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Catering To The Masses?plans On Difficulty And Learningcurve?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zhull, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I was reading another thread and I read an interesting remark by member psytooth, he mentionned ' the rise of toxic youth now playing mmo's' or something along those lines, and it made me wonder:

    Have gamers become dumber the last decade?
    Have games themselves become dumber?
    What are the plans for EC concerning the difficulty of the game?

    Personally I think games have become partially easier: saves, checkpoints, easy mode, it caters to gamers who can't be bothered to put in any effort and just want to 'stroll down a game', half of the time im one of those persons.
    I'm 34 which means my frst games I played on the NES and Amiga500, and more than once I've thrown the controller or joystick across the room in a fit of rage.
    There have also been games like Otherworld/Elseworld for example of which ive never seen the end or even came halfway.
    Only decades later and via youtube I got to see how the game had to be played and how it ended...hehe.

    Now im not an elitist jerk and I dont want games to go back to that level of difficulty, cos frankly, im not a good enough gamer, BUT nowadays it does seem to me that games don't really challenge gamers anymore, there's always an easy mode or even very easy mode.

    As in frustration wise thats fine, just switch to easy and walk through the game, enjoy the story, etc.
    BUT when you play online you're suddenly facing real people who have no intention of taking it easy on you.
    I have played and still play several games online, the ones I still play or World of Tanks, Heroes and Generals open beta and every now and then Left4dead for some zombiegore fun.

    All of these games have roughly the same types of players: superl33t ones, these guys must have spent hours and hours playing it, the casual people like me, we have our moments of genius and glory, but thats about it, the total noobs, and the 'toxic' kiddies aka griefplayers.

    The last one is a type of player that can really be a dealbreaker, they dont speak english and dont have a good idea what is expected of them, or they are just too young to play but their parents cant be bothered to actually spend time with em so they get parked in front of a comp, or the often terrible players who are crap at the game and decide out of frustration to troll and grief.

    I think that griefplayers come from frustration and lack of skill combined with a bad attitude: they suck, they want instant gratification so instead of practising and getting better they wont bother and just keep hanging aroundand grief, or be utterly useless to a team while saying: 'it's just a gaaameeee...u mad bro?'

    Then there are also 'toxic' mods: stats.
    Stats have become inseperablefor most mmo's, but ive found it to be veryhindering and also not a very accurate reflection of a players skills.
    eventhough that may sound contrdictionairy.

    Now for EC its interesting to have a closer look at this, how difficult will progression be? or combat? How much tactical insight is needed?
    The more difficult, the more frustration, the more griefplayers.
    On the other hand, if it's too easy, you'll get tons of ten year olds derping around and you can forget about any coordinated teamwork.

    It also brings up this question: does EC already have some idea how to keep the community healthy?
    Does it enforce a behaviour code?
    Would peopleget banned?
    Where's the line?
    Will EC feauture a stats-system?

    I'm interested to read about your opinion, maybe I got it all wrong and im interested in other viewpoints considering this matter: both for EC and just a more general analysis of online gaming and gamercommunities and interactions.
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  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    So in other words you want EC to be a grief-free challenging game!? i dont think this is possible m8:p
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  3. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    Being an older gamer myself I can sympathise with concerns over any game being "too difficult",

    Though generally in most large battlefield PvP theres not a whole lot of skill involved in the basic "tactics" or point-and-shoot mechanics,

    The difficulty comes in when a player or group of players attempt "strategy" since this involves communication, teamwork, cooperation, leadership and sacrifice...finding a group of people capable of any or all of these in an online game is difficult, actually achieving any or all of these within the group your in seems damn near impossible at times,

    Grief players will always exist, some people simply get their jollies from ruining another persons gameplay so I doubt this will go away even if the game is engaging and interesting enough to prevent experienced players from getting bored enough to "grief",

    I'm not totally sure what you meant by

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  4. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    i think he means stats in general ...
  5. Then there is dark souls..
  6. Hrodric YoYamaga Curator

    To be honest, games with checkpoints, saves and all that stuff are a great thing. Before, games were made difficult because they were short. It wasn't really the developers fault, but rather the resources were simply not there to make an 8 hour game with a fleshed out story and gameplay.
    Instead they made the game insanely difficult to feel longer and to add replay value to it.

    I fully agree with stats though. Especially in games that are objective driven and have asymmetrical balance.
    What does a K : D tell me about how I repaired vehicles or healed allies?
    What does a statistic about captured objectives tell me about securing those objectives in the first place?
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  7. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    haha no im realistic enough to know that would be unrealistic.
    i would just like to read some opinions about that kinda behaviour in general.
    does it bother you?
    do you think 'those darn kids nowadays'are more toxic than they used to be, etc.
  8. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    about the stats: what I meant was is this: when stats, esp k-d ratio become the end all of what determines a good or bad player, loads of people will play camping etc, rather losing a match or battle in order to keep their precious stats.
    they will let personal stats become more important than the team or faction struggle.
  9. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    another example of catering for the masses is WoW: im no expert, i played it two years up and including the lichking, and a bit later on during cataclysm just to check it out.
    What I liked was that it used to be somewhat difficult and you as a player had to go through some trouble doing research: what stats from which gear would improve your dps etc.
    You had to read on forums to get the idea of what talent tree to use etc.

    Then later on everything was made much more simple, players were taken by the hand and sort of guided through these decisions without too much of a hassle.
    Personally I like trying to figure out how these different gears, talentpoints and rotations work.
    It's part of the fun, and making these things simple is such a shame because there is less to tinker with and less to discover.

    I would like EC to be a mmo that challenges it's players but in a reasonable way, no need to go full-on elitist jerk on us, but still a bit of a challenge and forcing us to figure it out is pretty nice.
    A game like DayZ has it like this and is pretty 'rough' you spawn in the world and...go figure it out.
    It has it's charm.
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  10. When WoW actually has some diversity and RPG choice to it, rather than every max-level player being an exact carbon-copy with the exact same powers and exact same goal when it comes to terms of Gear With Big Numbers, THEN you get back to me about it EVER having been 'challenging'.

    Dark Souls? Yes. WoW? No. WoW has, imo, grown stale not because it's 'easier than Vanilla' (which I argue is just old-guard neckbeards who can't let go of a rose-tinted past) but because the devs refuse to change-up t he formula which is, literally, ten years old. I liked the world and the lore, but I got so sick of the constant scuttle-butt towards End-Game grind, the lack of quality levelling content, the lack of any actual RPG element where you had a choice that mattered.
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