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Chaos: Eye Of Terror

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ghost_XV15, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Sieht wohl wirklich so aus als ob die Chaosgötter uns wohlig gestimmt sind.
    Wir werden Leid und Tod in die Reihen des Feindes tragen!

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  2. Khorlial Member

  3. Magistrex Magistrex New Member

    Black Legion
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  4. Honsu Honsu Subordinate

    Name willing: Honsu
    Iron Warriors
    Havoc / Heavy
    English (trying to learn German)

    This sounds like a good premise for a guild. As long as I can contribute according to my own time schedule, I'll be more than happy to oblige.
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  5. I welcome you in our Ranks, Sorceror!
    I assure you that you have companie in the highest ranks, which share your preferences to your Chaosgod!

    Welcome Brother!
    Our goal is not to get people under pressure of any sort and we will gladly honour your part to the slaughter!
  6. Crowmanic Member

    Welcome Brother,
    your arrival has been foreseen =)
  7. BigEZ296 New Member

    Name: Agnarr the Red

    Sub Faction: Black Legion (Hounds of Abbadon if we get to mod later in game)

    Class Specialization: Havoc, Tactical (if Tactical will focus on melee if able)

    Favoured Chaosgod: Khorne (sticking with Hounds of Abbadon fluff)

    Language (optional): English only

    Death to the false emperor dear brothers, soon the loyalist scum will taste blood in their mouths too bitter to bare!
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  8. Crowmanic Member

    Blood for the Blood
    Blood for the Bloodgod Agnarr,
    I will enjoy seeing you crushing some skulls !
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  9. Ah, finally you are here!
    Welcome you Brother Agnarr!

    May we spill oceans of blood and sacrifice our enemies Skulls to the Bloodgod!
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