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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by CabalTrainee, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. I agree.
    It has 110 pen, so it basically have the Penetration Ammo.
    You are basically paying 150 lp for a gimmick, which I doubt you will use often (and can easily turn into a disadvantage).
    If it was mastercrafted I could kind of see the point of it, but right now it is too situational.
  2. Miazger New Member

    I got my Plague knife from 3k box
  3. rapier rapier Steam Early Access

    Same here!
  4. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    They switched some stuff in some boxes. Will update it as soon as i have time. I was on vacation. I expect the update to the list to hit tomorrow.
  5. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    I´m full on confused now. I rechecked and just got the plague knife again in the 12k box. But i have like 12 confirmed drops of it in the 3k box. If anyone has more info on this it would be appreciated. I´m doing more tests myself.

    What subfaction are you guys using who got it in the 3k box?
  6. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    It drops for me in both boxes. I added that in the main post until i have more info. It actually looks like it is a bug.
  7. Miazger New Member

    my loot 500 an 3k boxes
    bolt pistol (alt) 500
    boltgun (alt) 500
    chain sword (alt) 500
    combat knife (alt) 500
    heavy bolter (alt) 500
    cian axe (alt) 3K
    cygnii pattern bolt pistol 3k
    master crafted bolt pistol 3k
    plague knife 3k
    mastercrafted 3K
    pPlasma cannon (alt) 3k
    power axe (alt) 3K
    power sword (alt) ?
    2x scope plasma gun 3k
    armour piercing rounds for boltgun 3k
    barbed chainteeth for chainswords ?
    barbed chainteeth for chainaxes ? (probably 3K)
    box magazine 500 (not 100% sure)
    clashing convector for forceaxe ?
    clashing engine chain sword ?
    clashing engine chain axe ?
    clashing gen for power axe ?
    clashing gen for power mauls ?
    compensator for boltguns ?
    compensator for boltpistols ?
    Corona gen for power axes ?
    cqc berrel for boltguns 3k
    edge enchancement rof knifes?
    fanged runes force sword ?
    fast reload mag for boltguns 3k
    heavy berrel for boltpistol ?
    life steal for chainsword 3k
    muzzle brake for boltpistols ?
    muzzle brake for boltguns ?
    penetration for force axes ?
    penetration for chainsword ?
    repair convector for chainaxes ?
    repair convector for chainswods ?
    repair gen for power sword ?
    repair gen for power axe ?
    repair gen for power maul ?
    shock field for power swods ?
    shock field for power mauls ?
    stabilisng grip for boltgun ?
    sulfuric acid_etching fo knifes 500?
    textured grip for bolt guns ?
    warp regen for force swords ?

    3.14 free user
    this is all i got for now
    (sry for bad english)
  8. Armillus_Dynant Recruit

    Me too, and I am loving it. It has already claimed many lives, all from banshees to tacticals...
  9. Azzagtot Azzagtot Drill Abbott

    Chaos really need long ranged weapon.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    i opened all the 500 and 3000 boxes and i did not receive a bunch of items listed here
    i can how ever confirm the nurgle knife coming from the 3k boxes

    Items i did not receive
    500 boxes:
    • 2x Scope (Zoom 2x while aiming)
    • Angled Grip (reduces first shot recoil)
    3000 boxes:
    • Mastercrafted Boltgun (recoil 0.18°/0.5° in comparison standard boltgun: 0.22°/0.5°
    • Mastercrafted Heavy Bolter (recoil 0.24°/0.7° in comparison standard boltgun: 0.3°/0.7°)
    • Mastercrafted Forcesword (+20 Warp Charges +25 durability +5 durability regen per sec)
    • Mastercrafted Chainsword (+25 durability +5 durability regen per sec)
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