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Chaos. Is It Really Evil?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Sergoros, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Sergoros Sergoros Preacher

    Its fine. This curse would work only for 10000 years.
  2. If movies taught me anything its that the rebels are ALWAYS the good guys. So LSM are the eviler ones
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  3. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    It seems to me that chaos is just a perception of reality and chaos only exists because of the....latent emotional psychic power of beings that feel a certain way. People are blood thirsty so khorne exists and gain power, people are want stimulation in excess so Slaneesh exists. The reason the heresy occurred is not because their good or bad but because their existence was denied. But what makes me wonder is why are there no Good chaos gods? like non violent peaceful ones which support charity or something.
  4. because conflict my friend, is the very nature of reality.
    conflict makes the world go 'round.
  5. Sergoros Sergoros Preacher

    Nurgle. He is very peaceful and generous. Though, people often do not like his kind of "peace"
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  6. Cutbait Cutbait Master

    I like his kind of "Peace"
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  7. Thuldarn Gaan_Cathal Well-Known Member

    Chaos is a reflection of the deepest psyches of the sentient beings in the galaxy.

    Since 99.9% of those sentient beings are by any collective measure irredeemably evil, yes - Chaos is evil.
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  8. I've never thought of it that way, and that is by far the best argument i've heard so far.
    But in 40k it's very difficult to decipher good from evil, as everyone is simply trying to survive and better their place in the galaxy.
    The means by which factions do this, however, i guess could be either good or evil.
    While i understand how you might perceive Chaos as a whole as inherently evil due to the evil of the galaxy itself, i can't help but think that the Chaos Space Marines are not as evil as the gods they serve. Many are, but many others have more 'reasonable' reasons for betraying the emperor
  9. Sergoros Sergoros Preacher

    100% of sentient beings in the galaxy could be called evil by the moral standarts of another sentient beings in the galaxy. Which does not mean, that they count themselves evil.
  10. Thuldarn Gaan_Cathal Well-Known Member

    Genocide. They all do it by genocide.

    As for individual CSMs, whilst I agree they're not as evil as their gods that's more or less the default expectation of any religion (that mortal followers are inferior to their deitie(s) in whatever ideal they seek). I would argue however that they are far more than simply their reasons for betraying grandpa. A Word Bearer might've had the best reason in the galaxy to do so, but after ten thousand years of feeding people's actual immortal souls to hungry demons in the name of openly uncaring gods that reason isn't particularly relevant to his moral standing.

    The query "is X evil" necessarily assumes moral absolutism since it is phrased to require a binary answer.
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