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Casting The Runes - Character Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    This thread is for completed GM-approved characters for Jorimel's RP thread so that they can easily be found for reference :)

    The first 160 or so pages are summarised here by @High_Adept_Zeth (scroll down a couple of posts and it is there):

    Here is the blank character template for easy reference too:

    Jorimel's Very Basic Forum RP Sheet

    Your name.
    Character Name: The name of your character, aliases, titles and so on.
    Gender: Gender.
    Age: (nominal age of adulthood is 100. I would like everyone to be at least 100 years old.)
    Place of Origin: Are you from a Craftworld or a colony? An Exodite? Pirate (please remember that Pirates will need to be approved individually)?
    Physical Description: What does your character look like and usually wear?
    Usual Equipment: Can include weapons but no large vehicles.
    Personality Description: What the character is like as a person, what motivates them, any fears and hopes they may have, and goals. This doesn't need to be an essay but detail is good. Please no characters who stand moodily in the background and don't communicate, you will be eaten by a Grue.
    Skills: Please choose either: Two major skills and one minor skill, five minor skills, or one major skill and three minor skills. Examples would be survival, jetbike pilot, swordsman, artisan (type), diplomat, and so on. You are really good at a major skill, and passably good at a minor skill.

    No pets at this stage, however if you collect them in game I will try not to scream that is, probably allow excellent roleplaying to prevail.

    From this I hope we will be able to build a small group of say 5 characters who have a good reason to work together, and are willing to do so :) Please PM me any ideas you have with a copy of this sheet filled in with your prospective character. Once it is finalised it can be posted here.
  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Status: Retired

    Character Name: Firlone
    Gender: Female (I’ll do a male next rp I promise)
    Age: 150
    Place of origin: Saim-hann
    Physical description: Fir has hairlike flame rippling like an inferno, with the lithe frame of your typical eldar,however her face was scarred-a long ribbion running down both sides of her face on her cheeks and one running diagonally across her face through the bridge of her nose, with amber eyes, shining a primal yellow, the glint in her eye always mischevious and her mouth always seconds away from a smile-which oddly happened much more when she was around something destructible,which always was “Aesthetically improved” after she left, much to everyone’s *Ahem* “confusion” .

    Equipment:Firlone carries melta bombs as well as a fusion gun, she also carries a mirrorsword inherited from her mother, when she was killed trying to save a exodite world from the great enemy, she also carriers a very small knife strapped to her thigh.
    Firlone recently found a Firepike which she has taken to use in her quest for fire.

    Personality description: Fir is a happy go lucky rebel pyromaniac with a dark past, both her parents being killed when she was 10, trying to save an exodite world from chaos and whilst it the battle was won overall her heart and her soul where lost forever-now she wandered around seeking joy, trying to make people laugh and trying to destroy anything she thought she could get away with although, she eventually departed her craft world in search of bringing the fight to the great enemy.

    History: Fir had trained hard a a fire warrior,she was a jovial, free spirit and whilst her trainer feared for her, her skill was immense and her aim true, then the worst happened and her parents were killed, and whilst some would say the spark inside of her died others say it turned into an inferno, and for the houses she made her "improvements" to many would say it happened quite literally, and whilst she was still jovial and free, steel and fire entered her eyes and cracked her psyche, the fire was now as tender to her as the loving touch of her parents, and in lieu of care became who she was, the seer's saw this and also foresaw a dreadful fate, if she were not to get her revenge, and so they sent her out and told her to bring her talents and her story to all who would listening hoping beyond hope that she found her peace.

    Firlone is brilliant at demolishing buildings, and therefore is very good at wielding demolishing instruments such as her fusion gun and her melta bombs
    RUN LIKE FRAK!: Having spent so much time running away from the residents of the various buildings where she had made improvements and thus she is very fast and quick.
    Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show- Firlone is very good at making people laugh and smile, and such is very good at persuasion.
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [No longer in play]

    Character Name: Artar
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 842
    Place of Origin: Craftworld
    Physical Description: Under his armor his face is scared beyond belief. Because of this he never takes off his helmet. Only few know of his past of how he got these wounds, and even fewer have seen him without his armor. Most problem caused by his encasement are dealt with by a think connector that feeds into his Helmet. His armor/weapons:

    [​IMG]Usual Equipment: Las-pistol, Power Weapon(Scythe) and Long shot-Pulse Rifle. Custom Aspect armor (scavenged pieces and customised work) and Custom Aspect helmet (the same).
    Personality Description:
    While at a younger age as a Dire Avenger, he was always full of pride. Always trying to be the best Warrior and prove himself to the Exarch. Now being more than 500 years away from his original home, he has became more relaxed about his path. The years of life outside the Craftworld had made him less caring about simple things and usually a smile is planted on his face, taking in everything all the time.

    -Ranger Life: Artar has traveled the path of the Outcast for centuries. This allows him to move through most terrain. It also give him some very odd stories.
    Major -Multilingual: Artar can speak several of the bigger race's languages, or at least enough to get around.(Eldar,Low Gothic, Tau, Kroot, and Ork)
    Major -Xeno Tech: Decades, sometimes centuries working with or against another alien race has made Artar familiar with alien technology.(Eldar, Dark Eldar, Human, Tau, Kroot)
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  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member


    Character Name: Faenkon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 286
    Place of Origin: Craftworld Lugganath
    Physical Description:
    Pale with black hair, average height and slender yet athletic build. Normally seen wearing his Ranger cloak with the hood up, concealing his face.
    Usual Equipment: Ranger Long Rifle, hunting knife, Cameleoline Cloak, Mesh Suit w/ Eldar Carapace attached
    Faenkon has recently acquired an old-tech watch drone made before the Fall.

    Personality Description: soft spoken and vigilant, he will watch the situation before making any judgements. This temperament has been caused by his long wanderings as a Ranger in service to his Craftworld.

    Major Skills:
    Sniping- Through years spent behind the lens of a scope Faenkon has honed his marksmanship to near perfection. He will take any chance to practice and increase his skills.

    Tracking- From following a beast to a Mon'ke he has tracked almost every known specie through almost every known environment. His skills are continuously being honed to make him more efficient in his path.

    Minor Skills:
    Keen Observation- Through years of observing without being seen has taught him to pay attention to the finer details. He has learned that even the smallest thing can lead to a major advantage.

    Sabotage- Some times just damaging supply lines is enough to slow an enemy for weeks and in some cases months!
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [No longer in play]

    Name: BlackShield
    Character Name: Rael
    Gender: Male
    Age: 101
    Place of Origin: Priates - Sunblitz Brotherhood
    Physical Description: Flamboyant clothes. Sunblitz (fiery orange-red) slim-fit hoodie and slim-fit orange trousers with flames from the shoes up toward the knees. The shoes are only minimal revealed and seem to bit what could be considered among Mon-keigh as 'sport shoes'. They are in the same orange plus flames like the trousers.
    Usual Equipment: Shuriken Pistol from his father.
    Personality Description: Spirit of adventure and huge curiosity about the craftworld culture. He only lived among corsairs and only knows how craftworlders and comorrites are from tales of his mother and friends. He enjoys making friends and is rather open to new things, especially since he has yet to find a path for himself.
    Skills: 5 minor skills:
    - Small Craft Pilot, as Corsair, Rael knows how to fly things
    - Curiosity, as young Eldar, Rael is eager to learn and since he has little to no prejudice, he understands things quicker and pays more attention.
    - Agile, Rael enjoys doing sports and other physical exercise, making him agile and more acrobatic than other Eldar
    - Impulsive, Rael is due to the lack of training in self-control more impulsive than others and reacts more because of his gut-feeling, rather than rational mind
    - Romantic, Rael always enjoyed stories from his mother of how Isha and Kurnous had a relationship, also the stories of his parents touched always his heart, making him quite romantic around other Eldar.
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  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    [No longer in play]

    Name: Zyver
    Character Name: Krocell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 265
    Place of Origin: Saim-Hann Colony
    Physical Description:
    Tall, broad shouldered, and lithe. Sharp, strong facial features. Dark shoulder length hair, kept free most of the time. Jade green eyes. Thin lips. A short scar runs across his chin.
    Most of the time Krocell wears a white tunic, reaching just below his waist and elbows, with a golden symbol of Saim-Hann embroided onto its left side. A red sash following the shirt's embroidery, this time with the Cosmic Serpent embroided along the length of it, acts as a belt.
    Dark grey pants, with a couple of extra pockets on the left side. Boots closely resembling combat boots, same colour as the pants.
    A dark red spirit stone hangs from a leather necklace, the stone pressing against his chest just under the tunic.
    Usual Equipment:
    -Striking Scorpions Aspect Armour
    -Striking Scorpions Aspect Helmet
    -Scorpion Oex Pattern Chainsword
    -Shuriken Pistol

    Personality Description: Seemingly care-free and always cheery, Krocell keeps his moods up and socialises if required to, sometimes even without that requirement – he'll just slither his way into a conversation. If he is part of no conversation and sees nothing too important to do he'll just settle down to view the scenery, carefully observing nearby people for anything interesting.

    He considers his greatest fear to be the day when the flame of anger and violence becomes a constant inferno and he'll be trapped on the Path of War.

    Major, Shadowy Hunter
    – Striking Scorpions are known for their subtlety and stealth, Krocell seemingly takes this a step further. When moving in slightly darker, or shadowed areas, the shadows themselves seem to bend and hide him in their embrace.

    Major, Martial Artist –
    Even before trodding the Path of the Striking Scorpion Krocell had indulged himself in the world of martial arts, which were said to strengthen the mind and body. He is not sure about the mind part, but the body part holds true. This combined with the Shrine's training gives him his lithe form and above the average agility and strength. Some people jokingly tell him that his training looks like silly dancing.

    Minor, Stories from afar – Krocell has a habit of collecting stories from wherever he finds himself. Sometimes he settles down and tries writing a story of his own. He doesn't do much with the stories, he just writes and collects them for some odd reason. He might, however, be ready to tell a story or two depending on the situation.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Status: no longer in play

    Character no.6 is here, a Warlock :) Just waiting for a couple more finalisations now and we can start.

    High Adept Zeth.
    Character name:Morvan Jain.
    Place of origin:Craftworld Iybraesil.
    Physical description:Short even for Eldar standards,Morvan utilizes his Witchblade with deadly efficiency.Dressed in his runic armor,covered with the robe of his Craftworld-blue robe with white hood,helmet and scowl,displaying on his chest the symbol of his Craftworld,the Hand of Heg.Without his helmet,one can notice a face of extraordinary beauty that is only matched with palpable sadness that glitters from his azure-blue eyes.His skin emits sickly pale/white color. He has charcoal-black hair, shoulder-length.
    Usual equipment:Runic armor,Witchblade,Shuriken Pistol,small white bag,attached to the belt of his robe.In it,wraithbone psy-active runes that oddly enough does NOT serve as tools for divination.
    Warlock Jain has recently acquired the companionship of a young gyrinx.

    Personality description:Hailing from less known Craftworld Iybraesil,Morvan is a mystery on itself.Tho far from a loner,Morvan considering he thread on Path of a Healer is capable of extraordinary feats of compassion and sacrifice.Whatever tragedy befell him or his Craftworld,it deeply wounded Morvan,enough so to abandon Path of the Healer and take up arms to defend his kin in a more active role of a Warrior.He finally found his life-purpose on Path of the Seer,helping his kin in myriad of ways.Being raised on a matriarchal Morvan,an authority of a female Eldar is being respected with zealous vigor.Why he left his Craftworld to join a...less reputable one, (probably because he met one too many of overly-nagging Banshees)only he can tell,but for whatever reason,goal of purpose he did,it sure was out of benevolence for his beloved kin.

    Morvan has learned much on the Path of the Warlock:
    Seer of the Shifting Vector
    Earning the favor of the Crone Goddess through knowledge,devotion and ritual, Morvan is wise enough to read the skeins of destiny with greater clarity, seeing the many possible futures amid the mayhem of combat to better coordinate his reinforcements.To a degree he is able to influence the very fate of those around him with a flick of his thought.


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  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Name: DaKaptin
    Character Name: Iadanna Iktomi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 419
    Place of origin: Biel-Tan
    Physical description: Not the tallest at 6'11. Iktomi left his craftworld of Biel-Tan, the rigorously structured society proved too much to tolerate. Still possessing his Guardian armor. Repainted to Void Dragon black, with red trim. A long coat of dark green, black interior, with a red sash around his waste.
    Wraithbone gauntlets, still white of Biel-Tan. A single synthetic eye, natural in appearance but with a few targeting benefits.
    Equipment: His left gauntlet hides a retractable wrist mountedpowerblade, liberated from a fallen Warp Spider. Haywire grenades. Custom Lasblaster, in the form of a hidden weapon, disguised as a sword at his waist. and a Corsair Jet-Pack
    Iktomi has recently acquired a Void Sabre, Cycle Ender.
    Iktomi has access to the ship Arcadia and its crew, including a Void Dreamer.

    Personality description: Iktomi is not to be trusted. Member of the Void Dragon corsair band, the most feared and unpredictable of eldar pirates. Half of what he says is a lie, the other half is poorly explained.
    Leaving his home, but not their ideals. Iktomi hopes for the future, a future where the Eldar are united and strong again. Has spent a lot of time on the Maiden Worlds. Has dealt with humans, having a number of permits for trade in various systems. This is helpful two ways, avoiding human blockades and selling out corrupt officials for dealing with xenos. Will not leave a comrade behind, if it can be avoided. Follows the Pirates Code; save our own skin.
    Secretly very lonely.

    History: Trained since birth to embrace a path, Iktomi chose his own. Willing to go all the way in the path of the outcaste, he is stable and not at immediate risk to She Who Thirsts. Achieving the rank of Felarch, Iktomi was on his way to becoming the captain of his own ship.
    Has since gone on hiatus to go adventuring.

    Born Survivor:
    If there's a way out of a situation Iktomi will find it and live to tell the tail. Has the air of a strategist, but most of it's just made up on the spot.
    Quick Draw: Iktomi is as fast shooter and ask questions later kind of Eldar. Sharp reflexes.
    Silver Tongue:
    Using wit and charm, Iktomi is very persuasive and uses this to his advantage. Weak minds are easily fooled, while sharper minds are easily confused.
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Status: Retired

    Character Name: Sarik
    Gender: Male
    Age: 320
    Place of Origin: Originally hails from craftworld Iyanden
    Physical Description: Sarik stands at about 6 foot 8 by human measurements, an outcast of the craftworld of Iyanden of his own choice. His face is clean, save for a few dark tattoos, dots, that line the top of his almond eyes right above his eyebrows and below his eyelids. He has long black hair that is all pulled back neatlyand falls around his shoulders, he rarely ties it into a knot.As for his outfit, he wears the blue aspect armor of a dire avenger, a few red gems of various sizes imbedded into the surface on the chest and shoulders. Two bandoliers are strapped over his shoulder and across his waist, the latter having a waist cloth hanging as low as his shins. A few plasma grenades hang from the shoulder bandolier and a jet black war mask with pure gold eyes hangs from his belt on one side toward the front, with a shuriken pistol strapped to his belt just behind it while a sheathed, slightly curved sword hangs from the opposite side. The armor completely covers his entire body up to his neck, even hugging his jawline and creeping up onto his face barely.Just under the the shoulder pads but over his armor is a long, hooded, dark brown/almost black coat, sleeves going halfway down his arms and the coat itself trailing down to just below his knees.

    Usual Equipment:
    - Spare Plasma Grenades
    -Long Rifle
    -Shuriken Pistol
    -Dire Avenger Armor (except for helm)
    -Ranger Coat

    Personality Description: Sarik is an anxious Eldar, afraid of dying, afraid of losing himself to a path where he can never return from, despite this he fights and lives, albeit staying reserved lest he lose himself, often doing little things to keep his mind busy, even in battle. He could be sharp shooting 2 kilometers away with his long rifle and still be counting the seconds of time that pass verbally to himself. He has only been in outcast for a few decades and the mannerisms of the craftworld still stick with him.

    Major Skills
    The first path he ever took, he knows much about old eldar lore and tales as well as historic locations and important events.
    Survival: Sarik, through sheer force of will to live has gotten quite good at it, willing to do everything and anything to ensure that he survives at the end of the day.
    Analytical Eye: A brief glance from the practiced scholar can reveal surprising depths of knowledge. Even with a short look at an item or conundrum, Sarik can often make more sense of it and will glean more from what he can observe.

    Minor Skills
    Calm Mind:
    Through his little habits Sarik can keep himself calm and collect during stressful situations
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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member


    Time for this in one handy place :)

    ta-aesthir - a term of respect used to someone with the status of a mentor, or someone deemed to have that level of accomplishment.

    karanye - a term of mild affection, about the level of Dear or Hon. You could use this to a friend or someone closer. It can also be sarcastic. The more extensive form, karashemon, is usually deployed with sarcasm rather than as an actual endearment.

    ythrain-suit - the under-layer worn under Aspect or other armour.

    ta'en-jurat - a ball game where the players can only make contact with a small, hard ball using shins and forearms and can only make a hit when off the ground. Usually played with armoured greaves and vambraces, it is a lethally fast sport.

    alnerai - a generic term meaning something like Officer rather than a specific rank.

    kurneshai - a polite greeting. More formally kurnalashkai eluhinishaen, literally fair health and good hunting, but also blessings of the Mother and Father and blessings of Kurnous and Isha. Sometimes further shortened to neshai.
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