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Chaos Orks

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Izinza, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Izinza New Member

    I was reading threads about csm and I thought to myself why can't there be chaos orks? I mean think about it the orks aren't the brightest of races and I'm sure there are ways to manipulate them into joining the forces of the warp . There sure must be some perks in converting some ork mobs to chaos, could be there is a lore explanation that I dont know of or maybe it was done in the lore if so can someone enlighten me about it?
  2. WHAT HERESY IS THIS ?! it is impossible due to Orks insane stupidity , they know only how to chopa chopa , Gork Mork , thats all. In lore there where never been sucha situation when Ork has been tainted by chaos , well alive at least.
  3. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    They do exist. While they primarily worship Gork and Mork, they do certainly supply additional energies to Khorne thanks to constant war-mongering. Hell, the Orks even consider the Immaterium to be heaven, similar to Valhalla. There's one group of Orks trapped on a Daemon World in the Eye of Terror, that upon the end of the day with their battle against Daemons, are revived. While they can never win, they're stuck in perpetual war and thus consider it to be the greatest fate possible.
  4. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate

    There are some orks out there that might join chaos, mostly Khorne. Though they would have to be kidnapped seeing as how cults can't spring up in ork society. Any ork running around talking about the glory of the dark gods will probably get stomped on for bad mouthing Gork and Mork. But, if you read about Abbadon you would know that he's trying to fuse orks and daemons together because why not.
  5. Izinza New Member

    Maybe the warp can enlighten them, make them smarter and stronger and teach them about their natural psychic waargh power, teach them to master it. Surly that could make a formidable ally
  6. Ixbay Ixbay Ordinate

    Orks don't have enough their "intelligence" developed to able the Warp to influence them, excepted maybe the Weird boyz...

    But I prefer unleash daemons on my enemy than Dark Orks!
  7. Yea but is there any success ?
  8. Mr.Dakka Mr-Dakka Subordinate

    Don't think so. I think it said he's been working on it, but no results. Besides if he did, there would be chaos orks in the Black Legion supplement.
  9. They do exist. Or did at least. Rogue Trader / 2nd ed era had the Stormboyz of Khorne. Waaargh Da Orkz, page 20
  10. Izinza New Member

    imagine a horde of orks who are aware of their psychic ability and what they can achieve for the gods of chaos with the waargh!

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