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Chaos: Eye Of Terror

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ghost_XV15, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Cruzader Member

    Name: Cruzader
    Sub-Faction: Plague Bearers
    Classification: Obliterators, Havocs, or Devestator Squads
    Favored Chaos God: Nurgle and Khorne
    Language: English
  2. Ah, welcome fellow Brothers!
    It is allways good to see when my Berserkersquad is growing!

    Blood for the Bloodgod!

    Also nice to see that our rotting Brothers grow in strenght!
  3. Naracha Naracha Curator

    A reservation list has just gone up. I've put Eye of Terror up on there.
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  4. Storm Stormyy Subordinate

    Name: Storm/Deacon412 (steam name is Deacon412 feel free to add)

    Sub Faction: Black legion/undecided

    Class Specialization: Tactical

    Favoured Chaosgod: Undivided

    Contact (Optional): Ghost XV15
  5. Welcome in the Eye of Terror!
    May you be a tool of massive slaughter and slavery for the Chaos gods!

    @ Naracha: Very good!
  6. Naracha Naracha Curator

    Re-reading the first post by the CM. It needs a Guildmaster to post. If you wanna put it up there Ghost, then I'll take mine down. It worked even as a precaution atleast :)
  7. okay, I shall post in the name of the Dark gods our guild
  8. Name: Matthias

    Sub Faction: Black Legion

    Class Specialization: Havoc/Terminator

    Favoured Chaosgod: Khorne (Blood for the blood gods!!!)

    Language (optional):English
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  9. Welcome, slaughterbrother!
    Good to have a solid supporter for the Berserkers, may you rip appart our enemies, from afar, or set them on fire!

    Blood for the Bloodgod!
  10. i do your bidding, skulls for the skull throne !!!!

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