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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SkyCake, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    Hello! Haha.

    So! I heard about this game maybe like a year ago? When the pre-alpha footage first aired. I then forgot about it... Too busy playing DoW1!

    Anyways, I'm still pessimistic about this game. I'm watching the Dec 22nd LiveStream on YouTube. So far, I'm seeing a glorified Space Marines multiplayer. I'm really desperate (woo) for a good Warhammer game! Haven't played a good one since DoW. I'm hoping this game is it, especially since MMO is my favorite genre to play. Thankfully, it's still early in development, so a lot can still be added! Woo! I will be making another thread very shortly after this to ask some questions and such about what people that have been following the game have seen. I'm really hoping my very initial and uninformed opinion is changed with my time on these forums!

    Warhammer (including 40k) is my favorite universe. Warhammer Online (is it taboo to mention that game here? haha) was my favorite MMO, and still is, really. Dawn of War 1 is my favorite RTS game, by far. I like the spelling, "Ork" better than "Orc." Seems more orky! It's had to choose a favorite faction... Some people assume that because I'm female, I would go with Eldar. They're actually my least liked faction. I enjoy playing Chaos Space Marines. And, listening to Orks' attempt at speaking, I find it funny! Out of the factions I've seen so far, I'll probably play Chaos. Especially if there's some kind of plague unit.

    I think that's enough about me! Hope to make some friends! WAAAGH!

    Edit: I started by saying I was pessimistic coming in. After searching the site, and a helpful answer from another forums-user, I'm now very much excited for this game!
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  2. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator

    Welcome fellow Crusader!:)

    Glad to have another Warhammer 40k fan join the fray!

    I'm sure you will like it here the dev team members are hardcore 40k fans


    Here is some basic info on the game to help you get started so you land on your feet and hit the ground running!

    Here is the F.A.Q. link.

    You can also find it on the right side of the tab bar.

    For launch (Late 2015) there is plan to have four Factions that can be played (Maybe five) and one faction that will be NPC controlled the Tyranids used as a balancing mechanic....Note there is plans in time to have all of the different factions from the Warhammer 40k lore in-game as add-on's later(Maybe even IG). If you get a founder pack you will be able to vote on the 5th faction and i do believe the 5th Sub-faction per each faction sometime after the first founder game module is launched Q2 2015!

    Eternal Crusade is in very early pre-Alpha a few months the first founder module (10vs10 PvP arean maps) should be in are hands Q2 2015, Keep in mind that they will be opened to the founders in waves this is from the game F.A.Q.

    As a Founder, you receive Early Game Module Access each tier will have access at a different time:

    First Wave: Those who purchased Captain Packs will gain access as each of these game modules gets released.
    Second Wave: Those who purchased Sergeant Packs will gain access 30 days after the module is released.
    Third Wave: Those who purchased Warrior Packs will gain access 60 days after the module is released.

    Keep in mind that you have the option to upgrade your founder pack up to the 2nd highest founder pack look in the founder store and wheel down to the bottom to see the different upgrade options you have up to launch to get founder store stuff then after launch it ends:(

    Here is a link to the Factions at war on this world.(Click the tabs on the left side to look at the different factions and go to the bottom to see the sub-factions per each)

    Here is the link for the list of classes.

    Eternal Crusade is going to be a 3rd person view action combat game mmo much like the game Space Marine but a lot more think Space Marine + Plantside 2= Eternal Crusade. There is no normal levelup no getting to level 90 and having 200k health points while a level one would have's more like the game Space Marine where a noob level one just starting to play the game can and will kill a player that has been playing for years skill based play (Headshots).

    Most MMO's need players to spend so much time to stay caught up with all the other players like Levels, gear and so on, If you don't you fall behind and are no longer aloud to sit at the big boy table:( left out of the Dungeons and raids and i'm sure more then a few gamer's has felt that left behind feeling:(

    Crusaders playing Eternal Crusade will be able to drop in and play hours or 10-15-30 mins a day if only to drop on the front line for 15-30 mins helping to take a base or hold one and or knock out a Underwould (A Eternal Crusade Dungeon) and still be a needed and contributing member of their faction and still able to kill the Crusader that has put in hours per day, This should help to bring in new players well after launch knowing that it will be a even fight for all:D And would fit well for those that have limited time.

    There is a skill tree it will let you work on being really good at a aspect of that class and in time you can max them all out, From what i seen and heard you can max one aspect out fast or spread the XP across them all taking longer to max them out but being somewhat ok at all of them at the same time and then slowly leveling them up over time it would be up to the player and the players play style.

    There is also plan to have 8-10 members from each faction to be voted in as "War Council" members to over see the war effort and to hand out faction missions/objectives for the faction, They will also be able to use faction RP's(Resource points that have been gathered by the controlled bases and or a modifier where a faction/guild/chapter will get so much RP's per active member per-hour) to call in orbital strikes, air strikes and others to aid their faction and also they will be able to gift FRP's to players in a area so they can get a tank to fight off a large attack by another faction. Note the players will get RP's for killing other players, vehicles, taking bases, killing enemy NPC's like the Tyranids and completing factions/War Council objectives those RP's are the players the War Council will not be able to take a players RP's.

    Not sure how the War Council members will do what they do, That part is still being worked on by the dev team.

    Eternal Crusade is planned to be 85%-90% PvP and 10%-15% PvE

    The planned PvP content will have players from the four Factions fighting it out for control of the plant, fighting for bases to expand their factions control(Think Plantside 2) each base is planed to give perks for the faction that controls it in-game RP's(Resource points) for the faction's leaders to use in dire times(Give to players so they can get tanks/hero's/elites to fight off a large enemy attack) and also there is a talked about/planed supply line mechanic that might be in-game so if the bases in the rear get taken the bases on the front line gets cut off from resupply(no more ammo) giving need to make sure the bases in the rear are guarded from sneak attacks.

    The planned PvE content will be randomly made Dungeons in the form of Underwoulds/Hives(These will be instances) mostly to fight the Tyranids to hold them back from your bases and or retake a base you lost to them. And in doing so will earn (Maybe FRP's) items that will help your faction as a whole and the players would get XP/RP's/loot like gear. And also of note the PvE (Tyranids) content is planed to be used as a balancing mechanic to help hold over pop factions in check (The Tyranids would attack the over pop factions more so) but keep in mind the Tyranids will attack all the factions.

    Note one might think that 10%-15% PvE might be to small for the PvE gamer's out there looking in to Eternal Crusade you need to remember Underworlds/Hives are planned to be randomly generated so each time you do one it is going to be different then the one you just did so new NPC's Tyranid bioforms/bioweapons and other faction types was talked about..."in time" and new map area's so you wont get burned out doing the same one over and over, This will force all players new and Vets of Eternal Crusade to stay on their toes!

    Also you can watch a live-stream with the devs they will have live-streams when they have something significant to show in the game development (Keep an eye out on the forums to see when the next one will take place) if you are online when they do it live you can ask ?'s about the game, You can also click on the "Community" tab and then click on the "Twitch shows" tab and then click the Ep. that you want to watch game play and Q&A!

    You should really look at the livestreams to get an idea of the size they are going for.

    Here is a link to a Q&A answers compilation thread where Founders and forum members alike have asked the devs ?'s about the game and the devs answers are posted here, Each two weeks a new ?'s thread will open up allowing members to ask ?'s to be answered by a member of the dev team, It's crunch time for the devs so it may take days before it shows up on the Q&A thread!

    If you like what you see and would like to help Eternal Crusade by getting a Founders pack (Also getting Alpha/Beta/Founder Game Module access/early access and many other perks for helping Eternal Crusade while in development) go to the "STORE" tab and click on the "Founders Store"(Drop down) to look at the different options also there is a option to upgrade the founders pack up to the 2nd highest pack (If you can only get the $40 US basic founders pack at the time and then later get more funds you can upgrade to the next highest one up to the 2nd highest pack).

    Also of note they have a referral program where you can get someone to get the game and then put in your code to get a nice referral bonus for both of you, You can find your referral code by clicking on the "Join the War" tab then clicking the "Founder Sheet" just wheel down a bit, It should be on the right hand side under recruitment level the code is typed in yellow!

    If you have more ?'s about Alpha/Beta/Game module access/Early access look in the game F.A.Q. wheel down to look for and click on 2 tabs: these should help out.
    1st Q: What is Pre-Launch Game Access?
    2nd Q: What is Early Game Module Access?

    Note the first module(10vs10 PvP arena maps) is set for late Q2 of 2015.

    You can also play the game for free playing as the orkz (Free to play race) but will have limited options though that can later be opened up by microtransactions.

    Note the bonus RTP's(rogue trader points) to be used in the "STORE" "Rogue Trader" is a gift the Dev team is giving the founders for supporting Eternal Crusade while its in development. So if you get a founders pack you get the bonus RTP's as a gift, $1 US=1,000 RTP's a $40 founders pack you get 40,000 RTP's as a gift from the dev team along with the other perks, Now if you were to wait tell after launch and the founders program ends and you get the game for $40 you wont get any of the founder perks, They will also be adding more and more items to the Rogue trader store each month or so up to launch and after.
  3. Welcome to the crusade)
  4. Deadalus Deadalus Ordinate

    Welcome to the forums!
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  5. Oh no, i'm too late to warn you about the dreaded block o' text blast.
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  6. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Heresy Approved!

    Hello sister I hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums of "Loyalty"
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  7. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

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  8. BloodXIII Jolojose First Blood!

    Welcome Battle...Sister, I hope I'll be seeing you on the fields of Arkhona! It's nice to see you've been hit with Arkdawn's famous wall of text! While I know you're pretty set on those horrible Nurgle plauge marines, let me try and sway you to the AWESOME side :p

    The Blood Angels have, without a doubt, the very best Chapter fluff in the Imperium. We aren't all lame and disgusted with our bodies to the point of hacking bits off to be replaced by cybernetics, nor are we all goody-goody blue funboys with no real fluff short of, "Uhhhh... we got our asses handed to us by the 'nids." We aren't scouring the galaxy, searching for our brothers who turned to the dark side and might out us while living in a floating rock because we blew our own homeworld up. We aren't self flagellators in yellow armor, we aren't all albino with schtoopid mutant weirdos, we don't have lame claws growing out of our forearms, and we do not enjoy chowing down on a steaming bowl of dog food just before licking our balls and rolling over for a nap.
    We are among the oldest lived space marines. We are possibly the only ones who appreciate, and create art. We have a true hero Primarch that died in the service of the Emperor. Our Primarch didn't have canines, he didn't have pallid skin, or one freaky eye; he had wings! He had precognition without dabbling in the chaos arts. The Blood Angels are proud, yet not self-important. They fight as well as any marine, yet at the same time hold themselves back to keep from falling into the abyss of the Rage.

    The popularity of marine armies waxes and wanes as GW focuses their baleful eye on each one. While our rules may suffer in light of the current armies, there will always be a core cadre of players who play them because they are just so dang bitchen' regardless of the rules.

    Oh, I almost forgot... the Blood Angels are red. Not some fairy lame color like blue or yellow. Not presumptuous goth black, or goth-lite gray. Not green (I mean, green?) or white (coming up with a primary color was too difficult for them). They are red; the color of blood, violence, and Taiwanese hooker lipstick. In other words, the color of why it's good to be a marine!
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  9. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    Does that mean Blood Angels are faster than other Space Marines? Currently, Space Marines are my least likely to main faction. In the past four days, I've spent many hours lurking on these forums, readying everything. Eldar seem fun in an FPS, so will probably check them out! Space Marines are one of my favorite factions in DoW1... Hm... Chaos! "We serve master. And in return, grant us the powers of the dark gods!" I like the idea of being an Aspiring Sorcerer.... Orks have my favorite subforum. So many good choices!

    Thanks, everyone!
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  10. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    [​IMG]Not true that writing is though.

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