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Chapter Master Game [in Memory To Umc]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Uriel1339, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    21 will be wrost.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Why you think I went for it? :p
  3. I believe instead of charging yelling "For the unknown primarch" we should only talk about him to bad mouth him. "Fuck the primarch who abandoned us!" and totally just be dickish to every space marine chapter who knows who there primarch is :p

    Basically we'll be how the primarchs were when the emprah abandoned them.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I like it :D Especially if the Inquisition comes around and then tell the Inquisitor "We don't give a crap who our Primarch is and if it would be Horus himself!" XD
  5. It also gives 100% complete freedom to insult each and every primarch.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Turn 1

    You awaken and march directly to the council hall which is in basic your headquarters of the chapter. The Captains are arguing with eachother, just like the Chaplain and the Librarian. As you sit down on your Throne made purely out of Adamantium you shut them up "SILENCE!!!"

    everyone just stops and turns to you, kneeling down infront of you and with their heads towards the floor. "What is the Status around?!" You demand in an angry voice, annoyed by all the discussions between eachother, each day it getting seemingly worse within your HQ.

    The Captain of the first company looks up to you. "We were just discussing about recruitment, there are not enough capable men to recruit from the Forge World and the Governor is turning most of them into more Servitors to increase his productivity, though the brothers from the second, third and fourth company disagree and say the Governor is just doing his job and is also the reason why there are so many weapons and vehicles ready whenever there should be war."

    You think short and then just wave your hand. "What are your issues Librarians?!" You demand and both of them look up to you. The first says loud "The Daemonsword needs to be destroyed, send away, it corrupts us from inside to pick it up in the first place was wrong!!!" The other stands up and almost attacks the other librarian but the chaplain holds him back. "It is the key to slay all Daemons! By analyzing this weapon we will know how to disable it's warp effects!!! It was from a Daemon Prince, we will be able to destroy anyone by learning it's secrets!"

    The Chaplain pushes the Librarian over to the Apothecari who holds him now. "In my opinion I agree our brother, the Sword must be banished. On the other hand we might get valuable knowledge out of it." The chaplain says calm, he is almost as cold as your Techmarine you think, though you also know your chaplain can be heated up during battles and get passionate about crushing your enemies. You straightly ignore the Daemonsword issue for now.... Just like the past weeks.

    "What about the Forgemaster / Governor?! Is he at least doing well with his recruitment of PDF?! I do not wanna save his butt every single time he will get attacked, last time we lost a whole company because his PDF was incompetent of doing anything!" your command staff just shrugs and shake their head.

    "Where do I get intel from when I need it?!" You demand but they do not reply. "Anyway.... Anything else you have to say?" You ask, still more than angry, especially after that outburst of your librarians.

    The Captains of the Scout Company (5th & 6th) look up to you. "We would like to recruit new scouts from the Forgeworld." Is all they say with as much dignity as they can, seemingly feared to be straight attacked by you as you outbursted against the others before. After all they are relative fresh captains and are not too much used to your harsh leadership.

    | For each scout captain it would cost 30 of your 500 Req

    You acknowledge their desire and nod, but before you can finish your thoughts or formulate answers your Techmarine opens his mouth.

    "The Forgeworld is important for our success, we should invest into the Manufactorum to increase the Forges capabilities even further to produce more weapons for PDF, and more vehicles for ourselves!"

    | This would cost 300 of your 500 Req

    The Librarians speak suddenly up again: "If the Techmarine is to get a bigger Manufactorum then we deserve Grounds to train potential Librarians!"

    | This would cost 125 of your 500 Req

    Your Chaplain speaks up in a louder, dominant voice to overcome the prior speakers and demands. "A chapel is what the Forgeworld needs! The world is at unrest! The workers are unguided and only work to do their work for the Imperium and the Emperor while their faith slides away, we cannot let this happen! A chapel is what we need to strengthen the faith in the God Emperor!"

    |This costs 250 Req of your 500 Req

    You silence all four of them just with your glare as they understand you are sick of their demands and want time to reply to make the best decisions.

    |What do you decide to do? After your decision(s) have been made a random event will occur (three dice will be rolled a 111 is a black crusade 666 is the return of a primarch, just to give you a general idea)|
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  7. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    I probably read too poorly but how many scoutcaptains where there?

    Edit: Disregard comment.
  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    I guess its up to me to break the ice and vote first!


    Before I start, I wish everyone to have a great time in this new Chapter Master Game :D

    Now to voting:

    - I think our governor is the right man to question about neighboring planets - which ones are there, and also I'd like to ask him how much would that radar for long sensors cost us to build (like in the last game), and is it even possible ofc.

    - Give all scout captains req for recruiting (I'm going with 2x30req=60)

    - Give 300 req to Techmarine to upgrade Manufactorum

    - With remaining req train more PDF. Order our 3rd captain to help with their training.

    - Concerning governor lobotomising people - let him, he needs servitors for forgeworld to function properly, but tell him that he must give half of those servitors to us as a tribute! :D

    - Deamonsword - seal it away in a secure place.

    - And as Grigdusher said, ask our governor (with our techmarine, chaplain & librarian) to work out a plan of defensive systems of our planet and how to increase its productivity

    Also, it kinda seems to me that I'm perhaps jumping few turns with all these specific votes. Sorry for that, its just we have some kind of experience how this game works. But then again, I understand new voters don't, so if you guys want them to experience game "in slow-mo" like we did, I have no trouble with that - just ignore every vote you don't seem fit.

    Again, happy voting everyone! :D
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  9. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    Give the Techmarine half of what he wants: 150 req
    Give the Chaplain the 250 req
    Give the Scout Captains (3) what they want: 90 req

    Have the Deamonsword examined.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I guess you mean 2 Scout Captains.... see here:

    "Company structure:

    1. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 100 Space Marines
    2. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 100 Space Marines
    3. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 100 Space Marines
    4. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 100 Space Marines
    5. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 60 Scouts, 10 Space Marines
    6. Company: 1 Captain, 10 Seargents, 60 Scouts, 10 Space Marines"

    But I will edit that to make it a bit more visible :)

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