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Champions Shoulder

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cplex, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Laentis Diolux Cplex First Blood!


    Firstly I want to say how nicely the LSM Company shouldertrim is displayed now while wearing Artificer/Relic armor. Devs did a good job, thumbs up for that one. Sometimes it's the small things that make me happy.


    Anyway, as many others I waited a long time for the Champions Shoulder to be added and now finally I can enjoy it in all of its glory! I really do like the way it looks.


    But the Champion Shoulder has the same issues the Company trims had before. It's 5th Company Colors on your left shoulder and gets overwritten by Artificer/Relic armor completely.


    My solution for this would be to simply make it a "left Shoulder" option. This way Company trims can still be displayed on the right while wearing the Champions Shoulder. And fixing the issue with the Artificer/Relic armor shouldnt be much of a problem for you guys :).
    I know this is a minor issue at the moment and I dont expect it to be changed immediately. However I want to point it out and maybe get some input from other people.
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  2. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    Space Wolves version is a bit sloppy still see the class symbols underneath the eagle.
  3. DEIMOS The_Roadwyrm First Blood!

    Where did you select the Champions Shoulder from? I own it but I don't see it in the game anywhere.
    That image you have looks nothing like the artwork on the image in the inventory.... sad.
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  4. Laentis Diolux Cplex First Blood!

    The item is called "right shoulder" in the right shoudler section of appearance and has no picture on it. Its just black.
  5. Haldur Haldur Curator

    Was the Champions Shoulder one of the items that was bought from the "old" RTS?
  6. Laentis Diolux Cplex First Blood!

    You mean before alpha on the website? Yes it was.
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    DA version is blank :(:(:( just green color shoulder :(

  8. Am I missing something? Granted I dont have an UM character because I can only access 4/10 of my character slots. Anwyay, why is the Ultima icon on the left shoulder primer grey/meltallic grey and not white? Why is that champion's shoulder unpainted except for the base coat(blue)? Why isn't the Aquilla gold? It looks like it has a coat of grey primer and nothing more.
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  9. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    1. The silver Ultima is a visual. 2.000 RTC.
    2. I personally believe the Aquila and the scroll are supposed to be marble. Maybe the whole shoulder is. As for symbolism, the marble is likely of terran origin.
  10. Haldur Haldur Curator

    Yep, exactly. Thank you!

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