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Can we have a honest talk about the Mark of Nurgle?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Ecaja, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Out of honest curiosity and because i tried to get a very similar build for a regular Khorn TA working:
    What kind of build did you go with? Mine was Manslayer + Smartpistol & Warptouched Armor / MoK / Totem of Eviscerator and a minor health trinket.
  2. Valrack Valrack07 Preacher

    Really like this than the other post you have make, the mark can be really better.
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  3. tagging @NoahWard this is good stuff..would love to test it on uat to see how it plays as someone who wears the mark and someone who fights against it
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  4. I think that this would make MON too tough for the Eldar since they already struggle against Ork toughness hence the -50% fire resistance. The +80 toughness with deamonforged armour would give 210 toughness which is 41% damage resistance. The reduced melee swing speed is to balance out the necrotic chainsword and other poison weapons since you would apply poison at a 20% faster rate.
    Overall the way I think this would work is, MON would be reserved for defenders since they will have a very slow response time between points due to the -25% movement speed. Unless you redeploy or spawn at a rhino but, overall in open ground you would be a sitting duck. The problem though is if you have 10 people defending a point with 41% DR it would be impossible to take it, if they did not have a direct counter like -50% fire resistance.

    But overall this shows how interesting the god marks have the potential to be.
  5. Valrack Valrack07 Preacher

    The toughness is not for the head so the Eldar can kill a MoN if they know how aim and they a the Fire Dragon too ;).
    I want a MoK like this to be honest, with the chainaxe too slow atm and the GA of chaos have not a shield or other stuff like that like the Loyalist or the Orks.
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  6. I tried this build with a normal chain axe with barbed teeth and the impact generator, and let me tell you it was an absolute rampage with several games I got top score with the crusader commendation 5 games in a row.
    The sheer damage of the chain axe just obliterates people, and the impact generator helps a lot.
    This is really making rethink MOK, I can't wait to get my hands on a Manslayer.
  7. I have been experimenting with MOK recently and it's not a bad as I thought but, this does not change that the no healing with no down state is a huge drawback for very little benefit. However I think MOK should still get a buffnerf since taking MON with a CQC bolter is going to give me more kills for less effort.
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  8. Valrack Valrack07 Preacher

    A bonus for melee damage or the rapidity for chain weapons can be great, i play only MoK with every classes. Try it with the plasma gun is fun x)
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  9. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    It was defineltely said before but, here goes again.

    It's not because other marks are crap, that the nurgle one needs a nerf.
    The smart thing is to improve other marks, to the point they are actually relevant....and not just some visual effect for lore enthusiasts...

    Don't forget it still costs 150lp, it should BE good. It has drawbacks, even though they might be negligeable for some, they are drawbacks, It's like on their logic, saying the MoT armor regen is relevant in today's TTK....or that The heal from MoK, is relevant.

    So yeah, considering they all cost's not mark of nurgle that is's really just all other marks that are simply put, BAD. Considering also what other races can get for 150lp, an no downsides.

    Slanesh and khorne have specific goodies too.

    to be fair...only tzeentch doesn't have specific gear.
    They have gear that awar bonus to tzeentch....Irrelevant 10 extra warp charges....."who cares"...

    But it's time we get the damn inferno bolters with fire ailment.
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  10. Valrack Valrack07 Preacher

    The heavy Bolter of Khorne dosen't supress just have more ammo.. and the chainaxe is too slow for the damage atm, in Orks they have a sword with 40% life steal too.. and slaanesh have just a plasma pistol no ? it's a joke lol
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