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Chaos (rp)

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  1. "What if we traveled using the Underhive" the commander asked.
    "Pfft." Replied one of the soldiers. This one in particular did not bear any insignia or uniform. It must have been a civilian that the good lieutenant found to serve as a supplement soldier. "The Underhive is a myth. If such a place were to be real, wouldn't the sheer weight of this city cause it to collapse?"
    "I have to agree with him sir." Replied the lieutenant. "There is nothing bellow the sewers and maintenance shafts."
    At last the commander spoke, "I am going to prove otherwise. During my mission briefings and study of information of our world, I stumbled upon emergency bunkers. Bunkers with a secret hatch that leads into the maintenance tunnels. With my security codes we should be able to gain access to the Underhive from there.
    "Wait... So... So it's real? And we never heard about it? Asked one of the soldiers
    "Tech priests. They wanted to have the place all to themselves and I was only informed due to need to know basis."
    "Perhaps there are techpriests down there that could give us aid. Suggested one of the guardsman.
    "Or something worse then the figures of iron patrolling the sewers..." Replied one of the soldiers.
    OOC: I am leaving the captain's name blank on purpose.
    "Captain, reinforcements have arrived. It appears that your plan is starting to crumble. The leader of the reinforcements are on their way to meet with you and the rest of the command staff."
    "No no no! This will not do at all! We must allow the forces of chaos gain the upper hand! The self appointed "Governor" Valdrich is making my job a lot more difficult. Let's have another accident befall upon our command chain, be rid of him in the same fashion as our bravado enforcing late Commander Jeros. We need to make an example of him, but we need to make our point more clear... We need to get more creative on this one.
    Wait. I think I have a plan... We will have our meeting, but only I will be the sole survivor and our "reinforcements" will find a knife in their back..."
  2. Combi bolter roaring Koron raked it side to side as he and his honor guard lead the spear-tip against the Starport defenses. They we're formidably built but against the Chaos space marine forces of the Black Legion, no mere mortal defense could halt their inexorable advance to glory. "For the Warmaster!" Korons warriors echoed his war cry and smashed through the last barricade keeping the civilians separate from the war zone. Thousands of uncountable faces gasped or stared in shock at the blood visage of their long fallen protects, most of the civilians cowed in fear before the giant forms of Koron and his guard encased in terminator armor then a foolish old man dressed in the robes of the ecclesiarchy stepped forward raising a book embellished with symbols of the Imperial Aquila.

    "The Emperor will protect the faithful!" He said Koron stepped forward holstering his combi bolter then grasped the old man by circumference of his head then raised him to his own height chuckling maliciously. "Your Emperor has no power here, old man" His voice booming over the crowd Koron crushed the mans head like a walnut hurling his blood drenching corpse over the front rows and into the crowd. There was the chorus of yelling and panic but soon worn off as Korons body guard began firing into the crowd, careful not to unleashed a full auto torrent of bolter fire knowing that the majority was needed for the sacrifices. "Order the slavers forward and return to the Daemon tower we have what we need" "Koron we have detected a number of significant aerial incursions occurring deeper in the city, reports are indicating veteran guardsmen regiments deploying through-out districts to the north of our position" "Irrelevant once the host is summoned nothing will stop us" "Milord they also have drop troop elements and fighter squadrons sweeping the outer districts they may intercept the slave columns and if that happens then-" "Enough! I will ensure that these slaves return to the tower in shackles. Order the honor guard and the majority of the armored column to return with the slaves to the daemon tower not even Xarthus alone can hold back the full might of the Daemon hunters" "Yes milord"

    Koron turned his head skywards as Imperial fighters zipped past overhead dropping their payloads and sending screeching missiles flying overhead. It appeared they where directed at another target further out from the city Koron scowled as he traced the smoking trajectory beyond the city limits towards the malestorm of darkness that pulsed from the rising tower in the distance. He was running out of time.
  3. I am impressed with everyone keep it up since I don't have the time to post myself I'll take more of a GM role making sure nothing over the top happens too soon but keep it up guys
  4. Xarthus unloaded his reaper auto-canon into the three charging Grey Knight battle-brothers wielding a mixed ranged of melee armaments, one in particular had just finished off a heavy weapon specialist wielding a heavy bolter by bisecting him at the waist with a halberd. Roaring Xarthus charged into the fray despite the sheer of bulk of his terminator armor. The sheer stopping power and fire-rate of the reaper auto-canon easily shredded one of the charging Grey Knights into a bleeding stump as he stumbled mid stride and feel to his knees a short distance from Xarthus clutching the wounds that riddled his chest, while the remaining two combatants closed into melee distance. Snarling Xarthus swung his power mace into the shield of a blocking Grey Knight who then responded with a quick riposte with his power sword but Xarthus anticipated the move and parried the blow aside with his reaper-auto canon, sparks flew as the cannons barrels made contact with the power sword the Grey Knights guard open Xarthus unloaded a flurry of auto-canon rounds into the Grey Knights head.

    Uttering silent thanks to the dark gods for sparing his reaper auto-canon Xarthus confronted the final Grey Knight that unleashed a flurry of strikes against Xarthus "Speak not the word of the Daemon heretic! They cannot not save you from the Emperors wrath!" Laughing Xarthus continued to parry and take numerous glancing hits from the Grey Knight with the halberd. "Your Emperor is but a rotting corpse, my gods are living deities who rewards his servants!" Gathering strength from an untapped reserve of bitter hatred Xarthus matched the Grey Knight blow to blow forcing the Grey Knight to block Xarthus pounded heavily on shaft the Halberd until it shattered and the power mace swung downwards into the Grey Knights head producing a satisfying gory poping motion like a ripe water melon bursting apart under tremendous pressure.

    The surviving Grey Knight raised his bolter from his gore stricken condition but never got the chance to pull the trigger as a leading element of a chaos tactical squad ran towards Xarthus pumping a single bolt pistol round into the back of the Grey Knights head. "Report" Xarthus said "The line is broken milord, the Grey Knights are pushing beyond the 3rd bulwark to the 4th we must pull back before they get in range of the daemon tower" "How did the lines fall so quickly!? Our spear tips should have broken this assault hours ago!" "They have failed milord, many of our champions have been made to look like children before these dogs. Its as if we're fighting an army that are equal to the primarchs themselves!" "Enough! Our orders are to hold until the sacrifices make it back to the daemon tower, we are eternally damned in the warp should we fail. Tell the remaining captains to fall back to the 4th bulwalk otherwise they will be joining the slave gangs to be sacrificed to the tower" "Yes milord" Hurrying back into the whirling maelstrom of battle the orders to fall back where dispersed to the remaining defending elements. Xarthus found the most convent transport and made his way across the barren, battle strewed terrain that lead to the final bulwark that stood as the last line of defense for the Daemon tower.

    Missiles streaked from passing valkyrie fighters as they made bombarding passes on the Daemon tower, few of the missiles hit home and when they did the void created in the explosion on the face of tower wreathed with uncountable faces that moved with sense of wrongness that seemed to come from a different reality. Creatures clawed and shifted in the dark void that presented itself but instead of pouring outwards a whoosh of warp flame spewed forth from the gap engulfing passing fighters in flames, sending the screaming pilots plummeting to their doom.
  5. The Huntsman and the horde of cultists that followed it came upon the first group of Grey Knights. They detected the daemon and unleashed their power upon it, only to realize too late that the daemon has recieved Khorne's blessing to resist psykers of all kind.
    The Huntsman advanced on the first marine and cleaved the Knight's head clean off.
    Then came the fire power of the sons of Titan, but still it was not enough. The powers of the warp, combined with the determination of the Huntsman to do its master's bidding, caused the wounds to close at a rate that even a Plague Marine would take a moment to applaud.

    Within a minute the five stationed Grey Knights fell to the floor, many cultists did not survive the battle, but their numbers were so massive that the losses were not only acceptable, but even better than expected.
    The Huntsman laughed and called out to its prey through the warp in a foul language none could really comprehend, but the message was universal "I am coming for you, your blood will flow and spill on the floor by my blade and your soul eaten by Khorne, for you have used magicks rather than martial prowess against His devoted and my kin."
    It advanced with purpose, cultists throughout the city came across heavy resistance, but to the daemon it mattered not. Nor did it for Khorne, for blood would be spilled in massive amounts that day.
  6. Strazon Strazon Subordinate

    Upon seeing the sight below, Porbo cried out in shock and fear. Very little frightened Porbo, and considering the long list of campaigns he had fought, that meant a lot, but the sight of thousands if not millions of souls moving towards him from the ground was enough to send the battle hardened warrior clambering back. ~Calm yourself host, you wish to survive don't you? That little primitive instinct to survive calling out to you yet? Then you need those souls...~ the slaneeshi daemon hissed from Porbo's own lips. •You're body is too unstable with both of us here... Just sit and do... Er whatever it is you mortals do• the Khorn Daemon growled. "I need wings..." Porbo said after a short pause, realizing climbing down normally would be an arduous if not maddening process. "And a weapon." He finished in his own voice, only slightly tainted with the voices of the lesser daemons in his body. •I'm liking you better already host.• the khorne daemon said forcing Porbos uncovered mouth to sneer. The combined focus of the daemon of Khorn and Porbo overwhelmed the opposition the slaaaneshi daemon had, granting Porbo the flight abilities he required. ~ugh... Fine but I get to choose the weapon.~ the Slaaneshi Daemon hissed in fury seizing partial control of Porbo and forcing him to walk over to a protruding stone. Porbo looked it over momentarily before smashing the stone to bits, quickly finding a long piece in the rubble. The Slaaneshi daemon gave his power to Porbo's hands, engulfing the stone shard in pink and purple mist. Porbo groaned in pain as his pores opened up painfully to release more of the unholy smoke onto the object. Before long the growing storm seemed to take notice and struck the stone in Porbo's hand with a bolt of pure energy, shattering any unwanted stone and leaving a black smooth and surprisingly aesthetically pleasing blade in the hands of The possessed Porbo. "How much longer?" Porbo growled over his shoulder to what seemed to be no one. •Not long by the looks of that approaching horde of prisoners... Maybe even when they get here.• the Khorn Daemon grinned bigger on Porbos face. ~Getting thirsty?~ the other voice cackled, •You have no idea...• the first retorted almost making Porbo drool.

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