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Chaos: Eye Of Terror

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ghost_XV15, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. BigEZ296 New Member

    Uhhh Ghost, it's skulls for the skull throne, blood for the blood god....just you wait till Kharne hears about this...
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  2. Crowmanic Member

    Dont worry, I have already tortured him to death several times for that^^
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  3. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

  4. Khorlial Member

    Welcome brother I will be fighting with you against the loyalist scum and xeno filth we will eradicate this world of the loving living, one by one and blood shall flow!

    Of course hi to the sorcerer and undivided havoc
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  5. Khorlial Member

    So far this guild is fully lore friendly regarding the marines that are going into the Black legion. I just read a bit out of 5th edition chaos codex in which it says that in the Black legion Bezerkers with the mark of Khorne can march side by side with sorcerers with the mark of Tzeentch under the command of a undivided commander.
    Iron warriors apparantly can only bear the mark of undivided and not have any daemons either except for daemon prince and possessed marines. Apparently word bearers are only allowed undivided as well but allowed for daemons. dunno bout night lords
  6. So that's where the Guilds "Lexicanum" aka. Lore-expert (which is me) comes in!
    The Black Legion is known (how you said) to be undivided, but they prey to all gods, meaning: troops which pray to one specific god (i.e. the Hounds of Abaddon pray to Khorne)
    So do the Word Bearers, they are fanatics and mostly pray to all Chaosgods (everyone, mostly)
    However, they can speciallize, too.
    The Iron Warriors have in general little interest into the Chaosgods, they use however daemons to improve Tanks and Weapons (they are most likely the Smiths of Chaos [besides the Dark Mechanicum])
    And the Nightlords fight on the side of Chaos, but not for Chaos.
    They do not pray to Chaosgods and do not use their gifts, they just like to have less burdens than in the Imperium.

    Our Guild is basically a combined Force of each Warband/Legion (with one Lord for every Faction) which fight alongside in this Campaign to bring down the Imperium.
  7. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

    if the devs make the Thousand Sons available I will play them
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  8. Khorlial Member

    There are a few threads about chapters that are going to be put in after launch, but I doubt it will be any Godspecific chapters otherwise they'd have to add all 4 at once or planning to have all 4 would be quite a lot of work and the god specific chapters also have very specific rules.
    As in they all have to have the mark of that one god and can't use certain weapons etc. I'm sure ghost can elaborate on that, just know that Thousand sons is one of the god specific chapter(Tzeentch), World Eaters (Khorne), Emperors children (Slaanesh) and Deathguard(Nurgle) are the 4 main ones.

    Unless you mean Rubric marine now I think everyone really hopes that cult specific marines are going to be in a.k.a Rubric, Beserker, Noise and plague marines. There're a few threads that talk about them too:)
  9. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

    I have been playing 40k since launch in 1985 always chaos and always T'zeeentch and Thousand Sons even have a Thousand Son Psyker in the Rpg
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  10. God dedicated Marines will come post launch

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