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Chaos vs The World - Arkhona based rp - Interest

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Cory-k, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Alkaios Cory-k Subordinate

    Greetings to the accursed & blessed, and the damned & betrayed

    I'm interested in guiding a RP along the lines of the title. Set in Arkhona, players must be Chaos affiliated (so not only Marines) and with the only agenda being survival. Almost like a Chaos Deathwatch, I'd like to have a rag-tag mix of factions in a group of around 6 vying for survival against whatever forces they come across. Keeping in line with a survival theme, there will be permanent deaths. For example, you and your 'companions' are escaping a collapsing building and you're about to be the last one to leave, you may instead be the first to die.

    With 6 players my role will mostly be as a guide, I'll give you the tools and challenge you but the players will be the ones who decide what & where they want to go by themselves. Additionally as I want to keep it around 6 players AND occasionally have a fatality I will keep in mind (If there's enough interest) the players who want to join after the RP has begun.

    Additionally, if anyone is interested in playing a villain character (Most likely a brave hero, from any but a Chaotic perspective) and is willing to have their character be slain by the group I'd be quite welcoming to that, too.

    And now, characters. I'm pretty willing to accept almost anything with the restriction of your character having an allegiance to chaos. I suggest though that there be at least one leader-type (Someone with high rank or perhaps the most power/wit) to give the final say or to push the story forward (Not that they should have ultimate say over what the group does) and one technical/special type, for fighting does not get you out of every situation (Unless you're green).
    So with all that said, I'd love to see some ideas/questions or even characters. A simple character design would consist of:
    A name, what you look like (A picture or drawing would be a sweet bonus) where you came from to get here (Arkhona), your role(s), your wargear/equipment, strengths (List at least 2) & weaknesses (Also at least 2).

    PS: For inspiration
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