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Characters In-game Progress.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kaelen, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    So, thats the question. During the first campaign all of us will get experience, perks, abilities or something about this and upgrade our characters. We win or we lose - it doesn't matter really - and we will get a 2nd campaign...
    The question is - will my character save his achievements, perks, experience, battle gear, weapons and so on, or I will have to start again with wiped char? :)
  2. do you mean campaign? not company
  3. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    Yes, sorry for my english
  4. Np mate just had to check. I haven't got a clue to your question though ;)
  5. Kaelen Kaelen Preacher

    I really hope to save all my progress from 1st and others campaigns... Anyway we must be a veterans?? )))
  6. Meow Tyff Subordinate

    He's asking if there's persistence to Campaigns in the game.

    Take it like League of Legends. He can get to Level 18 by the end of the game, but when that match ends, and he starts a new one, he's Level 1 again. (Yeah, don't flame me for using this game as an example. Please.)

    I hope it does. I want to be a Vet.
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  7. Would depend on the length of the campaign. How long does a game last in your example, never played the game.
    Would be odd if after a 3 month campaign to go back to level/rank 1 etc.

    Persistence would certainly add a lot of depth to a characters progression and i hope it happens as well

    Oh and sorry I meant I didn't have a answer to his question ;)
  8. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    No reason for flame. That was a good example. I think with this game considering it is in the MMO field and games normally that wipe your individual match stats per... well per match, it will fall into a category of a normal MMO. You will keep your stats, gear, status, etc.. If they didn't let you keep anything it would really take away from the game and it's possibilities.
  9. As far as the developers have described the game it will be like one long never ending battle for control over the planet (or continent, to be more specific). Therefore, your experience, certifications, abilities, whatever, will not reset. Think Planet Side 2.
  10. Anshar Anshar Master

    I would assume certs carry over from planet to planet, though I guess it would depend how hard they are to get. But coming out of one planet a vet into a new one as a newguy would be kinda meh.

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