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Character Momentum and View

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheBurgerMeister, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    Character movement has always been clunky in this game since they started development. Its gotten a bit better and some of the animations cleaned up but still has a bit to go. Same goes with the characters view point but a lot of that has to do with the FX being too annoying and the screen constantly flashing.

    One of the biggest things I notice in game is when I'm trying to position myself in a doorway or behind cover then take aim and side step, my character WON'T STOP GLIDING. Its like he's wearing ice skates or roller blades and won't just sit still when I stop pressing the movement button. This needs to change. Space Marine didn't have this. If you're sprinting and then coming to a stop, sure. There's SOME momentum to carry you forward a tiny bit as you stop. But when I"m walking and trying to do a small movement with WASD in any direction, my character continues for a second afterwards and slowly stops. Just no. Get rid of this as it makes it super annoying for players to control their character and aim properly. Its already annoying as is to shoot over and from cover so why have this extra momentum in the game which makes it extremely annoying to position yourself to get your shots off?

    As well, turning your character is cancer in this game. For some reason all the characters don't know how to pivot and turn about. They just forgot how at the military academy and the warp or some crap lore prevents it. I don't know what it is but it needs to change.

    Also I don't know why there's always constant dust kicking up (LOTS OF IT) from everywhere whenever we move. Take it out.

    Character view and field of view has always been bad in this game. When I went and played Space Marine again I noticed that I could see SO MUCH MORE around me than in EC. The camera in Space Marine is a bit further away and is more above your character model. Thus giving you a wider field of view more often. This is even true when you aim down sights with your gun. In Space Marine your character and gun model are BELOW the cross hair as shown here:

    But if you look at EC's camera angle and how it looks when shooting from cover or when aiming down sights, its completely obstructing a lot of your view:

    This is what gets frustrating for players is because suddenly you will get shot at or attacked by melee and its too late to respond to it. You're already dead. Because you can't see where you are getting hit from or where the swing came from your have to back up first and figure out what's going on. In a fast paced game there's no time for that. This is what Space Marine did well is they let the players have more field of vision in all cases. When aiming down sights in the 2nd video with EC, as soon as someone starts moving to the left of your screen, you've lost them. The fire FX from your gun will start to get in the way and you're basically now guessing where you are shooting. In Space Marine notice how the camera is ABOVE the gun and the fire FX come from below where your field of view is. You can see where you are aiming across the field on both left and right and can easily place your shots.

    Its bugged me for a long time and it needs to change. I'd like to be able to see what is going on. Its bad enough we have all these things happening on the UI with screen overlays and flashy effects for EVERYTHING. Let me at least see what is happening where I am looking/aiming.

    Also popping your head to and from cover is too slow for how fast paced this game is trying to be. Speed up the animations. :|

    TLDR: Fix camera view and character movement to make more sense.
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  2. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    Also wanted to share these lovely gems with you all that's currently in the game:


    Basically prime examples of "I can't see wtf is going on my screen". There's constantly stuff in the way of my characters view when I'm trying to aim and play the game. These new banners are completely in the way currently.

    Its really not that hard. Fix the camera so its on top more like how Space Marine's was. When you aim down sights ZOOM IN A LOT so that we have more field of vision. Space Marine had it perfect. No need to re-invent the wheel when its practically handed to you on a silver platter.

    Fix nao.
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  3. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    I'm a little shocked that either nobody thinks this is an issue or just doesn't understand that "character view cam" needs to be a priority for smoother gameplay and selling more copies of the game.

    I for one would like to see the game live longer than a few months.

    Input people.
  4. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    ..... Cmon guys, you can't all think the camera angle is fine and that the character movement is great. Your character's moment always carries you 2 steps when you tap the button on WASD. Doesn't need to be there.

    Let devs know what you think.

    Just compare the surface area in other games and how obstructed your vision is in EC:

    Warhammer EC view1.jpg

    Also notice how much of your screen is taken up by screen effects, player dust kicking up from movement, your own model, your guns fire effect, etc. Usually in combat there will be other crap in the way like with the above pictures in the other post regarding CSM and Warlock heal beam. Screen has too much going on to be able to see properly and aim. As well the minimap is kinda in the way. :|

    Space Marine view1.jpg
    Look at how beautiful the surface area is in comparison. The gun's fire is also semi transparent so you can actually see a bit through it and it doesn't obstruct your vision like it does in EC. Also your character is closer up and aiming down the sights more. We don't need to see our full model at all times. Its silly. I want to be able to see what I'm shooting.
  5. Maybe you should go back and play SM... forever
  6. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    Many of us here wanted a sequel to Space Marine. They copied quite a few things from that game but forgot to copy the important/good parts.

    Currently character momentum is a bad thing and makes the melee system and turning in general horrible. No need to move 2 additional steps when I simply tap the move button to get my character in position.

    As well the camera view. Did you even compare the pictures? Do you honestly feel the camera view in this game is "fine"? HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED OTHER SHOOTERS?!

    This game is behind in many aspects and the most basic one is the camera angle which needs attention asap. At least give us an adjustment slider to zoom further in and out to our preferred desire. I honestly could care less if I see my character model more. I want to be able to see what I'm shooting.

    Also nobody seems to be addressing the dust clouds from when you move. Perhaps it needs a separate post...
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  7. The dust clouds are kinda nice. Adds to the weighty feel of moving about. These guys are in massive power armor (actually, the same applies to your concern about turning your character - these guys are absolutely massive. Inertia is a serious issue).

    I can't speak to the camera view for ranged weapons. I run apothecary in my guild, and most of my work is done with chainblade and pistol, so I can't even zoom in.

    Edit: I've only had issues with character movement in tiny windows, trying to get the marine to hop the sill, so I'm not sure I'm understanding your issues with the character stepping too much? Can you give us a specific example or two of what you're trying to do, and how the game's making it work instead?
  8. I actually would if there were still servers instead of p2p...
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  9. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    So first the dust clouds: Its not SO bad when you're outside in the desert lets say running in the middle of the field. But its quite obstructive and stacks with other dust clouds and its one more layer on top of an already annoying UI where you can't see what's going on ever. There are a lot of older posts that talk about the UI issue.

    Dust clouds are also occurring INSIDE the buildings....Like... what? Metal buildings kicking up mounds of dust. Confused. They could at least tone it down or have an option graphically to remove it cuz I honestly can't see when 5 people get close to each other as shown in one of the above images.

    Second, the momentum you mentioned. That is exactly what I was trying to get at where you try and adjust your aim to pop a shot through a window. I don't know how people aren't frustrated by this as its extremely aggravating and makes shooting through windows pretty much useless.

    You take 1 step any direction on the WASD and it moves you two steps. If you zoom out and do it you can see that your character takes 2 small but distinct steps forward. This doesn't need to be there. 1 press of the button = 1 step. Or even 1/2 a step, it doesn't matter, other games don't have this.

    The other momentum issue comes in when trying to turn or pivot. You simply can't do it. Eldar can better than other races but I don't get why my space marine forgets that he has a torso he can move left and right and also feet that he can move like normal people to move around 360 degrees.

    This all adds to that general "clunky" feel to the game that doesn't feel good. We need it to be weighty, sure. But the current implementation of the movement system (as well as melee) is just flat out bad. I am hoping this next month or two they do a pass on the entire movement system and tighten it up a lot. I'd love for all these windows and slits to allow players to shoot through them. :|
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  10. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    I know, it was so much fun while it lasted. Sadly their PvP was laggy and only had 4v4 or w/e but Exterminatus mode was hella fun... Just nobody plays anymore. :<

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