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Chaos Grand Campaign

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Cutbait, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Just wait till you see the LSM one. :D
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  2. 66031_0da7fbb096e89796f9c6d427caa8dd37.JPG ...

    ... Any opportunity to post it... Always raises a smile...
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  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Even the Emperor is cringing on the mural. :OrkMoon:
  4. i have seen it 40.000 times already, but man.... this is incredible... I am out of words...
  5. It's bugged on gold armour too.

    one job.jpeg.jpg
  6. Seranov Seranov Confessor

    I actually rather like it. It's something different, at least.

  7. Yeah, both the CSM and the LSM ones are kindy goofy but I shall wear them with pride (on my noob characters at least). My main Ork is a Goff but the noob one is a Bad Moon so the Ork campaign shoulder actually works on it.
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

  9. Belakor666 Steam Early Access


    C R I N G E
  10. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    You know everyone will wear it ;)

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