat-book-ish format, I'm writing a full length exposé on the game now. I've got 2000 words...and that's about half the first session. I'll notify you when it's done or I have solid sections done....or I might start posting it session by session on the shiny, new RP forum. >_>

    The Exarchs' soul stones are imbued into the suit where they can commune with the like-minded souls of past Exarchs who wore the suit, so it's not all that bad.

    Generally, yea, we roll up characters. You can devise a point-buy system easily, but we roll because it's fun. Also, Dark Heresy 1st edition is...old...and very quirky. It has a lot of holes, and it's dependent on the GM for success. The latter spinoffs like Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and most recently, Only War, are much more well done and feature much more to do without the GM literally making up just about everything. 1st Edition also had really dumb character development trees, no vehicular combat, and some really confusing parts in combat. 2nd edition is in beta, and it is sooooooo much better. It is derived of Only War's talent system, a much more interesting character creation system and is just generally better.

    If you play 1st edition, don't shy away from using material from the other RPGs to get help, and be sure to check the errata online, it fixes a lot of derps. Its a great game, but needs attention, love and a hell of a lot of patience and GM intelligence.
  2. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Protip if you think about making a forum RP, I would never ever ever post an RPG here. Ever. Go to a specialized forum for RPing or one that hosts decent ones and link friends or acquaintances to the other forum. This forum hasn't exhibited any possible signs for decent RPG's, let alone good ones with paragraph or multi-paragraph posts.
  3. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Appreciated, but yea, I was going to post it link-by-link to documents in a dropbox so I can just update it. I saw what happened in the Black Crusade RPGs, not the best organized.
  4. Noctifer Noctifer Well-Known Member

    Yes please on updates and links to that when you do it! It may inspire me to take up my writing again too - and Black Crusade is actually (of course) what I'm really reading right most now ;)

    Wyzillah, WmNate, where are the good RP forums for Warhammer (Chaos of course)? I was thinking of trying to encourage something like that to start up with the Strike Force I just joined, but if there is an established space already... why reinvent the wheel? (or better yet, have two wheels ;)) I am not too surprised that there is no RP section here, this board is meant for supporting the MMO game - the ARP they are getting ready to do will have manageable tie-ins, but trying to support an actual RP area... hmm.. actually I can't say 'no' so never mind, I'm sure the devs will speak up if it is brought to their attention, one way or another (long as they don't get distracted from the important work :)) Anyway so long-short, where do you all play at? (That is Chaos or Dark Eldar friendly, because I play a good guy RL often enough that I don't need to keep it going IC)
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  5. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member's the page.

    Also, I don't really RP on forums much anymore so I'm not the best to talk to about that. Sorry, sir. :( I did used to straight-up RP on forums in high school, but then I found friends here at college. The game I'm talking about was all done in person. I simply do not Skype, PbP RP or anything of the like with any degree of absolute seriousness. If you could be in a real-life game with me, take it. Trust me when I say, this game was an experience.

    It has humble beginnings, but it goes places I never imagined. I was giving powerpoint military presentations to the party at the end, (I will post it later) I was forcing them to solve a real-life puzzle side-by-side with the characters while fighting off daemonettes while other players nearby were representing the battle for their only escape against Violator Chaos Space Marines and their allies in the Eye of Terror with an actual tabletop 40k game. When the Xenos and Malleus teams worked together, we actually convened in the commons and the other GM and myself worked together to manage the game as there were roughly 10 or so players at the game. The Inquisitors have their own shenanigans and the party had spur-of-the-moment side-missions that actually affected the plot. When Chaos dropped the bombs, we worked together and it was glorious.
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  6. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    W40K RPG's can be stupidly hilarious. I once did a Rogue Trader game over the net where me and a friend were Ork Freebooterz. Not only did we have stupidly better stats than the humans (any weakness can be easily compensated if not made better than other human PC's), but because we were Orks and I was a Mekboy, if I believed hard enough, I could get re-rolls. And I had regenerating money.
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  7. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Yo Slaanesh brothers, time for me to step up into da game. I've always praised Slaanesh more than other gods (although I also sometimes buddied up with Iron Warriors, especially Obliterators).

    As my first post in this thread I'd like to keep up warrior spirit by sharing this warped piece of Slaanesh art (...and remember DnB is as close to Slaanesh heart as Dubstep, turn up your sub buffers brothers!)

    Slaanesh lead us!!!!!

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  8. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    What is Sai'lanthresh's faction's thoughts on daemons in game anyways? If they were included, how would you want both the overall idea and your flavor of daemon to work?

    As far as the flavor, I'd rather not find out. I'd rather just shell them from 2 clicks away, but that might just be me.
  9. Noctifer Noctifer Well-Known Member

    Great question! Hmm.. well, there is the ideal world (we are all 18+, mature, and not worrying about offending every puritan who has never picked up a game controller) and the real world (immature players, media waiting to pounce, we are all pure virginal creatures to be protected from the world). So talking about what is doable?

    Even in a PG world I don't want daemonettes as 'funny' like succubi in WoW. They are not meant to be - they are meant to tempt but also terrify. I imagine hear things like "I hunger for your flesh.." in sensual and breathy tones like from an pay-per-minute number but with warped echoes and trebbles in the sound. Sensual movements that entice and glide and suggest, but every once in a while do a little skip like in The Ring or the Silent Hill nurses.. but not too so far in that direction - just hints that not everything is OK, while the rest of the time you are somewhat drooling over them. They smile with perfectly human faces and arms out of combat, but as they walk a hint of a claw morphs over their arms before fading back as if it was never there. A smile opens too much and the teeth are too sharp and the eyes widen and- no, the face is normal again, seductive, winking, whatever you imagined as beautiful..

    In combat I imagine them running almost like cats, or what you would envision from the Wild Hunt of the Fae, predatory but laughing, arms trailing behind so you get focused in on their fronts, nothing to so see here, nothing to be afraid of, we are just here to play with you...

    Summoning them as players.. I'd imagine something like (once you've unlocked this) using your kills to power up the summoning rituals. Then you could either get them as a follower (separate unlocked, 'Greater Minion') or as a mark on you. If you go with the mark, then in combat you could unleash that to either summon one, or a pack (as a sorcerer) or unleash and play one instead of your character (as a possessed space marine). I think that's being talked about in the Sorcerer thread already though.

    I also hope some of them can be had to hang around the bases - especially for a Strike Force, maybe for a veteran squad with a Sorcerer. I know there will be a daemon faction at some point, and they are welcome to have some CSM hanging out there too if they'd like. But yea, being able to summon up some daemons of your chosen mark for various areas would be nice - or having your follower daemon hang out with you and be all sexy-creepy would be nice. (One thing that I think would also be good is to make sure that these daemonettes also include some slightly more masculine or androgynous versions. Yes they are normally depicted as female models but they are eye candy for the viewer and I don't think they particularly discriminate between male and female players / characters. So equal-opportunity eye candy for everyone)
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