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Chief Librarian Of The Crimson Fists

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sithabe, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. sithabe New Member

    I am Chief Librarian Grimaldus of the Crimson Fists (space marine clan from Xbox)

    I took the name Grimaldus to honour a black templar I once fight with, during theDeclates Crusade.

    ok, now for the real me XD

    I am a member of the Crimson Fists clan, if you play space marine on the xbox 360 I invite to play with us (you dont have to be a member to play with us) we dont pretend to be space marines when we play, we just play for the fun of it.

    Pretty much every crimson fists will play Eternal Crusade and so here I am

    also, please forgive my english, it is not my first language, I am from Venezuela and currently live there

    Crimson Fists site -
  2. ChaosCannibal Marduk Subordinate

    FOOLISH GRIMALDUSUSUS. The Crimson Fists like all others of the Imperium of Man shall fall to Chaos! Submit your soul for the inevitable.

    [OOC: Nice to meet you! :D Welcome to the forums I hope you find your stay comfortable! I can't wait to meet you on the battlefield and steal your soul! have fun killing you and your entire clan :D Regardless I hope we can have fun and be the bestest of buds! By the way you speak English very well
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  3. It's good to see that the Fists have arrived as well. Looking forward to fighting with and against you in EC!

    Hopefully they include some form of private match system.
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  4. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see some more Fists =)

    Don't forget to follow myself and Quish here as there is a lot more members here than other sites to do with Space Marine/W40K =)
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  5. dx! Didn't expect to see you here so soon. Are you guys encouraging all your members to sign up here, or are you just maintaining a presence?

    I'm not sure which way the DAs are going to go yet.
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I get around ;)

    Probably just a maintaining presence since we do have our Enjin site working fine and this isn't a site for setting up or informing about matches on Space Marine =/

    Still I'll be active here as much as I am on War Eternal, Crimson Fists Enjin site and Gothic Wars.
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  7. So not at all then? :p

    Good to see you here, man. We'll see you around, you and the Fists.
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  8. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Well I don't post much on War Eternal. Not much for me to post on really... I came there for the Tourney being set up and I signed up the Fists but now I'm waiting for the matches. I will post up the results after every game we have within an hour of the finishing. Did it for the Enjin campaign we were involved in and I'll do it for War Eternals as well =)

    When is that campaign starting again?
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  9. Deadline is October 21st for signups, so I assume Bondi will start it sometime next week. The DAs should be fielding at least one team. I'm hoping to get two registered this weekend.

    We'll see how that goes.
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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Well I hope we get this Tourney done fast. BF4 is release shortly after that deadline so I might be a rusty when I play Space Marine =P
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