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Chaos Melee Tournament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaosLordMaximoXII, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. uhhh, put me in coach, HUNKALICOUS of HUNK
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  2. Funny for someone who likes shitposts on the forums maybe...
  3. Armgarion Armgarion Confessor

    POLB - Armgarion
  4. Arm we all know you dont melee. ;)
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  5. Armgarion Armgarion Confessor

    I'll figure something out
  6. Right mouse button holding down gives a stronk attack. ;)
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  7. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Are you sure ?

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  8. Exploit spotted... Entering Ban em all mode!!
  9. These are the groups. As you can see we still need the entire Nu Group. We will fill Nu Group later on.

    But for now we can start!

    You will be contacted to set the date and time according to your group. We may start this weekend already.

    7777 - Copia.png

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