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Ceasefire between chaos orks and eldar?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Bydevoi, May 16, 2017.

  1. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Hate is abit of a strong word.You're a fictional faction in a fictional world.LSM are defiantly a meme around here at worst.

    I was going to write a long post stating why LSM gets flack but then I thought it was abit silly since I myself play all factions so technically I am an LSM too..
  2. Erwin Erwin Arkhona Vanguard

    What did number one even mean, dude? I play all factions, and it's obvious that LSM are both disorganized AND with worse equipment.
    And yes, CSM DID complain, a whole lot in fact. How long you been around, man?
  3. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    Your really wanna know? really wanna know? When you nerfed the Cannon and Ace Dakka alot of Orks quit. When devs laughed at "the pain boy" problems that was the final straw.
  4. Hey be happy all 3 Factions fight LSM, that way you have games and chances to win ^^
    I mean, a full Fortress Match between Chaos and Orks for example, would eat up 60 People. That's 60 People and, depending on what maps, 3-4 games against LSM.

    I would worry if you see a lot of Fight between those 3 when LSM Queues take forever, no? :D
  5. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    This week is awfull and thats all.

    As LSM you cant find a match.

    As an alter you can see people saboutage.

    So everybody is loosing their time.


    I hope someday you wil realice that all your jokes makes you loose people playing.

    But i guess you really want to close this game now. No $$$$$

    NO free expansion, no terminators, so whats coming, more shop...same shit.
  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    That really does suck.

    This is why nobody likes you lol.
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  7. Bydevoi Bydevoi New Member

    Wow! So much discussion! Well, LSM's weapons aren't that bad! I use only tactical lodouts and only bolter, sometimes mastercrafted bolter. And gues what? It IS awaysome! Bolter is a good weapon for medium range. Even in cqc it can make some good work if used right. Yes, it isn't as fast shooting as eldar's weapon or orc's shootar. But still, bolter is a good weapon. Well, it is the only weapon I pesonally am good with XD!

    But still, Abbadon - Cough- Grace -Cough- . LSM have a bunch of good weapons, but let's edmit it, we ARE the weaker version of CSM in the game. Yeah, gravgun, pffft. Abaddon Grace, Autocannons, Pscyonic powers, especially healing over the distant downed teammembers and doting over the distance.
  8. Tjhe fact is the number of match launch by LSM is too much to let any other kind of match happened. Why?
    Because we ask for it. How so? Because the idea was to reduce queueing as a basis so players where distribute as quickly as possible. In this situation where LSM sart 30 matches at the same time all players not specifically queueing for CSM, orks ans Eldar go in LSM match.
    The fact is sadder when you understand that the waiting time is due to a default of players...
    Worse is when you read this forum numerous thread and found all those post of people deliberately not playing because LSM campaign just because the devs fault are ours to bear.
  9. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    They should have made the LSM campaign last 3 weeks, with every week also being a counter-campaign for one of the other factions.
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  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    We have servo skull to make clearing rooms easier, chaos has AG to make it harder to get into rooms. Its asymmetrical balance man each faction has some thing they are good at and some thing they are bad at. LSM has the one faction where even our worst strength (very long range) is helped a lot by stalker bolter and las cannons. Physick powers are good for long range heals but they cost a lot and suck at every thing else. LSM and CSM are more or less well balanced they just have a few glaring things thats there for "asstrimatical" balance.

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