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Chaos Roleplay+planning

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Valonox, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Okay legionares lets get rolling so I know what you want to play I will as what legion you come from Uriel rules please. NOTE PM me sheet and ask if you would you are aloud to be human in LEGION- put ex: Dark Mechanicus Titanicus YOU MAY NO START OUT WITH any heavy weapons unless havoc i will allow up to 2 Heraldy is look of character ex: unclean seal mark of khorne etc i will post story on Saturday

    ***Character Sheet***






    Aza-Belial-Dark Apostate-ACTIVE

    Cain-Greger-Scout/Information Broker-ACTIVE

    B'jorn-Alexander-Khronite- ACTIVE

    Grall-Khraze-Berzerker ACTIVE

    Fox-Vrak-Sorcerer ACTIVE

    De'tortor- Urlox-Raptor ACTIVE
  2. Name- Urlox the Gorefinder

    Legion- Red Corsairs

    Tracker: his senses are heightened by his perceptions of the warp, tracking their very soul through the ether.

    Battlefield Stalker: Prefers the loftiest prey for his blood tally, though relishes in fear and carnage.

    Flesh Hunger: Is consumed by a need to feed on his prey.

    Jump Pack
    Power Gladius
    Raptor Armor
    Melta Pistol
    Krak Grenades

    Visage of the Crocodile, warped helmet
    His armor is carved with depictions of slayed champions, and adorned with bronzed skulls hanging from adamantium chains.
    His pauldron is marked with a black skeletal hand.
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Name- Vrak

    Legion- Blood Ravens

    Deep psypool- Vrak has a deep psypool allowing him to draw deeper from the powers of the warp.

    I'll take that- Is a proficient at stealing equipment from xenos and humans

    Join me- Is quite good at turning the enemy agiasnt themselves to serve him.

    Knowledge is power guard it well- Vrak like any blood raven has a lust for knowledge often Taking them to wierd places some times turning agiasnt the emperor and some times looting things

    O shit space marines-
    OFten in battle he hides his identity

    Force sword
    Corvus mark power armor
    Psychic helm
    Bolt pistol
    Frag grenades

    Armor is made of differnt marks off armor Some ancient some not Some looking like to be salvaged from other chapters. Theres even two lanterns at the top of the armor providing some light in the dark. On the pauldrons of this armor There are no signs of any chapter herdly.

    Robes everywhere-
    Often times takes various cloaks and cloths from slain opponents and then Covers his armor and self in them offen concealing the necklace that lays around his neck That is in the shape of a blood tear drop and a black raven
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  4. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    OOC: like Uriel so everybody is on the same pages
    *You all Start on Space station in the edges of the Segementum Obscurus their is four places you can go for the moment The Pits for duels, The Bazar to look for new equipment, The Reef where you can see healers and go to bars where an astartes can get a drink as well as humans. The Stations name is Independents Hold do as you please for the moment*
  5. NAME: Shiri

    LEGION: none

    TRAITS: EXTREME beauty: this is a really beautiful girl, most humans would hessitate to even talk to her
    Confidence: she is confident

    FLAWS: Physicaly weak.

    EQUIPPMENT: Forcestaff adorned with the mark of Slaneesh. long Half open robe, showing off a deep clevage and the sides of her legs are open. it is coloured in pink and purple with black details. Long black leather boots and long leather gloves. Book with teachins abotu Slaneesh

    HERALDRY: none.

    LOOKS: she got long silver hair, purple slighlty glowing eyes and pale skin. her lips are eternally blood red. She likes to flirt with people

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  6. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    since he got approved, here we go:

    Name: Alexander Aurielius

    (yes i brought him back, presuming he survived that little thing in Sharr's warband)

    Legion: (formerly) Word Bearers (currently unaligned)


    Mutant: is taller and more muscular than the average astartes, can take more punishment and can dish out more punishment, and can lift heavy objects with ease, easier to heal from wounds, helmet mask and mutated state allows him to survive void exposure

    Collar of Khorne: is resistant to psychic or sorcerous powers

    Blessings of Khorne: is extremely deadly in CQC, and causes abject fear in the weak minded

    Flaws: (i bolded the actual flaws, just felt like adding some character info in there :p )

    Mutant: cant fit in smaller spaces, is a bigger target

    Rage: he is more in control of his rage than most Khornates, he considers the rage a weakness, but may lose himself under extreme stress, and prefers the 'honorable' part of close combat, so he relishes dueling those he deems 'worthy opponents', hates servants of other gods, but Slaanesh in particular

    Disenfranchised: no longer trusts anyone, his former warriors under his command died a couple of years ago to what he often calls "the folly of that bastard Sharr", and since then has been traveling, working almost as a mercenary, simply looking for things to kill, looking for a chance to rebuild his warband, and as such, does not trust anyone anymore

    Appearance: long, black, shoulder length hair, pale skin, completely black eyes, as if staring into a void

    power armor of various marks, which mutated along with him to match his size, all painted blood red with brass trim

    removable vox grill (the grill thing on the helmets), the only part of the helmet he wears

    a large power axe

    a large daemonically possessed chain axe (the daemon is the soul of someone he once knew, as it speaks to him sometimes, the only creature he has ever allowed into his mind)

    plasma pistol

    incendiary grenades


    armor no longer has any legion or warband marks, the sign of Khorne is simply on each shoulder pad

    skulls adorn his armor on spikes or are simply attached by chains

    yay, something for Alexander to hate :D

    also; y u only RP as hot chicks

    *insert meme face*
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  7. Name: Khraze

    Class: Berserker

    Legion: World eaters

    Age: lost

    - 2 chain axes (he loots weapons when his breaks)
    - Rosarius
    - Mark IV maximus pattern power armor
    - Mark IV helm

    1. Extreme melee skill (Khraze is like every world eater a berserker at heart, when not at war they fight in the pits and Khraze has been hear since the crusade) (3-4 traits)
    2. Very though (Khraze is allmost capaple of shrugging of blows that would fell lesser marines) (2 traits)
    3. Weapon looter


    2. The butchers nails (Khraze has the nails implantet in his head, slowly draining all emotions but anger, when not in combat Khraze will get an increasing head ache, the nails are slowly half lobotomising them all.)
    3. Short attention span and shorter fuse.

    Legion trait/flaw: khorne berserkers
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  8. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    last post is in bold because i copied it and i cant get rid of the bold for some reason
  9. thats allways what happens :p
  10. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    i know, and i always try to get rid of it but i never can :p

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