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Chapters specialities

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by QUICKRUSHER, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Totally agree. TT is a hard sell and difficult to move into EC based on consistency. I have never understood how the knife stands up to the melee weapons in any all. I was really leaning more into the holes in the lore. One that always bothered me as a Space Wolf guy was the role they play as the executioners for the Emperor. If this chapter was bred specifically to dismantle and slaughter other chapters at the behest of the Emperor, as we have evidence of it happening twice in the lore, they would by default be, individually, the most powerful and unstoppable marines in the Imperium. But...they aren't, as showcased after Prospero Burns and the swatting they took at the hands of the Alpha Legion.

    And there are more plot and explanation holes in the lore. Which is why I'm happy they don't include chapter specialties becasue for each one, there is a counter story or something in the lore to screw with it.
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    I wolves arnt nearly as fearsome as they should be. They're more like this...

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    Well the chapter has gone through numerous phase, sometimes a chapter spirit and speciality can completly rely on a single individual or a situation, things can change a lot in 10 000 years. For the best exemple, the Raptor chapter were huge followers of the codex astartes but also principles such of honour and glory.
    Problem is, they did it badly (or simply they were too much of a background chapter so there plot armour was not as thick as other principle chapters using the same dumb strategies), and their chapter got fucked hard a lot. As such they completly turned now, they rely heavily on stealth, marksmanship and spying to kill their foes and it work relatively much better now.
    As for the current space wolf spirit, the dedicated one to the protection of innocent, I think this mindset is more because of Logann Grimnar (Ho-Ho-Ho, Happy Wolfmas Day heretics !) than their history, the dude put a lot of priority in their protection. And we must take in account that the actual Space Wolf forces got nothing in common with the ones during the great crusade, where Russ took this role of executionner upon him and his legion by himself.
    As it has been sometimes said : "The space wolf are what the imperium/emperor want them to be in dire times of needs"

    We know that the setting on Arkhona is set right during the 40th millenium if I remember correctly, so we can always pick chapters specifity in fluff accordingly to that time period.
  4. Again, completely agree. Its yet another reason I'm glad that chapter specialties were left out as everything in the 40K verse is fluid and ebbs and flows so to speak.

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