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Casting The Runes - Character Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [Status: retired]

    A Ranger's travels lead him to the group:

    Character Name: Valandil Coamenel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 627
    Place of Origin: Altansar (Craftworld)
    Physical Description: I think art brings more to the imagination in descriptions.
    Armor+Ranger Cloak
    Face Portrait
    Usual Equipment: Eldar Sword, Shuriken Pistol, Ranger Long Rifle, Eldar Mesh Armor (Timeworn),

    Personality Description: Kind and warm of heart for an Eldar he seems a counter part from his shady brethren from the Altansar. A welcoming aura comes off him unlike his brethren who are shrouded in mystery.

    MA | Outcast-
    Being exiled from the Altansar he found a world where he could thrive living alone on an Unknown would that had every type of terrain making it easy for him to maneuver and learn how to move with moderate ease along a perception of a hawk being able to see what most would miss.

    MA | Well Rounded-There was war on that world that he aided the Biel-tan with a great cost but he did the best and learned from the experiences and after the world was left once more he honed the skills he had learned and attempts to perfect the things he has learned.

    MI | Cook- Who doesn't like a cook. Able to cook various Mon'keigh and Eldar meals.
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [Status: retired]

    A Dire Avenger travels to meet his kin:


    Character Name: Artarsi Kal'Varek

    Gender: Male

    Age: 460

    Place of Origin: lybraesil.

    Physical Description: This particular Dire Avenger boasts the common armour set adored with red, shining spirit stone and many gems yet in a strange coloring, a lybraesilian one. Strapped to his body is the iconic shuriken catapult while most of his body is covered by a greyish like toga, with a drawn-on symbol of his craftworld, a bleeding hand. Unlike most, his hair is cut to a short while his green eyes shine on his sun-kissed face.

    Usual Equipment: A set of Dire Avenger armour adored with many a beautiful stones and colored with the color of his Craftworld, all while encased in a toga with the symbol of a bleeding hand. A helmet usually rests on his head, which is rarely seen off his head.

    His armaments consisted of the typical Shuriken Catapult along with a ceremonial knife that seems to have an extended blade with barbed ends, probably used to pull innards outside.

    Personality Description: Artarsi finds the company of the opposite gender more comforting than his own, all thanks to a majority of his life consisted on a largely female-based craftworld of lybraesil. Many would find him extremely talkative and many times euphoric amongst even the most grim situations, in an attempt to cheer all of his peers up.

    Though this is not always the case, even the happiest Eldar will at times find himself panic'd, stuck and scared which happens to Artarsi less than most due to his near-death experience, he values life above most things but to defend his own life and the life of others he must commit acts of violence, for it is almost always a necessity in the universe that his elders had 'forged' for him.


    (Major) Swordsman:
    Artarsi favors melee combat over ranged combat for he grew up amongst many, many banshees. While he doesn't specifically specialize in swords, but in all kinds of melee weapons and mainly his barbaric, outlandish knife.

    (Major) Combat Awareness: All aspects have keen senses and high combat awareness, especially the Dire Avengers, yet Artarsi always stood out amongst them to the point where he could find the weak-spot in armour, a creature or even a structure in a fraction of a second. At times, he could even spot a cloaked enemy, an incoming ambush or a grenade mid-flight.

    (Minor) Reflexes: Artarsi's reflexes are keen and high, he could respond to many incoming dangers and such, such traits combined with his awareness he could easily kicked an incoming grenade away, or even back, with a bit of luck.
  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A Dire Avenger travels in search of himself:


    Character Name: Alo/Winterheart/Alo the Howler

    Gender: Male

    Age: 124

    Place of Origin: Il-Kaithe

    Physical Description: Proudly wears his Dire Avenger Aspect armor. Adorns his attire with a small white and gold cape that records all his glories and failings. Gifted by a Farseer.

    Usual Equipment: Sword and a shuriken catapult

    Personality Description: Proud of his martial skill and might. Always wants to do what is right and is quick to point out others for their misgivings and mistakes. Gets angry fast if things don't go the way he wants. Farseer of his Craftworld humbled him at a time of vanity and foolish pride and gifted him a cloak that records his deeds. It is uncertain how this works, it records some and others it doesn't, it is however certain that it is tied to Alos' soul. The cloak displays the deeds by etchings of beautiful Eldar text and simple icons in gold against the white fabric of the cloak. The cloak has a few deeds recorded in it, mostly bittersweet "victories". Receiving damage the cloak nits itself back together after a time.
    Admires Maugan Ra and hes own aspects Phoenix Lord. Despises the Warp and its denizens and Dark Eldar.

    Skills: 2 Major skills: Combat expert, swordsman focused. Musician. Minor skill: repairman.
  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A Dark Reaper comes to bring Death to the enemies of the resurgent Empire:

    Name: Colapse
    Character Name: Vella, Dark Reaper
    Gender: Female
    Age: 303
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Biel-tan

    Physical Description: She's of usual height for an Eldar, long blond hair and blue eyes. As for her clothing, if not in her Aspect Armor she likes to wear tight bodysuits due to those offering most freedom of movement. She is also in a good shape due to her spending most of the recent time with the Dark Reaper shrine, thus constantly training for combat made her quite capable of withstanding physical stress. Usual Equipment: Aspect Armor, Reaper launcher, short knife, shuriken pistol

    Personality Description: Vella is a classic example of her Craftworld's militaristic teachings. Brash and direct (perhaps even seen as darker more than it was healthy), even without her war mask she is a follower of her Shrine's teachings which in her mind translated that "only good enemy of the Eldar is a dead enemy" (preferably reduced into tiny pieces by supreme ranged fire). Perhaps in some other places her view would be seen as troublesome to say at least, but here her staunch belief that the Eldar are destined to rule the galaxy once again and every other race inhabiting it is simply an usurper was approved and because of that, she received quite a lot of combat experience, making her a perfect candidate to act as a "muscle" when needed.

    Skills: Death Incarnate (Major): Vella is obsessed with death. She believes it represents the height of each creature in this galaxy and she took upon herself to bring others this knowledge. Like her shrine teaches, she became one with death and both her appearance and attitude unnerves her enemies and allies alike, which leads to lower morale when fighting in prolonged battles with this particular Dark Reaper.

    Ranged warrior (Minor): As every member of his Aspect Shrine, Vella is master of ranged combat, and she proves that over and over again, by sniping her enemies from afar.

    Hunter (Minor): She looks upon the battle as a sport, and she enjoys the thrill it brings her. Her enemies are usually the prey to her superlative skills, and she has a supernatural way of sensing when the enemies are close, like she could almost feel them. She is also adept at tracking her prey and dispatching it quickly and cunningly. Stealthy (minor): Her hunter skills had to be compensated with tracking skills. Therefore, Vella increased her stealth abilities, and is adept at hiding in plain sight, waiting for a perfect moment to strike at her prey.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A Corsair pilot comes to dare the sea of stars!

    Kal (@Kalle)

    Character name: Maesanai Skyblood

    Gender: Female

    Age: 140

    Place of origin: The Saim-Hann Craftworld, Clan Skyblood

    Equipment: Power spear, mesh armor, shuriken pistol

    Physical description:

    Maesanai is youthful for an Eldar, blonde and fair-skinned, and she has big, expressive eyes of a sky blue color. The body of her mesh armor is pitch black, with bloody red limbs. The young corsair wears a long, billowing coat of Exodite make over her armor, but she prefers to go without a helm.

    The coat is fashioned from cloth, bone-white in color and embroidered with red floral patterns along the edges. Its back is covered by the runes of Clan Skyblood in red. It is sleeveless, but its shoulders are thickly padded and the collar is high. Around her waist she wears a red sash, embroidered with her clan’s runes in white.

    Personality description:

    When you hail from the savage Craftworld of Saim-Hann, are a chieftain’s daughter, and have become a corsair to boot, there’s only so many ways you can turn out. To nobody’s great surprise, Maesanai is fierce and thrill-seeking, smitten with the promise of adventure and excitement, enamored with the impressions the universe might impose on her sensitive Eldar psyche, and endowed with the force of will and animal magnetism to see her desires realized.

    From her savage Wild Rider forebears, Maesanai has inherited a code of honor and a thirst for glory that is, suffice to say, uncommon among the Eldar. She is slow to trust, but her honor demands great devotion to those who earn it. The tribal warrior in her gravitates naturally towards melodramatics, and she knows it, and she is eager to declare bloody vengeance or undying loyalty once she deems somebody deserving of it.

    Despite her theatrics, she treats her word seriously, which is, perhaps, why she is so reluctant to give it. Like some spirit out of Terran folklore she obeys strict laws of courtesy and honor and, so long as she is not called out on it, she will act every bit as mercurial and capricious as the next corsair.


    Serpentine Striker (Major): Maesanai is part acrobat and part warrior, making her a deadly opponent with her power spear in hand.

    Wild Rider (Major): The children of Saim-Hann are natural-born jetbike pilots, and Maesanai is no exception.

    Voidfarer (Minor): Though by no means any kind of ace, Maesanai is capable of operating smaller voidcraft.
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  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A Dire Avenger waits in the wings ...

    Name: BlackNecron
    Character Name: Onvar Aragleath (commonly called Onvar)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 210
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Biel-Tan
    Physical Description: Of average height, blond hair, pale blue eyes. His face could be called noble, even by eldar standards, although the impression completely changes when Onvar displays one of his infamous grins. He wears his Dire Avenger Aspect armour, coupled with a white tabard, on which he proudly displays the golden rune of his craftworld: Biel-Tan.
    Usual Equipment: Avenger Shuriken catapult, ceremonial knife, plasma grenades, advanced targeter
    Personality Description: Usually composed and calm. Onvar was brought up on the militaristc craftworld of Biel-Tan, but by unusually peacefully minded parents, leading him to start his life on the more civil paths. After completing the path of the thinker, contemplating about the state of the universe, eldarkind and many other things, Onvar finally entered the path of the warrior by his own choice, as part of the Dire avenger shrine. While threading on the path, Onvar realised that this was not his true calling, but only a part of it. starting his ambition to tread one of the most respected and honoured paths, the path of leadership, and in the end become an autarch.

    Tactical Flexibility (Major): Onvar has taken his shrines values of flexibility to new heights, and can react to and use nearly all situations, weapons, and enemys to his advantage.

    Discipline (Minor): Onvar is by nature usually in better control of his mind than his kin, making him less likely to lose control (and fall to chaos).

    Philosopher (Minor): Having spent much time on the Path of the Thinker, critical thinking is not foreign to Onvar, and he is generally not bothered by his view being challenged fairly or disproven, which also makes him an acceptable diplomat. He also can be a quite interesting person to talk to( although you are as likely to have a deep philosophical discussion with him as to end up fighting about different definitions of the same word).

    Aspiring Leader (Minor): Even if Onvar does not nominally tread on the Path of Leadership, he still has great interest in Tactics and Strategy, leading to him being quite capable in those fields (For an Aspect Warrior at least).
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A shrewd diplomat seeks more than words ...


    Character Name: “Ambassador” Firnweth Sepestra (her title is, and in spite of her attempts to convince her husband otherwise, remains, self-styled and in no way official)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 417

    Place of Origin: Aether Stars Corsair Fleet

    Physical Description: Short for an Eldar, and physically a bit too soft to be a warrior, Firnweth bears the physical marks of her wealth and station with pride. The Corsair bride has no scars to mar her form save for a very superficial, very straight, and very easily removable horizontal cut upon her left cheek up to her pointed ear – obviously a duelling scar, and not one borne of truly endangering situations – nor does she have defined muscle or much hardness to her body. A face that is both pentangular and somewhat rounded bears no marks of famine or insomnia, but rather the subtle, delicate wrinkles of four centuries of smiling and laughter, settled around her large ruby eyes and pale, full lips. In fact, the void-dweller is somewhat pale in general, though with a well-maintained complexion that makes it clear this is by choice and worn proudly rather than borne of sickness and carried with shame. Firnweth's hair is copper in colouration, much like many of the coins that pass through her fine hands daily, and cut to reach only barely past the nape of her neck; rebellious by nature, they generally form a follicular chaos as if windswept or after restless sleep, and the merchant does nothing to impede or fix it.

    The prince's wife loves showing off her wealth, and her wardrobe is one of her prime tools to do so. Always in luxurious, though at least partially practical, tunics, dresses, and stolae, innumerable in layers, rich and varied in colouration, not bound to the heraldry of her home fleet. She does, however, like to invoke the bright yellow and green pattern that symbolises her husband's house as a point of pride and show of allegiance (particularly in the face of jealous rivals). Webs of silk, or wreathes of coins, or other semipermeable layers are often laid over single sections of her outfits, providing her motions with the backdrop of clinkering, and giving her an even more odd appearance. Much like the fabrics she wears, Firnweth also loads up on jewelry to an extent that Craftworlders might find garish: necklaces, rings, tiaras, anything metallic that can be worn is worn by her in copious amount and with less regard to the value of the material than its colour. Two notable constants are a total of ten earrings – five on either side – each with slim, elongated triangular attachments of gold that dangle from her pointed aural organs, and a bracelet of finely woven strands of radiant wraithbone, glimmering with many different colours as light is shattered into its components upon meeting its surface; this particularly valuable gift was a dowry that she always wears around her left wrist and would never willingly relinquish.

    Usual Equipment: A hidden bag of coins and jewels, and an honest, tranquil smile. Unusual equipment includes a finely-crafted, but mostly ritualistic duelling blade.

    Personality Description: Sepestra is a woman who has achieved most of her personal goals already. She is a canny trader who amassed a great fortune in her own name, maneuvered herself into marrying the Prince of her ship, gaining considerable political influence through this in spite of being a 'mere' commoner and found love within a marriage initially born of selfishness and lust for power. After four hundred years of work, she is reaping the rewards, and is quite content with what she has earned.

    This has a fallout on her personality; not an elder, and still a Corsair, Firnweth is yet possessed of a considerable serenity concerning the greater order of things. What worry is there, she asks often, in little issues that surely will not harm what truly matters. Restoring the glory of the old Empire is a matter for the entire species, not a singular person, and while she is invested in it, the “ambassador” would rather see her kind prosper with what they have than die in an attempt to reclaim what may or may not be truly necessary. She is no noble, and born an Outcast; thus, she has not lost anything in the Fall – those overly clinging to the Eldarin Empire are more pitied than truly respected by her, which has caused her name to have become quite unpopular with Biel-Tan officials visiting the Aether Stars. Ultimately, however, she is an Eldar with a great heart, willing to at least humour and sometimes even invest heavily in those that seem stricken down, or entangled in unfortune fates. She can be moved to rage or hatred just as anyone else can, but her personal equilibrium heavily favours a certain brand of inner peace.

    Once, she was greedy, and, as one who lives through the coin, Firnweth might still appear miserly to those less inclined to material wealth, though her defining sin these days would be a healthy mixture of sloth and pride; were it not for her husband's mission, she would gladly rest on her laurels. But with the things being the way they are, she works at his behest to improve relations among those Eldar factions who would listen, sharing her Prince Enuriael's dream to see the children of Isha reunited, and the old houses of nobility restored to their former glory out of the simplest reasons there are – love, and loyalty.

    Beneath her eternal smile and maternal mirth, there linger fears, of course. What would she do if her beloved died? What if her home was destroyed? And, just as obviously, there are pettier fears. Poverty, and jealousy – many ladies, most of them of a glorious pedigree dating back to the Fall, and many of them, so she percieves, more beautiful and graceful than her, desire the man of her heart. She desires a child, to be born into a more prosperous time, but what if this time never comes? And beneath these are even lesser, unworthier fears, such as a marked aversion to large bodies of water for she never learned to swim, a terror caused by impenetrable darkness, and the subliminal nervousness the necromancers cause, stronger than with most of her brethren.


    Major Skill: Frugality – Firnweth's major claim to fame among the Aether Stars is the sheer fact that her mind seems to have been touched by Vaul's bargaining aspect. With a golden hand, the Corsair merchant manages to navigate the tumultous seas of business and investment, and usually comes ashore with a net gain. Even for Eldar, she has a head for numbers and an eye for what makes an item, a service, or a person valuable.

    Major Skill: Mediator – It is true that she is lowborn, but the “Ambassador” still possesses the correct mixture of comeliness, silver-tongued wit, and gelling nature to be a proficient manipulator and negotiator. Her words come fast, but a keen mind and genuine intent impregnate them all too often with the proper tone and implications that cool angered minds and soothe diplomatic wounds – Firnweth is a colourful serpent that effortlessly undulates between the rough humour of the leastborn and the million-sided poetics of the highest of nobles.

    Minor Skill: Peace of Mind – The wife of Prince Enuriael was, and still is, a woman of tempestuous love and strong emotions that she is not afraid of displaying, but her success and friendly nature has given her a resistance to darker emotions. She knows how to carry herself among the courts, and that mildness is an appreciated virtue – Firnweth is proficient at not having her emotions manipulated into directions that are unseemly.
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