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Chaplains as Base Class

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Seraphel, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Seraphel Recruit

    Brothers it is I, Seraphel! Heed my words. Where are thine Chaplains you sons of Macragge, Caliban, Baal, and wherever the golden fisters live at right now. Where have thine Chaplains gone? Are the Space Wolves the only ones to bring the beacons of righteousness?

    I bring you a suggestion for Chaplains, both new and old, in line with their purpose and game balance.

    Black armor, Skull helm
    Health 200
    Armor 75
    Toughness 100
    10% outgoing damage reduction, as per Apothecary

    Base Equipment
    Primary Weapon
    (no ranged option except Wolf Priests)
    -Crozius Arcanum - Powermaul stats
    -Bolt Pistol
    Wargear 1 Options: Seals/Strong Seals of the Medicae and Forging
    Wargear 2 Options: Seals of Durance, Solidarity, Vigor, Tacticum, Vox Caster (increase litany range by 25%, 160LP)
    Consumables: Ammo Kit, Med Kit
    Grenades: Replaced with Litanies
    : Litanies are tomes which create a beneficial area effect while the Chaplain is reciting them (cannot attack, must press and hold G, immobile). Litanies override squad leader bonuses. Litany bonus ends on leaveing AoE or when Chaplain stops chanting. Activating Litanies take about as much time as bracing.
    -Litany of Hate: Increase ranged and melee damage by 12% (150 LP)
    -Litany of Devotion: Reduce ranged recoil and SIPS by 10%, Reduce incoming clash damage by 10% (100 LP, default)
    -Litany of Fortitude: Reduced incoming Melee and Ranged damage 10% (100 LP)

    Wolf Priests will have to work Litanies into their loadout, or leave them altogether.
  2. The Phalanx; we come from the Phalanx. Where are everybody else's Chaplains, and why do Space Wolves only currently have them? Because the Space Puppies just have to be special; that's why. Just wait for Mechanic and psyker classes in EC; Wolves will cry for their Iron and Rune Priests to be special, too. Meanwhile the only class and appearance I want in EC is denied me unless I want to run around howling at people.

    Your Litanies are epic. I wants them. I also think ALL Chaplains should be limited to GA weapon gear (ie WP lose Bolters) as we are a front-line battle leader, not some back-line simpering medicae.

    Chaplains Duty.jpg
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    YES !!!! Space Marines need the Chaplins with cool and powerful AoE auras !!!

  4. Rangers as base class pls too
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  5. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    Chaplains should just already be a class, as it's almost as simple as just taking a normal marine, and giving them the crozius (both for LSM and Chaos), and giving them unique standards/icons granting sizable buffs by being near (but requiring squad leader to even pick the class), having "shouts"/battlecry by holding T temporarily buffing those nearby (regardless of squad)

    Though objective markers by chaplains would have to grant more xp, logically.. and for that matter, give people attacking their marked targets (enemies) more XP from going for a chaplain-designated target

    But, I'd be more in favor of wolf priests losing their Bolters at this point, and gaining all the chaplain benefits (as they should have), but if people could choose to equip either healing stuff or chaplain stuff that'd be real interesting
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  6. Styrbiorn sveinnulf withpuppys Steam Early Access

    i doubt we will see chaplains aside from wolf priests, or any new content for that matter
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  7. Seraphel Recruit

    But we can hope brother. It is hope that fills our hearts when the queue is long. It is hope that fills our souls when the matchmaking is off. It is hope that fills our breast when half the team drops against a guild stack and we're the only one that knows how to run anti-vehicle.

    Without hope we have failed the Emperor, failed our Primarch, and failed our Chapter! Have hope brother, rise and have hope!
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  8. Seraphel Recruit

    Also, TT gives wolf priests the option of ranged weapons
  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

  10. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    This man gets it.

    Plus, if it was ever implemented, it would NOT be a base class, GW would not allow it and it doesn't make any sense anyway.

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