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Chaos (rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Steelfang, Dec 5, 2013.

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    In during the battle for the outpost, I was the last to stand defiant against the enemy. The forces I was assigned to is now in ruin. All of them fleeing like the vermin they are. It was then I had a sudden realization. Our chaos lord as forsaken me. He wanted me to die. He expected that mere Imperials would be my downfall! No... I am a god in their comprehension... I stood defiant as their men and tanks marched towards my location. Our lord has forsaken me, and that will be his greatest folly. He thought me to be killed, a mistake that would be his undoing... It was then that I received a mental transmission from another who seems to have similar interests. I will follow him for now, but any signs of weakness, any aggression towards me, and he will be eliminated. It is my destiny to rule as the new War Master... But in order to reach that point... I must have allies...
    Of course... brother...
    *as the army marched towards my position I suddenly disappear, vanished in a large red flash as I teleport to a safe location.*
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    I will message you my plan to destroy the PDF
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    At the top of the tower the sorcerer stood with his small contingent of chaos marine guards around Porbo. "Stop this..." Porbo groaned as the marines chained his arms up in the air above his shoulders. "Oh but I can't... You see, you are kent for more than eating bullets for someone else. You are the pinnacle of daemon hosts, the perfect balance of simple minded and intelligent, strong but not too hardy." The sorcerer said smiling as he looked out over the battle below. "Soon this tower will be finished. And you'll become what you were destined to be..." The armored psyker said with his back to Porbo. Slowly a rumbling began to emirate from the tower. The sorcerer suddenly began to laugh, raising his hands up in the air as the tower lot up. In Probo's mind, the tower and anyone there with him had vanished. He looked around slowly and quickly realized where he was, the warp. Still chained he thrashed as the land shifted and flowed at impossible angles around him. It was not long before his open body was noticed by the horrors of the warp. "No! Go away!" Porbo roared as minor and greater daemons approached him. Suddenly in the material world Probo's body roared, but it was not his voice that bellowed. To anyone within miles it sounded as if a thousand voices roared with all their might from his throat. ~Such a perfect creature...~ one voice said louder from Porbos mouth in a voice not his own. •Fool you have no power here, this form will grant me the body I need to sate my blood lust• Porbo shook his head and roared back in his own voice. "Leave! It hurts!" He bellowed as his body lurched and bulged strangely. It appeared as if something was fighting inside his body, making his skin stretch and his form warp. ~What is this? I can't leave?!~ the first voice roared from Porbos throat. •the sorcerer...• the other added as Porbos body calmed and slumped. Suddenly Porbos wounds healed and his body grew slightly in size. "You think you have served your gods by making me?" Porbo growled as wings erupted from his back in a fountain of blood. "You're merely their toy." A thousand voices rumbled the very structure of the tower. ~Split him open, his body lacks perfection fitting our presence.~ the feminine voice came, •Maybe drink the red life from his bones!• the angrier more aggressive voice roared. The chained became tight as Porbos body continued to grow and change. "Grrrraaaah!" He roared as he tore one pillar that he was chained to apart in one move. He slowly reached a hand up as his finger sharpened into a sharp point, "Leave beasts!" Porbo roared as he began to claw at his chest. ~Don't you see my little husk?~. •We are trapped...• the other voice finished. Porbo roared in fury again as he began crudely carving at his own chest with his finger. In moments the word 'Porbo' was cut deep in his flesh on his chest. "You did this..." Porbo growled in a thousand different voices as he tore his other arm free. Before any of the contingent of guards could move Porbo was upon the sorcerer. His body continued to shift and change as he hoisted the armored traitor out over the long fall of the tower. His body armored itself with what appeared to be bone as his eye pieces began to glow unnaturally. The sight of what appeared to be a growing daemon on top of the tower, was visible to all below. With a roar Porbo threw the sorcerer down at the ground hard, sending him rocketing into his own troops below. "Get out of my head! Your yelling hurts!" Porbo roared as the other marines bodies followed suit after their leader in various states of mutilation.
  4. OOC: A demon prince appear? Weellll f*ck.

    The fighting continues on the second tier and the skies above.

    The Black Legions defenses are impressive, but the Grey Knights' superior numbers, weapons, and righteous fury make it very apparent who will win the engagement. The possesseds' winged leader was a handful, carving through the attackers' ranks, but was finally killed off in a fight against a dreadnought with nemesis-force weaponry. And with their leader gone, the remainder quickly began to retreat up to their next tier. If things keep going the way they are, the Grey Knights will surely be victorious.


    Samuel and his squad are still bringing up the rear of the force, carrying their valuable package along with them.
  6. Xarthus stood atop the 3rd bulwark watching events unfold dramatically across the battlefield. The Grey Knights where unlike any foe he had faced before where a normal Astraties became bogged down or bloodied by the hand of another Astraties the Grey Knights forged forwards with renewed vigour as if the corpse of the Emperor fought at their backs. "What is the status of the forward line?" Xarthus asked "They have breached the 2nd bulwark commander, we have scanned all vox frequencies none of our commanding elements are reporting in" Xarthus grunted under his Terminator "Order the mine fields and tar to be moved into place" "It will be done commander".

    Suddenly there was a major shift in the wind current from the direction of the daemon tower, turning Xarthus saw several forms of Astraties tumbling from its heights and a towering winged figure perched atop the highest levels. The Dark Gods gaze have been draw to this planet already? Impossible the sacrifices weren't made.

    "Xarthus report, what the hell is happening at the Daemon tower!?" Koron voxed urgently from the front line. "I do not know milord, only that fool Carnax would know" Just at that moment Carnaxes helm fell deathly still before Xarthuses feet, its eye sockets fuming with greying wisps of smoke. "It would appear that Carnax released the power of the warp prematurely milord, it consumed him and now a monstrosity stands atop of the tower" Koron cursed Carnaxes name in every curse known to him by the four gods of chaos. Then he regained his composure once more then calmly spoke into his vox set. "Can it move from the tower." "No milord, it appears the veil between reality and the warp was not weak enough to allow it and the host fully onto this world. The sacrifices are still needed to unleash the towers full power"

    There was a pause as Koron considered his next move. "I will bring the sacrifices to the tower, constructed or not the hell of the warp will be a deceive advantage against the Imperial forces" "But Koron that could mean we could get anything-" "I know the risks Xarthus! Just hold off the Grey Knights long enough for my return!" The link was abruptly cut off then Xarthus returned his attention to the front. Enemy Land Raiders had just come into view roaring over the remnants of the 2nd bulwark.

    (Enlight of circumstances of the rising of a Daemon Prince, the entire defensive line is now up for grabs. Note the 500 chaos Astraties defending the line and minefield at the 3rd bulwalk. Xarthus cannot be killed but he can maimed to the point of becoming entombed within dreadnaught armour)
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    OOC: Not a full prince just a large number of greater and lesser daemons, again not a prince. Plus Porbo is practically going to be a schizophrenic now.
  8. "Commissar your presence is requested at the briefing" a messy looking messenger said at the opened door-way. "I'm well aware of this, thank you" Commissar Faylen Carmine stepped out of his private quarters, into the star ship corridor with his power sword and bolt pistol secured around his waist. "You look filthy" Faylen noted. "Ah...y-yes sir, I am a man of Krieg after all" The man chuckled and Faylen shared with his humor with a sarcastic smile. "Yes and you'll be wishing to be a dead man of Krieg should I see such sloppiness again" Faylens expression dropped to a frown then he looked straight into the eyes of the messenger "Consider yourself warned" "Yes sir, thank-you sir" Satisfied Faylen took stride towards the officers briefing chamber.

    Faylen Carmine is a fairly seasoned Commissar to be in-charge of the morale for the 501st Death Korps infantry regiment. For no ordinary commissar could have easily lasted long among their attrition grinding ranks, such action which had seen his left forearm sheared clean off by blood raging ork nob. Replaced by a cybernetic replacement Faylens aim became more formidable with his trusty bolt pistol, though Faylen was never picky with the type of ranged weapon he utilized he was just as accustomed to wield a laspistol. Should certain engagements prove to be long engagements then Faylen packs an extra pistol to conserve ammunition.

    Though despite his alleviated combat skills, Faylen was never a lovable soul his responsibilities and duties as a Commissar often distancing himself from the common soldiers. But despite this he had earned a reputation for being fair when it came to disciplinary charges but brutal in judgement under combat situations. Among the officer ranks he was well respected and feared for Faylen often reaped a telling body count among the higher echelons of command however such actions led to allot of paper work and politically in-favorable odds that often landed Faylen into more hotter and hotter war zones that brought him ever closer to his demise.

    Not that it didn't really matter to Faylen much of his past lied in ashes and ruins. Wars past tied up and buried deep in the forbidding knowledge of the Inquisition saw Carmines past shrouded in mystery. All Faylen had to cling onto as any memory of his people was two cog shaped dogs tags that was scorched black.
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    OOC: since everyone is treating it like it is a prince I'm going to say since the tower was not finished Porbo is very unstable in reality and cannot leave until it is finished.
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    OOC: Warhero, I have refrained my self from saying this for a long time, but its spelled Astartes, not Astraties. It just bugged me every time I see you spell it like that.

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