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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by CabalTrainee, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Ghosar Recruit

    Burst mode is good on the cygnii bolt pistol (the one catnium refers to as the "3 shot burst bolt pistol" for the raptor, as its great to finish off your target. Is it really worth 120 lp though ? That is up for debate IMHO...
    Probably much less on ground assault (never tried it on sorcerer, most ppl never take pistols on sorcerer anyway do they ?).
  2. FerusManus Recruit

    can i modify Heartpiercer with attachments?
  3. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    No. The heartpiercer has the AP mod built in (+10 penetration). You are unable to modify it yourself.
  4. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    Added the new axe to the list. I'm not playing much currently waiting for content. That's why i am late.

  5. zelgadine zelgadine New Member

    I'm a FTP player, and just now have rack some requisition, should I go for the plasma gun in the store or wait until I have enough for box supplies (and which box should I buy, the 30K or 12K)?
  6. Lacertus Lacertus Steam Early Access

    If you want to have a Plasma gun - take the one from the store, the supply drops are random , so you might get something else, the 12K box has an alt skin version (am not sure, think you might need to have the store weapon first) , the 30K one has the unique one, which does a bit more damage but also overheats quicker.
  7. zelgadine zelgadine New Member

    Actually I'm looking for alternatives weapon, let's say I got 16K req which weapon from the store are better alternative (included the box supplies)?

    Don't seem to see CSM use melta or plasma gun much in the game
  8. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Now we can have AP rounds for +10 pen i'm wondering whether heartpiercer is worth it as you could stick that on a regular bolter and have 2 other mods of choice (and a scope if needed)
  9. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    Heart piercer is NOT worth it .. A bolter with drum mag and a close quarter barrel is all you need
  10. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Drum mag is the same slot as the AP rounds, I found the heart piercer kinda useful against orks myself so made a venerable bolter version of that to give a try

    As I can't get anything new I've not bothered checking my loadouts (all the ones i want are setup already) in quite a while and I've noticed today that I have spare points on pretty much all of them, when did master crafted stuff like the bolter go to 230 LP?

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