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Chaos (rp)

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  1. OOC: Apologies I easily get caught up in writing the paragraphs and at least on one or more occasions I have drunk booze prior to writing them.
  2. The officers deck teemed with activity as the officer personal conferred with one another. They numbered well over two dozen in personal all ranging from colonels to additional personal that glued together the war machine of the Imperial Guard. Faylen promptly took his place among the serried ranks of commissars standing in a line behind the officers seated facing the main tactical screen, he recognized a few faces but didn't have time to engage in any meaningful conversation aside from the usual formal greetings and shaking of hands that passed from one professional to another.

    With a flicker of light that signaled the beginning of the briefing the officers took their seats and gazed at holopic displayed over the wide screen, there was brief flicker on screen but with an offside thudding of boots against machinery the image resolved to show the Imperial Aquila. "Thank-you for your patience ladies and gentlemen we can now get started" It was uncommon to see a women in a high commanding status of the Imperial Guard but certainly a sight for sore eyes despite the inevitable troubles that come with mixed units. Surprisingly enough their where many women among the regiments that had assembled upon receiving the distress call from Aurum 5. This was interesting considering that the regiments consisted of the 501st Death Korps of Kreig the 10th Valhallan armoured regiment and the 25th Elysian Drop Troop regiment. Especially since there where no women that came to Faylens mind when he considered his own regiment the Death Korps.

    "We haven't received any word from an official commanding element on Aurum 5 but we have confirmed that there is major fleet actions occurring in orbit, lucky away from the major city that's come under attack" There a few sighs of relief from the gathered officers. "However, we have also confirmed that the enemy is none other then the vile arch enemy of chaos and that many Astartes elements are engaging through-out outer to inner sections of the city" Some of the inexperienced officers gasped most made signs of the Imperial Aquila while others scowled at mentioning of the greatest hated enemy of the Imperium of Man Kind. "Though we will not be deterred despite these grave circumstances, we have also received word that a relief force of Astartes along with an additional Imperial Guard relief force consisting of well over 10,000 troops is bound 3 days warp travel behind us" There was a series of whoops and cheers at hearing such news along with a settling applause as the presenting colonel raised her hands for silence.

    "But lets not get sloppy, we need to coordinate our efforts and restore the defenses of the city ahead of the relief force" The Pic-screen resolved into a tactical overlay of the city. "Will deploy the Death Korps of Kreig into the inner city to clear and secure an entry point for the Vallhallen armor, once they have assured that we won't be attacked from within the Valhallen armor will land and reinforce their position meanwhile" She interacted with a console panel to highlight the outer districts. "The Elysian drop forces will land and secure the command center that's currently under siege by heretic forces of the Bloodpact, while their attack air-mobile assets will scan the scene to give us a better picture of whats actually going on down there. We've been getting allot of interference from the south-west of the city but judging from the amount of activity that's occurring near it, we fear whatever it is might soon be reaching its climax" There where a few murmurs and sudden raising of voices as officers and colonel related staff started arguing and querying over deployment details despite the plan being composed in advance several hours before hand.

    Faylen sighed to himself as the meeting stood on the edge of a riot he stood out from the row of commissars drawing his bolt pistol he then started firing it into star-ships ceiling.
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  4. OOC: Maybe I'm not always under the influence when I write these things, though I might as well be with what I cook up XD.

    Korons axe bit deeply into Imperial flesh as he and his guarding honor guard of Terminators plowed through the shelters meager defenses tearing and ripping apart anything that stood in their way. More then on one occasion Koron lost control of ebb and flow of battle and hacked mercilessly into the defenseless crowd of civilians killing them in droves before logic reassert itself and he halted in his fury.

    "Call the slavers forth!" Koron ordered speaking through his daemonic vox speakers. The honor guard parted with the arrival of howling cultists and Bloodpact solders streaming into the shelters interior followed by the startled screams of friends and family parting followed by the occasional las-shot discharge. "How many is that so far?" "3 shelters milord. Hand picked to be the most fortified and defended, bursting at seems with Imperial civilians estimated over 7000 currently bound back to the daemon tower as we speak" Koron thought that as a start though he would need many more if his host wished to have any control over the already gradually deteriorating situation back at the Daemon tower.

    "What do our scouts report of the defenses at the Starport?" "They report heavy guns and fortified walls reinforced with shielding, bolters and canon ordance estimated with well over a regiments worth of veteran Guard forces" Koron grinned a challenge at last. "Reroute the majority of our Astarte elements to assault the Starport I will lead the attack myself" "Yes milord, what of the other shelters scattered around the Starport?" "Leave them to the Bloodpact"
  5. It stepped onwards. Many guards either laid down their weapons in the hope that they would be spared, others just fired to no avail, only to find their mortality catching up with them sooner than they would expect.
    But some PDF guardsmen lost their faith as soon as the Huntsman passed them over and ripped off or scratched away any imperial markings and started to follow the daemon as it continued to plot a path towards his prey, the grey knights who all leave their psychic marks all over the place. It would please Khorne greatly to cut a bloody swathe in this force of formidable foes.

    Soon the entire underhive would be in total choas as PDF turned inwards on itself. The daemon cared not for these mortals, but any who stood in its path would get cut down. Bloodcurdling cries ringing through the underhive would bring even the feeble to the damp streets of the underground. The many closet-heretics quickly scavenged for weaponry and started to follow their fellow traitors. Men, women, elderly and even the rebelious young would soon scavenge for weapons and fall upon the PDF loyalists with a mighty rage.

    One unlucky unsanctioned psyker crossed the Huntsman's path and the woman got eaten. As simple as that. The daemons jaws unhinged like a snake and the woman simply got devoured. The pure brutality caused some weak stomached traitors to defect from their current path. But instead of getting killed they would simply hand over their arms and return to their homes, for the first few that did kill those they thought to be cowards got killed by Flesh Hounds, which then took their rightfull place next to their master, the Huntsman.

    Then finally came the sky above, clear in sight. The underhive, a total chaos. One of the heretics came up to the daemon
    "Oh great being of Khorne! I have heard rumours of Astartes that align themselves with your master! And I have heard that the enemies of the warp are also here, clad in the heaviest armour, armed with the best weapons, specialized in... bannishing servants of your master. If you will have me do the honours, I will do anything to hamper these foes."

    The Huntsman stood still and turned to the heretic. It looked upon the mortal and put its hand on his shoulder. The mortal shuddered, not with fear, but with power.
    The Huntsman said "You know this realm mortal, show me the way to my prey and honour the Lord of the Brass Citadel. Spill blood in His name, spill it in rivers, so His gaze may bless you and He may take you to His realm."
    The heretic, armed with a rusty axe and a lasgun turned to his fellow traitors and yelled with a warped voice, so he would reach the thousands of underhivers.
    Today, we will kill the servants of the Imperium!
    Today Khorne has blessed us and given us the sign that today we shall spill blood.
    Today Khorne wills it that we rise up and slay the loyalists.
    Today Khorne will welcome those that spill Blood for the Blood God to his realm!
    This world is ours! As it has always has been! And today!
    Today! Khorne will bless this world and all will see it is ours, under his mark!
    TO WAR!"

    The entire legion of traitors swarmed from the underhive and started wreaking chaos. The Huntsman and its new heretic champion, accompanied by a large force of traitor PDF and some Guardsmen marched for the location of the Grey Knights. The heretic champion pointed towards the direction of the traitor Astartes and said "My Lord, we might gain some allies over yonder."
    The Huntsman stopped and gazed onwards. Surely it would be noticed by potential friend and foe alike. The Hounds were divided, like their master, some wanting to press on, others stopping and turning towards the potential allies. The Huntsman pondered the situation as chaos swarmed all around it.
  6. Like a fiery raindrop, a brilliant light appeared soaring into a tall city spire. The lieutenant and the remnants of his squad all saw the flash of light, and they were determined to see if there was any survivors?

    All was silent. It had been silent for a while. This was the end, and I swore I could see the light of the Golden Throne on Terra, but suddenly something tugged me back. I soon awoke to find that somebody was searching me. My vision blurred, but I could discern the eight pointed star. These were cultists. I quickly reached for my las pistol before the heretic could steal it away from me. How low have these men fallen? They scavenged like animals, and I managed to fire off a shot into the left eye of the cultist, killing him instantly. His body slumped over mine and I saw three more cultists. I quickly aimed and shot another in the shoulder. The damned heretic let out a cry of agonizing pain before a second shot followed and struck the temple. I was too slow, and the other two were on top of me. As they raised their weapons to put me down like a rabid animal, a volley of las rounds blasted into them killing then where they stood. My vision still blurred, I could not discern who, or what saved me. I could not take the chance, and I fired off a warning shot. It was then I heard a familiar voice, but in his current state, he could not take his chances.
  7. "Glory for the Emperor!" Faylen pumped bolt round after bolt round into charging fanatical cultists as they rushed the guards deployment zone. Despite the heated arguments on-board the massive troop carrier that conveyed the 3 regiments Imperial Guard the deployments where made without delay as the situation continued to deteriorate on the surface of Aurum 5, word of chaoses influence spreading to almost every corner of the war stricken city where relayed through urgent messages and despatches of garbled transmissions from scattered and broken pdf and Imperial guard units alike.

    Faylens micro-vox feed buzzed in and out with constant activity. "Elysian stormtroopers here...have re........uard commander ma........ot be tainted but will main.....gilance" "Tarken can you get us a clear transmission?" A gore splattered cultist swung at Faylen with an vertical cut of an axe though Faylen easily evaded the blow and decapitated the overextending attacker with back-handed strike of his power sword then thrusted his blade into the chest of a charging pdf solider with a torn uniform. "Tarken!? By the Emperor you better be dead!" Faylen started back-tracking through the street that the 501st Death Korps had just secured then he spotted the distinct antae array that poked from behind a line of sand-bag cover that had several slumped over corpses on it.

    Rounding a break in the barricade Faylen discovered Tarkens body riddled with auto stubber rounds, several which had penetrated through the sand-band emplacement. Faylen recovered his dog tags and stuffed it into one of the many pockets that came with the Commissars uniform, his squad leaders will want to mourn for him later. "Commissar we're pushing onwards into the chaos scum!" The message relayed perfectly through Faylens micro vox. "Received Sergeant proceed with caution, your vox man is down I shall find another to carry its burden" Turning from Tarkens shredded remains Faylen grabbed hold of the nearest passing by Death Corps guardsmen then pointed to the vox-set "We need that vox set back in action guardsmen, I doubt he'll be making any more use of it now that he is by the Emperors side" "Yes Commissar...but I haven't touched a vox set in my life sir" Faylen patted the young man on the shoulder "With the Emperors blessing you will learn" With the trooper reassured Faylen set off back into the direction of the zealous advance of the Death Korps and once more his micro-vox unit crackled in his ear. "Valhalla armour elements have commenced their landing expect armoured reinforcement to arrive shortly" Faylen smiled this war should be over in no time.
  8. OOC: can I get a clear idea on where the landing cites are? Also, so if there are colonels, does that mean I am out of the job? I would understand why.

    The commander woke up among a crowed of strangers. He could not recall what happened at the crash site. Did these stranger incapacitate him? Did he feint? One thing for sure was that his pride would rather not believe the entirely possible reality that he could actually have feint end in combat. He slowly reached to see if his sidearm was present. It wasn't. One of the strangers was wearing standard issued Cadian Flak armor saw him move and called for to somebody. When the new figure came to view, the commander felt at easy, as a smile began to form on his face. "Lieutenant, I heard that you were killed."
    "Me? I still have a few wars ahead of me sir."
    "We'll see about that. How... How long was I out?
    "About a day, but some of my lookouts have seen landers break the atmosphere and deploying troops. Not entirely sure whether they are friendly or not."
    "We have been out here for days sir. We are deep behind enemy lines, and we have no route back to the Imperial held territories. We gathered surviving imperial guardsman and PDF forces and we are going to try to make a push through chaos forces and into friendly territory."
    "Why not take the sewers?"
    One of the strangers was dressed in a rugged PDF uniform stated in a smug remark,"tried that, lost 13 of our men. There is something down there in the dark..."
    Establishing Imperial Vox frequency GAMMA. This is to be used by Imperial officers only.
    "Where in the Emperor's name is our commander!? We need orders befor-"
    "We are being over run, requesting immediate armored reinforcements."
    "The tanks! Where are the bloody tanks!"
    "We need reinforcements."
    "Incoming from the left flank! They have heavy stubbers!
    "Reinforcement are unavailable... All forces are to pull back to critical strategical locations. The civilians are on their own. Strategic valued targets are top priority."
    "We cannot leave the civilians unprotected."
    "Do as you are ordered or you will be shot for treason, is that clear?"
    "Yes... Captain Valrdick..."
    The vaults... Ten thousand years of storing great wealth of both knowledge and power. I just hope the chaos lord remembers our bargain... He is to continue the assault while I gave him the schematics and all the equipment he needed, and in exchange, All of this planet's wealth will be mine and I and my men will be the only survivors. But that incompetent fool will win nothing, for when I depart, I will use the forgotten Cyclonic Torpedo deep within the under hive and have it travel down the mining shaft that leads strait to the core... I may not be as powerful as the incentive Imperial Army generals of old creating their empires , but I will be better of then I ever was in the Imperial Guard..." Guardsman, prepare my shuttle to launch. I must oversee my plan personally."
    "Right away, Captain."
    OOC: Hehe... Hopefully I will be able to carry out this plot. I got some great ideas in store for this.
  9. Strazon Strazon Subordinate

    ~You know those wings look terrible on my host! I've told you a thousand times!~ Porbo over hours and hours had writhed and warped and screamed, but no one came. His body shifted as wings protruded and then were reabsorbed into his body. His bones snapped as muscles and new organs grew and shrank. His body suddenly became a war zone for two opposing forces of chaos, and it was not a pretty sight. His arms broke a hundred times only to heal, blood poured from his mouth and torn flesh around his body. •Your foolish belief that aesthetics garner more importance than functionality is more flawed than the belief that that corpse on a chair is a savior.• both voices emanated from Porbos mouth but they were obviously not his own. His voice was busy screaming when they weren't talking. ~I'm not sacrificing functionality, I'm melding it to a look that suits my own perfection you blood sucking piece of warp trash~ they continued on and on until they settled down. "Please stop!" Porbo screamed in agony when the warping and tearing stopped. Porbo slowly crawled to his feet and heaved, spitting out the last of the blood in his mouth before slowly trying to stand. He slowly found his body had changed, it appeared their fighting had settled on the changes he was seeing in his body. His form had expanded significantly, his body hard as steel on the surface and pure muscle beneath. He slowly reached up and found his mask had fused with his face, eliminating his long forgotten profile. He cried out as he felt the warp entities begin to pick his mind, slowly draining his sanity. He felt every thought picked through and slowly they were stolen from him. He began fearing forgetting everything, so he began clawing, writing with his now longer and clawed fingers. Within hours the entire top of the spire was covered in words, his name, his memories, anything he could make into words he clawed. The words covered all the stone on the surface and made the place look like a den to the ever hanging chaos lord. After writing Porbo rested on his hands and knees, his body feeling more and more calm as sacrifices neared the completion of the tower. His body seemed more and more cemented in this world. "Why.... Why are you here?" He asked the voices. ~it appears...~ the feminine voice started, ~our dearly beloved and departed sorcerer was attempting to synthesize the daemon possession and ascension process...~ Porbo growled in his own voice as the other began talking, •and succeeded if we are any proof...• the aggressive masculine voice commented. "He's dead." Porbo said slowly starting to crawl towards the edge of the tower. Fear of what was to come for him overwhelmed the dread he was feeling from approaching the scene below.
  10. OOC: I'll establish that in this next extract, landing cites? I'll take it that as the imperial guardsmen landings in the city.

    Colonel Jena watched the trickle of reports and updates flow from the other regiment landings and engagements that shortly followed. Jena never enjoyed being held back in reserve as other regiments of the Imperial army landed ahead of her own Valhallen 10th armor regiment, but understood the necessity of infantry support in the tight confines of street fighting. "Lieutenant Handson whats the status of our tanks?" Handson's garbled transmission was followed by giggling aftermath of feminine voices. "Handson...." "Sorry mam..uh morale issues" "Of course Handson" Jena rubbed the lobes above her eyes as she knew that another inevitable conflict of interest was to occur between her officers. "The tanks?" "Ready for combat mam, we've also prepared the hell hounds ready to sweep the streets in purifying flames" "Good will be needing them before the day is done, the Emperor protects" The transmission was abruptly terminated as the tactical display sprang to life.

    "Colonel the Elysians 25th drop troop have successfully deployed at the Imperial command center and outer districts still held by loyal Imperial forces, they have encountered heavy resistance from assaulting chaos forces " "Send word to the 501st Death Korps infantry regiment to punch through and reinforce the Elysians our tanks will follow in from behind" "Right away Colonel" Turning her attention from the main front Jena focused on the South Western district of the city where the main Starport was located. It was highlighted a flashing red indicating it was under heavy attack. Only afew Elysian drop troop ground elements where on the edge of the outer district of the Starport but did not advance into the thicket of the probable onslaught occurring to the south of their own major deployment through-out the inner city and north-west to western districts.

    Once more the vox set rumbled with static "Colonel Tena?" "Speaking" "Colonel we have identified an Imperial commander who claims to be in-charge of the loyalist still fighting on Aurum 5, we have confirmed his location to be near the Death Korps advancing to reinforce the Elysians" Tena gritted her teeth she didn't need any more distractions now just as her forces started to deploy. "Get someone with authority to detain them until I can determine their loyalty" "Yes Colonel"

    Faylen micro-vox cracked and he halted in mid stride as Death Korp grenadiers rushed forward priming grenades to hurl into the hellish fire-fight taking place at the next intersection. "Commissar Faylen Carmine an Imperial officer of significant rank has been confirmed to be not far from your units location, detain him and his staff until higher echelon of command can determine their loyalty to the Imperiums cause" "Sir with all respect if their still alive and fighting the Emperors foes-" "See to it done Commissar, all other officer elements are already heavily dedicated to leading their troops unless you think them unfit for duty proceed with your new objective" The link was abruptly terminated and Faylen scowled. Commissars are suppose to be independent of the traditional Guard pecking order but ultimately the more experienced ones managed to interact well with the sort and file of the guard officer or otherwise.

    Reloading his bolt pistol Faylen once more set off in the direction of the front line, joining in the suicidal charge of the grenadiers as they stormed over barricades to take the entranced positions of Chaos auto stubbers after a session of thumps of their thrown frag grenades "For the Emperor!"

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