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Casting The Runes - Character Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

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    Here's a new character from Velos (or Uriel as nearly everyone else knows him!):

    Name: Uriel1339

    Character Name:
    Lady Yareli (Ya-Reh-Lee)



    Place of Origin:

    Physical Description:

    - Sapphire Blue robes with white-silver trimming and various runes of protection, including the Cursing Eye of Mymeara above her chest, in its center is a sapphire-pulsing soulstone adorned.
    - Silver dyed, silky-thin straight hair that reaches till the center of her back
    - Lean and Athletic build
    - Smooth face and flawless with piercing blue, sapphire like eyes
    - Rather pale skin color, even in comparison to Dark Eldar
    - 7 feet (2.13m) tall

    Usual Equipment:
    - Dynasty Dagger (more of a powered short sword embed with runes of her family)
    - Las Pistol
    - Ocarina (stored within Robes)
    - A finely wrought choker with a warm topaz stone, reminding Yareli of her strength and independence.

    Personality Description: Lady Yareli is not a lady because she likes to be addressed such, but due to her family. As the youngest, living woman of her family she gains little attention which allows her to live her adventures powered by her youthful spirit. She would be probably member of some corsair group, would it be not for her family she does not want to leave (not permanently or for too long, just enough to miss them and know to be capable to return to their side).

    With her father being a renown Seer among the Mymearans, one who even knows Iryllith personally, the entire family has great respect among the entire craftworld. Even regulars addressing her as 'Lady' from time to time, remembering her to be at the side of her father and Iryllith upon the celebrations of his return to Mymeara after the Betalis III campaign.

    However, she personally is little interested in the noble life beyond being recognized and well treated. Yet, luckily she is nowhere near as arrogant as her older sisters who even fight internally compete of who knows more about Iryllith and has a bigger crush (Yareli is not sure if they are playful or serious about it, but she assumes the latter). Her disinterest led to missing out on important rules of nobility and constant fights with her father, though she never understood why he is so much harsher to her than Yarelis older sisters. And with the time not spent in noble education, she taught herself the basics of combat with her aunt who was a Warp Spider and is now an active Guardian.

    Yareli is kind at her heart and loves to support others and have good times, which leads to sometimes drinking more alcohol than she should (but that Ice Berry Wine is sooo yummy!), she plays the Ocarina relatively mediocre it is the only item left that belonged to her passed away mother (she keeps it hidden from her family) and plays it when feeling lonely. Losing friends is a horrible emotion and she tries whatever she can to keep others close to her, even if she doesn't always completely like them or even if they harm her, because this lady is incapable of declining any requests or be mean to other people (face to face at least!)


    Diplomat - She may not have learned too much from nobility, but still she has seen her father a lot in action to settle arguments or convince others, this makes Lady Yareli a diplomat by nature.

    Minor #1:
    Swordswoman - Only having around five years of experience with the blade and only in theoretical training, she still understands the basics of using her blade.

    Minor #2:
    Taster - From tasting so many different things (Ice Berry Wine, Ice Berry Wine oh and Ice Berry Wine), she is capable of discerning qualities, other details and abnormalities just by tasting things.

    Minor #3:
    Musician - She plays the Ocarina since she was a young child, but she never got properly educated in it and got a bit side tracked from trying to learn other instruments. Still! She can play various songs on her tool of music.

    Minor #4: Dancing. After a moonlit encounter with a masked dancer, Yareli found the freedom in movement and reflected upon its significance in her life.
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Don't all Eldar Corsairs look like this? :D

    Just a friendly GM request! Could you please put thoughts in italics? I am having real trouble with discerning them when there's only 1 tiny pip between ' and " :)

    Edited to remove a stray hashtag. I blame Velos :p
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [Status: No longer in play]

    Here is the Outcast Kortana, for your perusal! :)

    Player Name:
    Character Name: Kortana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 411
    Origin: Craftworld Alaitoc

    - Power Sword
    - Shuriken Pistol
    - Mesh Armor
    - A Wraithbone sword of unusual sharpness and resilience, containing an empathetic matrix that allows her to channel her anger against her foes.

    Physical Description:
    - Taupe-colored, hooded coat worn over her armor, to protect herself from foul weather and to better conceal herself in most environments
    - Tanned skin with a web of intricate, black lines tattooed on her face and neck
    - Black hair, tied in a knot at the nape of her neck
    - Dark brown eyes, bordering on black
    - Exemplary Eldar build, tall and athletic

    Personality Description:
    Kortana is an individualistic creature, proud and unwilling to accept help from anyone: in her mind, she is self-determined and self-sufficient, but she is willing to set the needs of others before her own. Even so, she is not an outcast by choice: after a humiliating defeat in battle, Kortana struggled to conform to the high standards of Alaitoc, and when the contrasts became painfully apparent, living in the craftworld became unbearable for her.

    She’s never since returned to the craftworld itself, though she’s often interacted with her kind. Kortana is very solidaric with her craftworld, even while walking her own path. In her young years she embraced the aspect of the Dire Avenger, before her time as a Howling Banshee. The warrior path granted her insight and discipline, but also the ability to channel her emotions and willpower into action. She’s a warrior at heart, even as an outcast, and perhaps more so than most.

    - Live By the Sword, Die By the Sword (Major)
    : Kortana is an excellent swordswoman, moving her blade at blinding speeds and with an ease as though it were a part of herself. She thrives in the midst of battle, and she faces her foes fearlessly.

    - Starstrider (Major): Through many adventures wandering the Void, Kortana has acquired many of the Pathfinders’ key skills, such as stealth and survival techniques, even though she prefers other tactics.

    - Green Fingers (Minor):Whether it concerns identifying edible roots on a feral world or tending a blooming craftworld garden, Kortana has an intimate knowledge of a wide array of plants and growths.
  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

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    Welcome if you will another sailor on the Seas of Fate, Imaldris the Warlock:

    Name: Colapse
    Character Name: Imaldris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 542
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Ulthwé

    Physical Description: Slightly taller than the usual Eldar with short dark hair. Muscular, pale and yellow-eyed, despite the current path he always took a great deal of effort to keep his physical body fit and strong in order for that not to become a burden in case a danger occurs that needs to be solved with something other than wit.

    Usual Equipment: Rune armor, singing spear (with the blade on both ends), black robes.

    Personality Description: Sarcastic (even caustic-tongued), witty, perhaps a bit grim and looking even arrogant sometimes due to his quick dismissal of those who he finds he can't have an intelligent conversation with (getting bored with those with "slow-mind"). On the other hand curious, interested in the history of his people, the universe itself and the workings behind it. Understand the threat the Chaos possesses to the galaxy and generally always willing to help those who battle the Primodial Annihilator, no matter the race - not sharing the belief some of the Eldar have that they are superior then everyone else, instead quite aware of the flaws he and his kinsmen share and the failures of the past - maybe even looking as if trying to make up for them.

    Skills: (2 major, 1 minor)
    Imaldris' "thirst" for knowledge made him search various locations and libraries for tomes about Eldar history, old military campaigns and their use of the warp powers. Outside the obvious effect that would have on his skill as a Warlock and in the field of battle, he was also interested in learning as much as possible about his race's society, architecture and even art, believing that with the knowledge of the past one can much better shape the future.

    Battle-mage: Like any Eldar when it comes to psychic powers, Imaldris was a natural at this but even more so, having somewhat of an easier time to gather the power and shape it to his own will. However, despite other things he could've put his powers to use, Imaldris was always more focused on their destructive aspect, channeling his hatred for all things Chaos into great blasts of fiery energy in order to efficiently annihilate his foes.

    Having walked the Path of the Howling Banshee, something from that time remained with Imaldris and that combined with his everyday exercises made him quite agile and fast, not only in combat. However when in combat, when the situation changes and he is forced to stop using his psychic gift, he tends to fight with his spear as spectacularly as possible.
  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [Status: retired]

    And also the Bonesinger Kithaere:

    Player Name:
    Character Name: "Maven" Kithaere Sheolis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 228
    Place of Origin: Iybraesil

    Physical Description: A tall, striking Eldar woman, Maven Sheolis is pale and her features very fine – from her thin, dextrous fingers to her narrow, almond-shaped blue eyes and high cheekbones. A silver mane cascades down her shoulders, usually not restrained by braids, clasps, or the like. As a permanent memento to her homeworld, the Bonesinger's left hand is tattooed blue, in a reference to Iybraesil's symbol.

    While her wardrobe varies slightly, Kithaere generally wears some manner of dark blue robe with white accents, the exact cuts varying but never being tastelessly revealing even if they are not entirely practical, often baring her slender neck. Rings of white, silver, and gold are found on her fingers but bear no significance and often change positions between days. Around her neck she wears a simple, thin chain to which an anvil of Vaul symbol is affixed, the shiny material it is forged from gloriously reflecting the light and breaking it into many colours in the process. Held within its fine, silky bag, Snow's Voice is affixed to her back by a white sash.

    Like the artiste that she is, Sheolis carries herself with a certain air of arrogance and gravitas, moving somewhat slowly and possessing a straight, noble posture. Every movement is – or seems – deliberate, and while talking, she frequently uses sweeping gestures that endanger her general surroundings.

    Usual Equipment: A stringed Eldar instrument (Visual Reference) named Snow's Voice

    Personality Description: From Sheolis' insistence that she is to be adressed as "Maven Sheolis", one might guess that she is not the most humble of Eldar. One would be right.

    However, it is the style of arrogance that surprises many a new acquaintance, for while the Maven is aggravatingly cocksure and an extremely histrionic person, she prides herself on 'approachability' and is not averse to talking or giving (unwanted) advice to those 'less fortunately blessed'. To herself, Sheolis is a 'social butterfly' and charismatic to almost demagogue levels, and even though this is borne from a hopeless lack of reflection, fellow Eldar can easily sense that, at least, her intent is pure and beneath the layers upon layers of pride lies a Bonesinger who loves her art with all her heart.


    • Major Skill – Music: Bothersome as Sheolis' arrogance and self-absorbtion may be, it is justified in the end – the 'Maven' is a very skilled musician and a master at her own instrument.
    • Major Skill – Bonesinging: Combining music and psychic prowess, the Iybraesilite possesses a certain skill in manipulating Wraithbone and coaxing it to grow and heal is it is needed. She specialises in housing – particularly gazebos, shrines, and garden structures – but is still competent enough to patch holes as long as no complicated bits are involved.
    • Minor Skill – Telekinesis: Branching out her active psychic powers, Sheolis has made an attempt to learn some minor Telekinesis, primarily to help lug around the somewhat unwieldy Snow's Voice.
  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

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    Welcome if you will Spiritseer Irlityra:

    Player Name:
    Character Name: Irlityra Caensela
    Gender: Female
    Age: 241
    Place of Origin: Lugganath
    Physical Description: Irlityra’s mahogany brown hair is rarely tied back and so it spills down her face to cover her olive green eyes. When Irlityra is not at a formal occasion she wears a bodyglove of a dark forest-green colour covered with several layers of loose clothing and delicate accessories coloured in various shades of deep reds, browns and oranges designed to mimic the aesthetics of a forest in its autumn colours. Hints of crimson and honey colours have been added to her hair to enhance the aesthetic effect.

    On formal occasions or in combat she wears the robes of a seer coloured to represent Lugganath with a small number of runes adorning her armour. Irlityra’s witch staff has had the rune of the Spiritseer made of wood and delicately woven into the top of the staff, and a small spiral of names has been etched into the grip, each is the name of a spirit she has contacted in the limited time she has been on the Path of the Spiritseer.

    Usual Equipment: Rune Armour, Witch Staff, Shuriken Pistol

    Personality Description:

    The stories of the dead:
    After looking for reassurance on the Path of the Spiritseer, Irlityra has spent much time listening to the words of those that have passed away. All of them have much wisdom and knowledge, much of which is hidden amongst their stories and warped perceptions. Irlityra desires to learn more from the spirits to help her grow.

    Every Eldar fears stagnation on any path, Irlityra rather than being afraid pays more attention to learning about oneself and growing into the person she wants to be.

    She who Thirsts:
    After a very close encounter with death while on the Path of the Banshee, Irlityra is trying to find reassurance about what will happen to her if she dies. What she has learnt in her time of the Paths of the Seer have not help reassure her.

    Spirits of the dead:
    Irlityra has seen the dignity and kindness with which the spirits of dead Eldar can act, but she fears them for their unique perspective on the world.

    She has been on the receiving end of several unkind words from the various Outcasts that travel her Craftworld over her life. This combined with their carefree attitude to their souls makes Irlityra uncomfortable speaking to them.

    (Not literally, but) Irlityra hopes that she can find one of the souls of an Eldar who has passed away who would like to talk to a loved one. Assisting this kind of connection between the living and the dead

    A place of her own: Irlityra is looking for a place to settle down and a group to share herself with. The paths she has walked and her inner desire to grow as a person conflict with this, but she still desires a place, literally and figuratively, to call her own.

    Skills: Minor Skills: Communing with the Spirits, Grav-Tank pilot, Rune control, Painting, Psychic Power (Enhance)
  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [No longer in play]

    Welcome Child of Fuegan, Amriel Vauntor:

    : MetalDog4
    Character Name: Amriel Vauntor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 175
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Yme-Loc

    Physical Description: Amriel is above average size for an Eldar, and solidly built. His hands show numerous old scars and burns that have almost enitrely faded with time. During the day he is usually found with his armor on, it being typical Fire Dragon armor in darker orange and red coloring, in a pattern similar to that of his Craftworld's Guardians. When not in armor, he will wear robes matching those same colors or that of his Craftworld. He is bald, though it looks good on him. His eyes are an intense green in color.
    Usual Equipment: A fusion pistol at his hip matches the fusion gun sling over his back or cradled in his arms. His armor is standard heavy aspect armor. He has a large wraithsteel knife sheathed across the lower part of his back, and the sheath and handle blend into the armor, making it difficult to see the knife. If not ready for a mission, he will also have typical Eldar smithing tools.

    Personality Description: He is passionate about nearly all areas of life that he cares about, quick to anger and quick to forgive or befriend. He is "hot-headed" (lol) and reckless in defense of things he cares about. Rarely appears to be at peace, an innate restlessness keeps him moving and the only time he is anything resembling calm is when he is at the wraithforge.

    Major: Artisan (Metal-working), fusion weaponry
    Minor: Survival
  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    A young Exodite enters the field, with stars in his eyes:

    Character Name: Talis
    Gender: Male
    Age: ~100 (I see him as a new adult, perhaps a touch younger)
    Place of Origin: Exodite World
    Physical Description:
    - Topaz Eyes, defined but subtle muscles, Emerald Green hair to mid-neck
    Clothes- Light, breathable and flexible clothing (Similar to light mountain gear)
    Usual Equipment: Journal, Sketching pencil, Climbing gear (like claws and such for personal climbing), Shortsword
    Personality Description: Talis grew up on a mountainous Exodite world with a number of different plants and animals. From a young age he was enamored with plants, animals, how they worked and interacted. He taught himself to climb mountains and trees, to sketch what he saw and figure out why they were built how they were.

    The various brains in his home were pleased with his curiosity and his outgoing demeanor, even if he was a bit naive. They taught him basics of Biology and Ecology, and Talis went from there. His father, rather protective of his son, made Talis learn how to wield a sword in case he needed it. Talis never really wanted to use it.

    There came a point where Talis wanted to explore farther, and see more, learn more. He didn't know if and when he would return home and settle down as his father wanted.. but he knew that eventually he would find his own path and destiny.

    Personality points
    • Curious
    • Outgoing/Friendly
    • Intelligent
    • Inter-personally Naive
    Skills: Artistry, Biology/Ecology, Observational Reasoning, Climbing, Bladesmanship (All Minor)
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    [No longer in play]

    A Warrior-Woman, seeking to change her future and remember the past:


    Character Name:



    Place of Origin:
    Craftworld Biel-tan

    Physical Description:
    Standing at a full height of 7'1, with a slender but muscular frame, and dyed blue hair that falls in a ponytail to the small of her back Astarielle, if not clad in armour, is typically attired in a loose bone-white robe over a sleeveless unitard.

    Astarielle's body is relatively unmarked, with only the symbols of Biel-tan and the Banshee aspects tattooed on her left and right wrists respectively.

    Usual Equipment:
    Mesh armour, shuriken pistol

    Personality Description:
    As a child of Biel-tan Astarielle became an Aspect Warrior soon after coming of age, joining one of the many Howling Banshee shrines the Craftworld possessed. After many years of war though, in keeping with the traditions of the Path system, Astarielle stopped being a warrior.

    Unable to forget those she'd fought alongside, both living and dead, Astarielle started down the Path of the Artisan, focusing on story, song and dance. Since then she moved between the two Paths, spending ever-more time as an Aspect Warrior and ever-less time as a civilian. Having recently began another trek down the Artisan's Path Astarielle became aware of the trend she was in, deciding to leave Biel-tan in case the next time she entered an Aspect shrine was her last.

    Astarielle is full of energy and life, although taken by a mild sadness at times. When she performs she tells the audience of her subjects, friends and squad-mates, as they lived and sometimes that means remembering that they died.

    Two major skills and one minor skill
    Performer (Major), Gunslinger (Major), Survival (Minor)
  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [No longer in play]

    A Scorpion strikes from the shadows:

    Player Name:
    Character Name: Talshin
    Gender: Male
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Ulthwé
    Age: 423
    Physical Desription:
    -Pale and strangely unscarred skin.
    -His eyes are a deep yellow, which at times can seem to intimidating.
    - 6 ft 7in tall. (2.01 meters)
    -His hair is jet black and done in a pony tail almost always.
    -His, usually green colored Striking Scorpion armor, has been recolored to black, which includes his helm, for reasons unknown to others.

    - Scorpion Chainsword
    - Shuriken Pistol
    - Mandiblaster
    - Plasma Grenades
    - Outside of battle, Talshin must continue mark his path and will wear only black robes.

    Personality: Talshin has become more of a loner in his recent years. The loner mindset has come to his forced separation from Craftworld Ulthwé. This exile or force pilgrimage came from his constant battle with the forces of Chaos. Some believed that Talshin had grown to close to Chaos as he constantly wished to face it. What they did not know, and could not because of his distancing, was that he constantly felt unworthy and needed to prove himself. This constant need for fight was viewed as a poor quality, even among Ulthwé, and after a very specific run in with the forces of Chaos he was forcibly exiled from the Craftworld until he could prove to have overcome his flaw.


    - Close Combat Specialist: After centuries of fighting within a sword's distance to his enemies, Talshin has made his home there.
    - Veteran of Chaos: Facing the forces of Chaos in several battles has given Talsin some insight into their unknowable ways, and he has gained strength from facing his fear. He is able to plan more effectively against Chaotic foes and has some extra resilience to their devious powers and attacks.

    - From the Shadows: After many years of solitude, Talshin has grown somewhat good at hiding within the shadows to listening to conversation or to sneak up on his next kill.
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