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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Valonox, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Wouldnt mind that one bit, considering Germany is allot close to where im at then Canada.
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  2. But not Pikko? :(
    They will have to be put in a very good spot to support all of us, especially Australia :3
    Can you guys get to Hawaii? Its in the middle, so by logic standard, it should work :)
  3. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    its just for the early access module mate not for the final release of the completed game,

    a 10V10 module can be done using the usual server "instance" tech every game uses as opposed to the "open world" final product which will require the pikko
  4. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    For different languages in chat, have language chat channels is the first thing I think of.

    Second thing I think of, long time ago I played an MMORPG called Final Fantasy XI which had language mixing among players. The game had a text command system which allowed players to say general common things to others which could be said in sequence such as <Follow Me> <Enemy Ahead> <Attack my target>. Those texts would be in the players language (if I send the message I see English and they see their language and vice versa) and the few times I partied with players that used it and I had to use it in return was pretty efficient and little to no difficulties. Maybe this can be included in EC somehow in a command wheel system or similar to what the game SMITE does with their VGS, Voice Guided System gamepedia page linked here complete with voiceline demos. It helps communication even with action happening. SMITE even sells character specific voices which can also change for alternate skins/costumes. If such a thing were to be implemented into EC can be only text. Maybe voices but only for squads with the option to toggle hearing them on or off. Players spamming the VGS in SMITE gets annoying real quick, it has a short time out for players who do that though and muting someone mutes the vgs too.
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  5. I learned that Google Translate seems to miss the finer points of english subtly or hidden meanings within sentences - it also constantly mis-translates english into something offensive in other languages whenever you try to translate anything related to hetrosexual or homosexual relationships for some reason. Same for anything to do with expressing affection. And in turn it also tends to do the reverse for anything written in a Slavic language, such as Hungarian or Russian. Oh and it also mis-translates english combination words such as 'they're' and 'their', getting both confused.

    It also doesn't translate grammar correctly; Which makes for Europian to Asian Languages (where one derives from either Latin, German or Slavic ancestry attempting to match either Chinese(the Asian Latin), Thai, or Korean ancestry) it comes out as nonsense. All it can do is simple 2 word translations, - but cobbling that together into a sentence doesn't make sense either. What it attempts to do most of the time is a direct translation of exact words, where other languages have words which don't exist in english that describe similar things, so it cobbles together a sentience using the closest translatable words it can find going though a dictionary comparison - rather than picking the correct words for that particular sentence. It also does the same in reverse...

    The only translations it gets correct are latin based languages, such as French or Spanish, but even then it has grammatical errors.

    Last time I checked Pikkoserver is a software package used for load-balancing and distribution of connections on a server group, which allows a server to manage and handle dynamic clusters of players distributed across multiple servers as a single server group. It's not a physical server, it's a server software tool loaded into the computer managing the server group.

    I've only got to see a server management program once in my life, it was in highschool, my programming teacher showed me the school admin terminal once, it operated on a heavily modified version of Microsoft Networking using windows NT and 2000. (very old stuff by today's standard). It showed who was logged in, where they were logged in, all the computers on the network - their address information, the server they were assigned to and the bandwidth distribution. The school had about 4 Internet connection lines with 4 separate server networks.
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  6. Sry, though Hungarian has a few words borrowed from slavic languages, it itself is not considered Slavic.
    "Hungarian is a member of the Uralic language family" -
    But besides the point - you are right that Google Translate is not very good about those languages ;)
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  7. Patrick, got any news on grass?
  8. The grass here is currently covered by about 20 cm of snow :)
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  9. uralic? ulanor? you are the emperor?!?!
    i guess he means the ofher grass :p
  10. I know - but in a symbolic meaning - we are still considering having grass - but we have to see if we will put it in for obvious reasons!
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