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Chaos: Eye Of Terror

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Ghost_XV15, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Eye of Terror

    The "Eye of Terror" is a multi-Subfaction guild on PC for those whoe want to experience the game in a successful, but also in a fun and social way. Our aim is to be a constant presence on the Battlefield, but we also organise regular PvE operations.
    We allow multi subfactions with little to no restrictions, however we a mature guild, so you should be able to at least "act" mature. Thus Role Playing is not necessary, but we like to see people going into their character.
    Because of our constant presence on the Battlefield, we recruit from everywhere around the World, we are international and racism is a no go, the major language of this guild is English, however most members do speak other languages aswell.

    Access to our Mumble-server is gained through recruitment​

    Eye of Terror Founder-Code: EC-PU9CT82ZMHW92


    You will rank up by the effort and success you put into the guild.
    If you are a good Teamplayer, you will be rewarded, if you kill many for the Dark Gods, you will be rewarded, if you have other useful skills, you will be rewarded.
    • Lord - the Leaders of the Guild, one per Subfaction
    • Exalted Champion - The right Hands of the Lords
    • Chosen Champion - Leaders of a squad of Chosen
    • Chosen - the mighty Elite
    • Aspiring Champion - Leaders of a squad of Legionaires
    • Legionaires - Brothers in Chaos
    Rankup system

    During the time of the Founders Programm (Start: 25th June; End: Gamerelease) a system which allows Guildmembers to Rank up by getting Borthers in Chaos to join our fight.​

    • Legionaire: 0 Members
    • Aspiring Champion: 5 Members
    • Chosen: 10 Members
    • Chosen
    • Champion: 15 Members
    • Exalted Champion: 20 Members
    The members you introduce have to write into their post your name! (i.e. "Ghost XV15 brought me here"). Also you cannot gain the Lord Rank with this system!​

    Also your memberlist will be rest with every Rank you gain (i.e. to gain the Choosen Rank you have to inroduce 5+10=15 Members. For the Exalted Champion Rank you have to inroduce 50 Members)​

    The numbers seem high at, but we want to assure that the Guild is skillbased.​

    1. Ghost XV15: "Lord" Karneth Thrax (Nightlords Berserker)
    2. Crowmanic: "Lord" Crowmanic (Black Legion Aspiring Sorcerer)
    3. Hunter: "Lord" (Iron Warrior Havoc)
    4. Hypnopotamus Rex: "Legionaire" Hypnopotamus Rex (Tactical Chaos Marine)
    5. Khorlial: "Legionaire" Khorlial (Black Legion Berserker)
    6. Magistrex: "Legionaire" Magistrex (Black Legion Aspiring Sorcerer)
    7. Warsmith55: "Legionaire" Honsu (Iron Warrior Havoc)
    8. BigEZ296: "Legionaire" Agnarr the Red (Black Legion Havoc/Berserker)
    9. black legionare chosen: "Legionaire" Warp Fire (Black Legion Terminator)
    10. Naracha: "Legionaire" Naracha (Berserker)
    11. Greg Lautz: "Legionaire" Twisted Titan (Black Legion Chosen)
    12. CrazyZombie: "Legionaire" Crazy Zombie (Nightlord Havoc)
    13. Mericuh: "Legionaire" Mericuh (Berserker)
    14. Cruzader: "Legionaire" Cruzader (Plague Bearer)
    15. matthew woods: "Legionaire" Storm (Black legion Tactical Chaos Marine)
    16. gorgon91: "Legionaire" Matthias (Black Legion Havoc/Terminator)
    17. Julio Cezar Anizio: "Legionaire" Falcoaurum (Word Bearers Aspiring Sorcerer)
    18. Xanohel: "Legionaire" Xanohel (Night Lord)
    19. Khyrus: "Legionaire" Khyrus (Black Legion Tactical)
    20. Rentor: "Legionaire" Rentor (Thousand Sons Havoc)
    21. Zarn: "Legionaire" Zarn (Black Legion Raptor)
    22. Annuethuel: "Legionaire" Annuethuel (Iron Warrior Havoc)
    23. Namroth: "Legionaire" Namroth Blackthorn (Word Bearers Aspiring Sorcerer)
    24. First Captain Sevatar: "Legionaire" Jago Sevatarion (Night Lord Raptor)
    25. Argon: "Legionaire" Gladius Mars (Black Legion Berserker)
    26. Tartessos: "Legionaire" Tartessos (World Eaters Berserker)
    27. Zobolotsky: "Legionaire" Aggron (Iron Warriors Havoc )
    28. Sleepylion : "Legionaire" Sleepylion (Iron Warriors Havoc)
    29. DargosArczein: "Legionaire" Dargos (Black Legion Berserker/ Iron Warriors Havoc)
    30. Vulkan He`stand: "Legionaire" Vai'tan Ushorak (Black Legion Berserker)
    31. Altokai: "Legionaire" Altokai (Black Legion Possessed/Havoc)
    32. SgtSlaughter: "Legionaire" xAbbadon (Black Legion Havoc/Tactical)
    33. Typhus: "Legionaire" The Traveller (Death Guard Tactical/Havoc)
    34. Dodew: "Legionaire" Dodew (Berserker)
    35. KhaRn: " Legionaire" Archetype (Night Lords Raptor)
    36. Kharn: "Legionaire" KHARN (Black Legion Berserker)
    37. MagicWorld: "Legionaire" Horus-MW (Black Legion Raptor\Tactical)
    38. Deadalus: "Legionaire" Deadalus (Black Legion Tactical)
    39. Kingcrim: "Legionaire" Bonethrone (Black Legion Raptor)
    40. Lord Apostle Zial Ghoul: "Legionaire" Zial Ghoul (Black Legion Aspiring Sorceror)
    41. Ringoblood: "Legionaire" Ringoblood (Night Lords Havoc)


    If you are interested, please respond with the following information:
    Name: ingame name

    Sub Faction: if still deciding, ignore this

    Class Specialization: Havoc, Raptor, Tactical, what is your way to kill?

    Favoured Chaosgod: which way are you following? Divided or Undivided?

    Contact (Optional): Name of the Member that introduced you

    Language (optional): English is required

    We will see you on the Battlefield Brother.
    Good Hunting

    For the glory of Chaos!

  2. Hunter Hunter Subordinate

    Iron Warrior

    Im here to serve the dark gods I will sacrifice entire systems for my ascension i will see the imperial worlds burn.
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  3. Crowmanic Member

    Glory to the Eye of Terror,
    my name is Crowmanic and I'll be one of Lords(Leader of the Subfaction Black Legion)
    I'll have already gathered experience in Guild - and raidleading though MMO's like Wow,
    Guild Wars, Rift and Swtor. Fairness is one of my top priorities if its within the interest
    of our Dark Gods ; ).
    GHOST XV15 and I are looking forward to all Brothers in Chaos who are applying.
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  4. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    Hypnopotamus Rex (Name might change, might not.)
    Slaanesh FTW.

    (Not going to be particularly active for a couple of weeks, but I have experience in running crap guilds in WoW, and spent a few years as an admin on a Tremulous server.) Once everything's set up, I'll try my damned hardest to contribute.

    Edit: I'll be tempted to use an autotune plugin in Teamspeak :p
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  5. Welcome in our ranks, brother!
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  6. Khorlial Member

    Black Legion
    Melee fighter(probably Raptor or tactical)
    English/German/French/ little bit of Spanish

    This guild sounds like it will be quite good for me, being casual but still building a community, that's what I was looking for. I'm not a very consistent gamer e.g. holidays, gigs/festivals, hunting trips etc. but when I do play I play hardcore like the whole day if I can late into the night, and if this game is as good as it looks I will be on a lot. I have teamspeak 3 and headset so no problem communicating.
  7. Welcome in our ranks, brother!
    This guild will suit you very well, as this is exactly what we are aiming for!

    Blood for the Bloodgod!
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  8. Crowmanic Member

    Welcome Khorlial.
    It's good to have you, Brother.
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  9. Khorlial Member

    Ich danke euch fuer euer verstaendnis, und dass ihr so einen verrueckten wie mich akzeptieren, aber so lang ihr mich in die richtige richtung fuehren wird nur Blut fliessen.

    Hab nur ein Englishes Key-Board...
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  10. Hypnopotamus Rex New Member

    Manchmal brauchen wir nur, um die Sprache der Schlachtung sprechen :p
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