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Chaos: Eye Of Terror

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ghost_XV15, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

    My heart and soul is T'zeentch a thousand thousand wonders has the changer shown me secrets unumbered and relics of power to gather unto me with which to play my part in the great changers plans.
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  2. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    The embrace of Slaanesh is harsh and lustful. Through suffering and pleasure we find beauty in the perversion of the innocent.
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  3. Crowmanic Member

    U B MA BOY!!!
  4. Crowmanic Member

    Soon I will have some free time on my hands,
    then ill manufacture a list with all members and info we have .
    This will of course be an ongoing list and it will be updated regularly.
  5. Khorlial Member

    Cool that'd be good something that should be on that list I think, which we have no info of yet is what region we're all from. It shouldn't matter for EC because they want only one big server for the whole world which will be awesome, but before that maybe some people want to play other games within this guild to know who you're dealing with e.g. PS2 or DOW2 or something else?

    Edit: Fuckin Hectic Mate! I'm from NZ also usually get chucked on US servers or AU or southern asia
  6. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

    I'm from Adelaide Australia so usually get chucked on a US server because we don't get a Asia,pacific one.
    I play battlefield4 and have signed for Destiny on ps3.
    Will play this on ps4 and PC
  7. We will maybe implement a mechanic which allows member to rank up inside the guild for a specific ammount of members they recruit.
    I will open a poll to see your opinions about that and even when the poll is closed, nothing will be decided.
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  8. Greetings, Brothers!
    We have to announce alot to you today, first: My new Profile Picture!
    Then, we couldn't open a poll for the Rankup system we talked about, because we would have to open a completly new Thread for that and we don't want to spam the Forum. More about that later.

    Then we have the Memberlist:
    1. Ghost XV15: "Lord" Karneth Thrax (Nightlords Berserker)
    2. Crowmanic: "Lord" Crowmanic (Black Legion Sorcerer)
    3. Hunter: "Lord" (Iron Warrior Havoc)
    4. Hypnopotamus Rex: "Legionaire" Hypnopotamus Rex (Tactical Chaos Marine)
    5. Khorlial: "Legionaire" Khorlial (Black Legion Berserker)
    6. Magistrex: "Legionaire" Magistrex (Black Legion Sorcerer)
    7. Warsmith55: "Legionaire" Honsu (Iron Warrior Havoc)
    8. BigEZ296: "Legionaire" Agnarr the Red (Black Legion Havoc/Berserker)
    9. black legionare chosen: "Legionaire" Warp Fire (Black Legion Terminator)
    10. Naracha: "Legionaire" Naracha (Berserker)
    I will probably put the list on the first post someday.

    Now back to the ne Rankup system.
    We will implement during the time of the Founders Programm (start: E3; end: Gamerelease) a system which allows guildmembers to Rank up in the guild by getting more people into the guild.
    Here is how it basically works:
    Legionaire: 0 Members​
    Aspiring Champion: 5 Members​
    Chosen: 10 Members​
    Champion: 15 Members​
    Exalted Champion: 20 Members​

    The members you introduce have to write into their post your name! (i.e. "Ghost XV15 brought me here")
    Also you cannot gain the Lord Rank with this system! This Rank is way to important for this.
    Also your memberlist will be rest with every Rank you gain (i.e. to gain the Choosen Rank you have to inroduce 5+10=15 Members. For the Exalted Champion Rank you have to inroduce 50 Members)
    The numbers seem high at first, but we want to keep the Guild Skillbased and not "the one with the most friends wins"

    You may ask yourself, "why rank up?" Well, as as a Legionaire you will only get requisition points if it is important for the battle, while an Aspring Champion will get enough requisition for a Rhino and a few extras.
    But the Exalted Champions will get as much requisition as they need, for they are the Lords right hands.

    After the Game release (and the end of this rankup system) you will ofcourse be able to rank up, but you will do this by skill and tactiacal understanding.
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  9. Karos Active Member

    I'm most intrigued by this gathering of warriors. I am Karos Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, I currently serve in the warband of Sorcerer_Raptora you may be able to get him and his warriors to join your cause, in which case I shall follow if not, then I shall see you upon the field of battle.
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  10. Warp fire
    Black Legion
    Looking forward to slaying the enemy for the dark gods and taking over territory for this mighty legion!!!!!
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