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Chapters special skills

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Akhorahil55, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Its really good to read that! Good news

    Lets see how they introduce it in the game.
  2. Teshkomije Teshkomije Active Member

    The chapters/craftworlds etc, should have unique flavor, but special things like OP said would ruin the game with meta forcing.

    Easiest example is Wow, 90% of population is playing for example only alliance, because of human racials, making both game absurdly retarded, lack of players on other faction and the racial itself being broken AF, forcing competitive players to roll the most overpowered race.

    I'd suggest personally special shouts and battlecrys and look/glows or whatever for weapons, EG: nurglits having dark green vapor coming around the muzzle of weapon.

    Inb4 Nurgle marine hits you and u bleed to death cause muh fluff reasons make it so.
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  3. Im really keen to see how they do this. Looking at it as a NightLord I think preysight and penalties/bonuses for wearing or not wearing a helmet in dark/bright maps.

    I would love to see stealth for them as well but I think that we will.just have to play like sneaky bastards rather than have a specific mechanic.

    As for the fear factor I cant see them getting a skill for that as LSM are too well trained to be scared, eldar will be to aloof to be scared and orks will be to dumb... i mean tough to be scared. So I guess we will just have to have scary trash talk and an execution that flays downed foes.
  4. Space marine without a helmet? DISGUSTING, HERESY.
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  5. We have been told there will be differences, but we currently have no idea what they will be (The differences will be beyond just the look of them)

    I really hope there will be differences between Chapters.
    Bonus, skills, classes etc.
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  7. tinfang Recruit

    I would like to see the helmet fly off if damaged though..
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  8. Deaconis Deaconis Steam Early Access

    I hope they're not things like more melee damage or higher accuracy. I don't want to feel like I need to play a certain chapter just to enjoy the game.
  9. I hope that sub-faction difference/ability are mostly cosmetic. And don't really effect the game. Maybe having the skill trees a little different per sub-faction. I.E. let say the first perk on an Ultramarines skill tree is a rapid reload perk. But on the Blood Raven's skill tree it's a melee recovery perk. But the last perk on the Ultramarine's skill try is the melee recovery perk; and the last one on the Blood Raven's tree is the rapid reload perk. Basically, some factions get things quicker is all then others while others get those same things later. I feel that would add a uniqueness to each sub-faction without making one faction OP over another.
  10. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    I remeber this question popping up before and hearing the bonuses or benefits won't force a meta. They don't want every single person playing assault marine to also be a blood raven. If bonuses are added I think they will be mild gameplay enhancers.

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