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Can You Come Up With Any Executions? Share Your Ideas!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NostramoBorn, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Heart Brighteyes Well-Known Member

    Squad based executions?

    Say eldar banshee squad is taking on something bigger then them and they have been getting it down and now it is time for execution. Have one of the banshees duck while a second one jumps off her back to get extra height and plant her sword in its face then jump off as it falls. She would have to pick her sword back up but I can picture the execution animation looking lovely~
  2. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I have so many...

    More importantly though, would it be possible to have some sort of combat bonus for doing an execution? Such as raising morale or demoralizing the enemy in the form of vulnerability? I'm not exactly sure how it'd play out, but if a player did an execution in proximity of an enemy, wouldn't that enemy be slightly demoralized and a bit less combat effective after seeing a buddy ripped in half? I also like the ability of chaining executions together and making them an exciting part of combat rather than a "nice job, now you die." pat on the back.

    As far as ideas:

    -Cramming a grenade into somebody. (Doesn't matter where - open to any race.)

    -Vicious strikes of pure rage with no more intent than to mutilate the enemy in a crazed mania and belligerent shouting. (Purely Chaos) Take inspiration from psychotic individuals in movies...

    - Grabbing someone by the stomach and tearing them apart above you, showering yourself in their gore as you laugh maniacally. (Purely Chaos)

    - Beating someones face in with your fists. (Orks)

    - Crushing someone's skull with your hands (SM)

    - Slashing someone's head off with an edged weapon (spear, sword, glaive) and sending it flying into another foe's chest. (Eldar)

    - Hitting someone so hard into the ground with a thunder hammer / power fist, nothing's left but a smoking crater after the resulting explosion. (CSM / SM)

    - Throwing a power axe at someone's chest and having them writhe as they're electrocuted, or seared as their body bursts into flames. (See Magic the Gathering's Art for Lightning Axe and Lava Axe)

    - The SM montage in the SM game lobby where he hacks into an enemy, turns, and shoots another in the face. (All)

    - A pysker snaps his/her fingers and the target bursts into agonizing flame, allowing the pysker to walk away or engage its next target.

    - Take a hold of your enemy and engage your Rokkit Thrusters, launching you both into the sky and dropping you both back to earth, killing your target, damaging whomever it lands on, and allowing you to fall to your next target - slight chance of killing yourself. (Ork)

    - Turn a target inside out (Ork Shock Attack Gun)

    - Teleport with your trophy, emerging with only a ragged appendage, and smash it against the skull of your next target. (All equipped with teleporters)

    - Jump onto the thighs of your target and shoot them in the head with your weapon, falling effortlessly onto your feet as they fall headless onto the ground. (Assailant must be smaller than its target)

    - Teleport into your target. (Chaos wears its skin until they die)

    - Shoot yourself into your target (Ork Shock Attack Gun) * High Chance of killing yourself in the process*

    - Take a hold of your enemy and launch yourself into the sky. At your apex of flight, you may hurl their corpse at an enemy before launching yourself after them with your thrusters, landing on top of your target with a double payload. (CSM / SM)

    - Call upon the dark gods to transform your target into a Chaos Spawn and suck them into a rift in the warp, unleashing a burst of the warp around it as the portal becomes unstable before imploding. (AoE hurts friend or foe!)

    - Call upon a single orbital strike directly on top of your target. (AoE hurts friend or foe!)

    - Call upon a Rokk to fall onto your target. (AoE hurst friend or foe!)

    - Create an Eldritch Storm around your target, engulfing them in psychic winds that tear flesh from bone as easily as plasteel from ceramite. (AoE hurts friend or foe!)

    - Jump between two foes, kicking one in the face with martial cadence, stunning them briefly, and decapitating the other. (Eldar)

    - Pick up a healthy enemy and hurl him into a fallen enemy, killing the weaker of the two with his comrade. (Ork)

    - Slash out with your weapon aiming for the throats of your enemy. Executing one will significantly increase the chance of killing the other instantly if they are within range and are the same height. (CSM / SM)

    - Grind an enemy to paste beneath the treads of your tank. (All but the Eldar)

    - Champion execution with a two handed greatsword. See page 15 of the 5th Edition Black Templar Codex.

    - True Grit de Triumph: See page 37 of 5th Edition Black Templar codex. One handed bolter shot to the face, if player does not possess a power fist and Black Templar Battle Standard, they gain one. Their armor also immediately gains a skin of devastating battle damage.

    I have more but I'll wait for others to post to break this up a bit.
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  3. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester


    This execution.

    This execution, right here.

    I want to do this with my power-fist, my bolter held in my other hand.
  4. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see a co-op move:

    Player A grabs enemy, and is besides incapacitating enemy also highly vulnerable, while player B can finish the enemy off: works out in balance aswell: it's a one move execution, but hard to pull off if there isnt any teamwork.

    just an idea: one ork rips off a spacemarines helmet and hold his arms, while second ork shoots him in the face or axes him, or even stomps him...sweet..
  5. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Always enjoyed this one:

  6. Awie Member

    would be awesome if you could just grab someone face with a powerfist and just crush it and toss the corpse aside...

    kick the legs away from under your opponent so he is sideways in the air and then behead him in the air...
  7. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    I've thought up a 'multi-level' execution - there could be several variants of it that could be purchased a bundle/etc
    For Chaos legionares

    Chainaxe - the executioner forces the victim to his knees and grabs their head. The chain axe cuts down through the neck armor and you decapitate your foe.

    The varying 'levels' or 'ranks' of this execution could be multiple, simultaneous, devastating deep strik

    chops at the victim.
    Rank one - is just the plain old decapitation.
    Rank two - you slash with the chainaxe into the side/rib cage and let it 'bite' and then go for the decapitation
    Rank three - Could be multiple strikes at the rib cage, or as an alternative, you severe the limbs on the left or right side, depending with which hand you're grasping the victims head

    And I hear what you're saying. Nostramo! Why should we use the longer execution? I could get killed myself in that time! What would be the incentive to use the other executions?

    Well... it makes your kill THAT much more personal. (;
  8. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    i would love some badass executions, make some for a duel-wielding power claws SM
  9. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    yes please :D
  10. Alby Alby Subordinate

    If there anything like the Space marine Executions from the Third person shooter ill be happy

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