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Ceasefire between chaos orks and eldar?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Bydevoi, May 16, 2017.

  1. Bydevoi Bydevoi New Member

    Well, I was tired of the waiting to get into the match, so I maid a test eldar character. And thats wat I saw in the worldmap - no battles between eldar, orks and chaos. Sooooo, I wonder, if it's because of LSM campain or was this situation made to prevent LSM from winning our campain? Any information? Any thoughts?

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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Its due to lsm. I have see them fight on 1st day and a bit on 2nd day but now most are busy fighting LSM or playing lsm alts to get wins.
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  3. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    It's what happens to matchmaking when so damn many people want to fight as LSM. To get a fight going between Orkz and Eldar, you'd need some of those players to specifically queue for Orkz/Eldar fights.
  4. Bydevoi Bydevoi New Member

    Well, that is still strange. No fighting between these 3 factions. Player base is not that big for such "ceasefires" to have place. My paranoia just can't calm down.
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  5. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    People lose the urge to play the other factions when you not only get nothing out of it but are punished for doing so

    I'm yet to see an Eldar game with an even number of players, they always have less players, this means they lose very easily unless the entire team is a clan on coms, game counts are low because it's currently unfair and not fun.

    If other factions could reap some RTC for joining in it would a whole different situation, but right now they have zero incentive to play.
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  6. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    Orks and Eldar dont have high enough population to fight each other even before the LSM campaign. In order to have enough matches for LSM and CSM, the matchmaker commits all Ork and Eldar forces to fighting them.

    Again, this is to reduce queue times for populated factions. That's all it is.
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  7. Rosencrantz Rosencrantz Arkhona Vanguard

    How would that prevent LSM from winning? You do realize that if such a ceasefire exists, it'd only BENEFIT LSM right? I mean, the whole problem with LSM campaign progression right now is the long queues and lack of anything to fight. If Eldar and Orks are queuing specifically for each other instead of general battles, there will be even fewer people for LSM to fight.
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  8. LoL I'm sure it's a massive conspiracy and not just the fact that everybody is trying to use their LSM, so they can snag some RTC and maybe a shoulder piece.
  9. at what time was this? i looked yesterday and the marines had 125 verses all 3 races
  10. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Its the lack of players, often when I decide I want to play i'll check LSM and see if any fortress maps available and if not check ork (zero players on ork flag so far this week) then check elder (zero players on elder flag this week) usually outside of the campaign there are approx. 50-60 ork and maybe 30-40 elder showing when you check there flags

    So if you want to play its queue at the LSM flag or go play something else, so sorry there is no huge conspiracy here just a game with a very small player base

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