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Can we have a honest talk about the Mark of Nurgle?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Ecaja, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    I expect to be shouted down for this... but could we maybe nerf Mark of Nurgle a little? Maybe give Mark of Nurgle a negative movement modifier.... i mean they are supposed to be a bit more laborsome...

    I know, i know..

    but really isn't anyone else sick of the fact that its pretty much Mark of Nurgle as the only viable of all options? In the current game mechanic all the good things are with Nurgle. A good offensive spell, a decent AOE Heal with damage reduction... poison grenades... boatload of additional toughness... and all for what? Stamina recharge reduction? That doesn't seem like its enough of a downside.

    Admittedly, i don't use it, not only does it feel a bit like cheating but also i never was a fan of Nurgle. I am mostly using Mark of Tzeentch and Slaanesh, but i do not feel like those two are rewarding....and lets not even talk about the Mark of Khorne.

    How about Mark of Khorne gives a heat grenade? Or a Skull totem that buffs Melee damage in an area. Instead of the LSM servo skull buffing all damage, this totem could buff melee...

    And Mark of Tzeentch... why isn't there anything good in there? Okay.. Slaanesh seems to have cornered the market on Raptors, even though when i think of slaanesh i think of Noisemarines.. and that sounds more like "heavy" to me... but oh well. Wouldn't it more sense that the Chaos God that has a BIRD and actual flyers would be more for Raptors? And yet Mark of Slaanesh doesn't seem to go well with Heavies due to the slower armor regeneration.

    I mean if i think of the Chaos Marines its Berserkers for Khorne (Ground Assault), its Tacticals (Thousand Sons and Plaguemarines) for Tzeentch and Nurgle, its Noise Marines (heavies) for Slaanesh.

    I just feel the Mark of Nurgle is to good, compared to the other marks. And i also don't get the reduced health on Mark of Tzeentch... I want the marks to be an equal choice...

    And why not make the Marks more akin to the Champion of Chaos rule from the Tabletop? I mean we already track kills and assists... so why not have the Marks grow stronger depending on your contribution?

    Say you have the Marks go into effect at a score of 500... with a fourth of their current value.. and get stronger by 25% every 500 score. So at 2000 you'd have the current value.. at 4000 it would be double what you get right now.

    Or you could negate the downsides based on score. Tzeentch gets health back, Slaanesh gets faster armor regeneration, Nurgle gets faster movement speed... Khorne also gets movement speed.. and maybe more melee damage..

    Just mark of nurgle is boring...
  2. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Mark of Nurgle might be interesting if it actually slowed the movementspeed of the wearer - but only if its toughness was buffed to like 80.
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  3. LewisCowface Lewiscowface Steam Early Access

    I was thinking the same. I use to play mostly as LSM but like to play as Chaos too... and when I do so It is like there is only Nurgle on the battleground with me as the only Khorne/slaanesh Chaos Marine.
  4. Mark of Nurgle does not need a nerf but a change, the same goes for other marks. What would make marks more interesting is if they had a huge positive and negative, for example...

    MON: + 40hp/+80 toughness/ -25% movement speed/ 100% poison resist/ + 10% heal rate for Incoming and healing - 60% stamina regen/ -1 stamina
    MOK: +20 HP/ + 25% melee damage/ + 10% swing speed/ 0.10 lifesteal/ 0.15 melee life steal/ -25% accuracy/ No down state and no healing.
    MOT: +80 armour/ - 30% delay / + 50% armour regen rate/ + 25 charge/ + 25% charge regen/ + 20% MOT spell damage / - 60 HP/ ( don't use MOT at all so not sure of it's stats)
    MOS: + 25% movement speed/ + 20% swing speed/ + 4 stamina/ + 60% staming regen rate/ -40 hp / - 50 armour/ - 20 toughness/ Friendly fire heals?

    And I would like to revamp the Shard of steel to Mark of the Chosen.
    MOC: + 20HP/ + 20 toughness/ + 25 armour/ - 10% armour delay/ + 5% Melee damage/ + 1 stamina
  5. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    the thing with marks is that they shouldn't be a total commitment to the chaos god. It's not right to do. Now if we were talking plague marines (slower speed, but really high health), rubric marines (Armor bonus that gets bigger the closer you are to a sorcerer) noise marines, (Havocs that shoot a stronger version of the HB's "scream" debuff) or Khornate berserkers ( Cannot be healed by sorcery and would have NO access to primary weapons, only secondary (pistols) and melee would partialy heal and get a temporary speed buff for every MELEE kill or execution you get.) I would understand. but just because of the symbol doesn't mean it's COMPLETE commitment to nurgle as all of the chaos marines currently are undivided.
  6. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    The point is that Mark of Nurgle is to good. All the goodies are with mark of Nurgle. Even its downside is no downside, because Space Marines aren't exactly Eldar and constantly dodging around the place, their dodge range isn't enough.. and 30 additional toughness is a substantial damage mitigation of almost 15%... and you lose a bit of stamina regeneration... stamina you most likely used to dodge into cover and then can just remain in cover as your stamina recharges... thats no real downside for receiving almost 15% less damage.

    There needs to be a proper downside, especially given that you also get access to a poison grenade, a special poison dagger and whatever else i am forgetting. There are only goodies for Nurgle Marines.. Not even the Chainaxe is restricted to Khorne.

    +80 toughnes is to much. That would mean you can get to 210 toughness with Demonforge armor. That would be a 0,41 mitigation on a pen 100 weapon. It would be THE go to outfit against Eldar.

    But.. how about +80 toughness and -50% heat resist.... it would mean Nurgle would have to fear Fire based damage from Melta's and such... Of course that would mean the Eldar would probably need a few ammo upgrades to make it fair, to give their weapons a minor heat dot... but other than that.. the LSM have Heavy Meltas and the Las Cannon that does heat damage...

    Mark of Khorne a 25% melee damage buff might be a bit much, especially with our access to the Necrotic Chainsword that poisons even on a parry. But then again... you could restrict that weapon from being taken with Mark of Khorne, seeing as Poison would be 'dishonorable'.

    Mark of Slaanesh, the idea of friendly fire healing is interesting, potentially unbalanced, tho to the point where everyone would use MoS... Maybe have the healing just be enough to soak up the damage of the friendly fire? But that potentially opens up the possibility of grenade spamming capture points while a MoS marine captures.

    But something else:

    Can you imagine how amazing it would be if Mark of Tzeentch would give you a Wing Upgrade, that actually gave you Wings on a Raptor?

    I mean i am not even talking about necessarily giving access to mechanics like the Swooping Hawks... but just instead of the Jump Packs make the jump via leathery demon wings.. or birdwings with rainbow feathers like the Lord of Change...
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  7. I like the idea of direct counters! Yes MON will make you tough as nails but, bring a melta along...FIRE DRAGON TIME!!!
    Perhaps MOK could have a damage multiplier to the back because Khorne wants a fight to the death with no retreat.
    Anyways I can only hope bE makes Marks more interesting.
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  8. As soon as we can clear up the battlefield chock full of tacticals, we might not need everyone running Nurgle. I would have to ask everyone else to stop running their factions version of toughness builds too.
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  9. Chaos player here, and yes, Nurgle is powerfull with basically no downside (unless you play JPA or want something that is tied to another mark) There is no reason to NOT take the Mark of Nurgle with your character. It's the most straight-forward Mark you can have.

    I also suggest a movementspeed penality, and/or like @Djemo-SRB once suggested a "windup" time until you reach full sprinting-speed.

    All other marks have disadvantages, that you really feel. And in times where TTK is so low, Nurgles blessings are allready the best you can get, together with -60% stamina recharge, that nobody needs as melee is dorked... that's too powerfull, i admit. No shouting from my side @Ecaja :D
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  10. It's not that Nurgle is too good, it's just that Nurgle fits the role for Traitor class, and the current meta is ranged. Raptor belongs to Slaanesh since that's the only way to get any sort of fuel Regen. TA get to have a little more flavor and either go Khorne, (somehow, I don't get it but some are making it work) Slaanesh speedfreak wannabe Eldar melee, or a tanky Nurgle that needs +1 or 2 stamina in their WG2 slot. AS mains, if there are any, are wishing for a Tzeentch build currently, until then it's Nurgle Nurgle Nurgle as a standby from a lack of options.
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