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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by CabalTrainee, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. MaxDamage Recruit

    Given that the sigil does nothing to your HP and the lifesteal only works for your HP, there is little diffirence. just a champion wasted on MoK character
  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Who told you that Khorne doesnt like ranged warfare?
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  3. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    I use it on non vet :D Also UAT had buffed MoK both increase in life steal on both Ranged and melee and +20 health rejoice brother
  4. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    Actually this one is really fluffy. The teeth of Khorne is a group of Havocs existing in fluff that worships Khorne. They are all about huge amount of bullets (hence the increases firerate on the weapon ingame). Kind of like orks i guess.

    "As the teeth of the World Eaters, Devastater Squads ..."

    It´s only in real old stuff though.
  5. TheNobodies New Member

    Haha founders bolters are cool, but master crafted is pretty good too.
  6. TheNobodies New Member

    Maybe one day we will have a chance to get phobos bolter!
  7. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    The phobos is the LSM "founders only" weapon.I doubt we or any other would get it.
  8. TheNobodies New Member

    I know this, its just a "dreaming''.
  9. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    Updated for todays patch.

    If you find anything i missed yell at me and i will change it. Sadly we don´t really have full patchnotes.

    • Updated the amount of Req you need to unlock everything
    • Updated Box costs for the low tier boxes
    • Added Armor Piercing Rounds and Fast Reload Mag (boltgun mods) to 3k boxes
    • CQC Barrel replaced the heavy Barrel in the 3k loot list
    • Removed the Standard weapons from the loot list.
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  10. Paul Artemenkov Isaia Subordinate

    Comrades Chaos Space Marines, support the call to the team of Eternal Crusade.

    Make color factional armor 3 and 5 rank. Irritating that the Black Legion, Iron Warriors and the Night Lords lose gold edging, as in the code, instead of it all is now available only to silver. Please support.

    P.S. English is still learning, so I'm sorry for the mistakes Google translator. Bless you.

    Here is the link: eternalcrusade.zendesk. com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000380426-Return-the-color-appropriate-to-the-chaos-space-marines-legions-of-armor-3-and-5-rank-

    Сlean space... )
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