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Can You Come Up With Any Executions? Share Your Ideas!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NostramoBorn, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Latorian Latorian Subordinate

    Eldar Striking Scorpions come to mind removing a limb or two from an enemy with freakish speed.
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  2. DeadKraz New Member

    Didn't really think about gun executions. Devastor could give a nice heavy stomp onto the enemies knee cap, making them fall to their knees and then just bring their heavy bolter up in a particularly badass fashion and turn the foe's head to pulp with a single shot.
  3. Latorian Latorian Subordinate

    A fusillade of fire from a heavy bolter for an execution would be pretty cool. Or even a big shoota.
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  4. Vinryk_Ironwolf Vinryk_Ironwolf Arkhona Vanguard

    As a space wolf you would rip the enemies throat out and throw your head back and howl.
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  5. I easily see the assault marines having the most fun with executions

  6. Yeah, that's pretty clear. Melee just tends to work for things like that. With ranged... who knows. A lot the time, you won't be close enough to actually execute your target. You just shoot.

    Honestly, physical executions are best. I love the idea of chainswords used to really turn something into hamburger... but there's nothing better than lifting up your enemy, slamming him onto the ground, then erasing his head with a ferocious stomp.
  7. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    I'm kind of reminded of the sync kill from the original Dawn of War where a Devastator would jab his heavy bolter at an opponent so they're stunned and then riddle them with a hail of bolter fire. I think there was also a sync kill where he lifts the heavy bolter and swings it down over someone.
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  8. Dirus Dirus Forum Beta Tester

    A knee to the gut then a swift punch with the knucle-guard of the chainsword followed through with a final vertical slash.
  9. killertpu New Member

    Here's my idea of race specific executions

    Spess Mahreens:
    Curb Stomp - Just your regular smash their face in with your righteous heel of fury
    Sliced in twain - Using your power weapon or chain sword you'll deal a downward slash cutting the enemy into bloody two pieces (bonus points if you continue to walk through the pieces)
    Feel my wrath and pain - As a Librarian you'll grab the victims face and focus the Emperors Fury into their mind burning it and body to a screaming, burning end
    Emperors Fist - You powerfist the I mean his head goes flying like a football and makes a touchdown
    TOO HEAVY! - Using your heavy bolter you simply drop it on the poor guy
    Purifying Promethium - You guys have seen the Gears of War 3 flame thrower execution right?
    Eat Barrel - You finish the guy off by having him eat the barrel of your bolter
    STRIKE WITH FURY! - You deliver a devastating mid-section slash with your power weapon obliterating the victims torso and sending the upper half flying away while the lower section tries to walk a few more steps before falling over

    Totally not Space Elves:
    Blinking Death - As a warp spider you'll do a serious of elaborate slashes against your victim only to warp away after the attack leaving your enemy confused until you appear above him and land on his shoulder to deliver a quick decapitation
    Look, no Hands! - Using your spear as a council or Farseer you manipulate it with your mind to stab your victim repeat-ably and then for it to return faithfully to your hand once more
    Away from my sight filth! - You do not wish to filthy your hands with these disgusting lesser beings and send currents of warp energy through their bodies causing them to disintigrate into nothing
    What happ- - You deliver a series slashes so quickly that the victim doesn't even see it or feel it. After being stunned the victim tries to move only to fall to pieces after making his first step

    Nightmares from the warp - You fill the poor victim with so many nightmares that he kills himself using his own weapon
    Misguided Soul - You place your hand on the victims chest only to scream in agony as their soul is ripped from their body and is given to the chaos gods to be tortured for eternity and leaving an empty husk behind
    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! - You swiftly decapitate your foe and grab the head before it falls down and lift it to the sky as an offering to the Gods
    Out of my way worm - This being disgusts you so deliver a blast of warp energy to the victim causing them to scream and later explode......VIOLENTLY
    Down and forever out - You mount your victim and punch them into a pulp
    Chainsaw Massacre - You mutilate your poor victim turning them into giblets with your chain sword
    POP GOES THE VICTIM! - You grab your victims head, life them up and squeeze....
    No Mercy - You guys know the Hunter execution from Dead Space? Yea it's basically that with your lightning claws. If you don't know what it is, look it up

    Face to face - You life the victim up by the shoulders and smash your face into theirs......repeatably
    Choppa time! - You use your choppa to stab your victim all over their body
    Buzz Axe Rampage - You mutilate their corpse so badly that their mother wont recognize them in the next life
    Wut's Golf? - You pin your victim down with your foot to their chest, and steady your weapon to their head, wind up, and swing
    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! - You lift the victim up and scream to the scream to their face so loudly that you pop their ears and brain juice begins to leak out
    Broken Pieces - You lift the victim up by their torso and give them a hug of death, snapping their spine in two

    Walp that's all the execution ideas that I can think of at the top of my head, and sorry for my terrible writing I am not the best writer on the block.
  10. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    I really don't like the sound of that.

    It sounds like a charge-in and spam the execution ability to perform a coop execution.

    Besides that, An ork isn't going to restrain a space marine, ever, I'm pretty sure a space marine with only one arm could deal with an ork trying to restrain him.

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