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Character Catalogue thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by OgrynLord, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. SneakyFeet OgrynLord Steam Early Access

    I thought it may be useful for people to have an index of characters that are used in this little corner of the forums;
    Fantasy, 40k, or anything else just type a number +1 of the last person to post!

    Multiple characters are allowed, however restrict yourself to one character per post and keep any discussion and non-character information out of this thread to keep it tidy and easy to navigate for the convenience of other users.

    I'll start to get things rolling; You can write as much information as you can cram into it so go nuts! But remember it should try and be easy enough for other people to read through without too much effort!

    Entry #1

    Name: Balbor Bloodbelly
    Species: Ogre (ogre kingdoms)
    Role: Bruiser

    Appearance:Has a thick black goatee with a short Cue (going down to the top of his shoulders; see here ) , slightly tanned skin and an eyepatch covering his left eye. His gut-plate is made out of bronze and the emblem is an anchor with an ogre skull over the top. He wears thick black boots that cover his shins and puffy breeches that close up around the ankles (classical olde pirate wear) which are coloured orange. He keeps a handgun on his side, a small chest of doubloons on his hip and uses a hook (this type: ) for a melee weapon in his left hand. He has a regular set of large teeth with one missing on his lower jaw right of centre.

    Personality (may help define his posture?): There's nothing Balbor likes more than the smell of gunpowder on the air and the feeling of boarding a prey vessel with his small (but unusually brutish) crew. He commands an ogre trireme made from the upturned rib cage of a great beast they slew and built the hull out of its lesser bones, wrapping it in the beasts skin; the two huge tusks protruding out of the upturned skull at the prow of the ship providing a ramming implement. The ship is unusually small and seats seven ogres below decks; six of which vigorously power the oars as thick as tree trunks with their meaty fists and one who pounds away at a drum as fast as he is allowed to, occasionally thumping any of the crew who tire before feeding time. The only other parts of the ship aside from the top deck are the armoury, balbors quarters, the pantry, and the hold where all of the plunder is kept, while the crews quarters are small (by an ogre's standards) hammocks lashed to the interior of the hull above the rowing stations. The fighting crew are a small group of four ogre bulls; although this is still plenty enough to brutally disembowel any ship unfortunate enough to meet them in boarding actions.

    Due to the strength of Ogres coupled with the stout proportions of the ship, the vessel can churn through the waves with terrifying and astonishing speeds, often enough to match or easily gain on the finest vessels that the empire has to offer.

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