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Chaos Melee Tournament

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChaosLordMaximoXII, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. My chaotic brothers, I am Lord MaximoXII, leader of the League of Chaos |αAΩω| / xAWx guild.
    I bring you great news...

    The eyes of the Gods are upon us!
    Pleased by our successes, the Ruinous Powers now ask that we measure our might between us. The Dark Gods have spoken, and we shall obey. We shall organize a Great Chaos Melee Tournament. (with 1v1 duels)

    Bring glory to your chosen god, or your legion, or to chaos itself. Prove your skills under the gaze of our lords!

    For Chaos!

    As it was said, there will be a Great Chaos Melee Tournament, which will of course take place in the Chaos Garrison.
    All the duels will be recorded and published. The prize will be an Imperium Edition Steam Key, but most importantly of course, glory.


    -Only melee weapons and pistols are allowed.
    -But no smart pistols.
    -You can roll of course, but avoid using rollex.
    -All classes can be used as long as they follow all the other rules.
    -Sorcerer class can be used but the only offensive spell allowed is the one to buff melee.
    -No Power Fist.
    -No veterans.
    -No grenades.
    -No more than 10 people from the same chaos guild.


    -There are 9 groups in the First Phase, made by 6 men each.

    -5 duels are made by each of the warriors of one group against all the other warriors in their same group. Which means each warrior will fight in 25 duels during the First Phase.

    -each duel won gives you 1 point.

    -when 2 warriors are having their 5 duels they are allowed to change their loadout only if they lost the last duel.

    -once all the duels are done, the 2 warriors with the most points for each of the 9 groups go to the Second Phase.

    -There are 3 groups in the Second Phase, made by 6 men each.

    -once again, 5 duels are made by each of the warriors of one group against all the other warriors in their same group.

    -once all the duels are done, the 2 warriors with the most points for each of the 3 groups go to the Third Phase.

    -In the last group 5 duels are again made by each of the warriors of one group with all the other remaining warriors.

    -once all the duels are done, the one warrior who gathered the largest amount of point throughout the entire tournament is the final winner.


    We will decide when the duels will be fought later on. We'll first wait until we have a decent amount of people, and then we'll set dates according to groups. For now:

    There are 6 spots left. <----------------------------------------------------------------

    ---HOW TO JOIN:---

    -Go to our dedicated section in the Eternal Crusade discord.
    -in there, write: 1. your in-game chaos name 2. your chaos guild (if any).

    -OR write the same things here in the comments.

    You will be randomly placed in a group of the First Phase.
    It is also very recommended to join the Eternal Crusade discord, ''old'' or ''new'', so that you may see the announcements more easily.

    (just to clarify, you can join even if you're main LSM, or Eldar or Ork. Just use a chaos guy to join)
  2. Slough Monster Slough_Monster Arkhona Vanguard

    So no rolling period? Cause the roll has an iframe in it. . .
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  3. Waagheur Recruit

    I, Gaston Dreyfus shall fight in this tournament as Akkar Kessel from xSUx
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  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Would be fun if those rules weren t there :
    -No grenades.
    -No rollex, iframes and so on.
    Have fun in a melee tournament where spending stamina/fuel is prohibited , the death of the slightest bit of skill left in melee
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  5. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    so jpas cant boost too? interesting tournament.

    stuff that takes skill is not allowed but smart pistol is allowed ok

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  6. That is actually a very good point
    I think I didn't explain it properly... I'll do it again

    Also I forgot about smart pistols. Gonna take them away
  7. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Antheus, POLB
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  8. No date? Well, if I got time, Puroq (no guild) joins the fray!
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  9. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    I rather like how this sounds but yeah maybe Chang the wording a bit since it sounds like rolling is kind of locked. I'll try to get some keys for you to give to the winner or winners however it works.
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  10. CoLINn CoLINn Recruit

    I'll join. Bro-Colin
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