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Chaos Melee Tournament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaosLordMaximoXII, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Armgarion Armgarion Confessor

    I'll figure something out
  2. Right mouse button holding down gives a stronk attack. ;)
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  3. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Are you sure ?

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  4. Exploit spotted... Entering Ban em all mode!!
  5. These are the groups. As you can see we still need the entire Nu Group. We will fill Nu Group later on.

    But for now we can start!

    You will be contacted to set the date and time according to your group. We may start this weekend already.

    7777 - Copia.png

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  6. Gravord Gravord Active Member

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  7. DavyBoy CuCulainn Curator

    It started and went very well but due to unforeseen circumstances it’s in a slight break but will be back :)
  8. AFAIK LordMaximo's computer broke so it's on hold
  9. Waagheur Recruit

    After many month, the tournament finally got to an end, if that length was not expected and many left us in the process, uncluding Maximo himself, I would like to thank every person that gave some of their time for it.
    Anyway here are the results for the last group : Alpha Group

    First comes Ettereus who have almost done a lostless round with 8 wins
    Then there is Waffentraeger, the only one who have taken a win from Ettereus, with 5 points
    Third is found Akkar Kessel from xSUx with 4 points
    Last we have Khornagarh from UDCS with 1 point
    Note that OnyxLord5 withdrew because he felt underwhelmed during the round and that Arhunok couldn't manage to assist the this final round.

    For the interested people, here is the replay of Alpha Group :


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