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Can Mark of Tzeentch Give Armour?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eldritch, Jul 25, 2017.



  1. +20 Armour for all Classes

  2. +20 for Sorcerers Alone

  3. NO

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  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    I would actually prefer if MoT reacted with items like the force weapons to boost your mana pool further as Tzeentch sorcerers would be the ones to get the most out of their weapons.
  2. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    I like the icy blue burnt out soulless look of an ice-cream man the bearers of Tzeentch marks wear.

    But that's about it.

    Any other mark is better, you only go Tzeentch if your a fan of Tzeentch.

    It needs *something* else.

    Maybe an area affect snare, a bit like the folds of time, space and dimension are conflicting with each other fighting for dominance for the present moment?

    Also some neat warp graphic making it look like your sinking into the floor or becoming a part of the environment when your really not. Real mess with your mind Tzeentch bling.
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  3. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    I agree in principle, but if they're going to keep Khornites heal-free, then the life leech is basically a must, unfortunately.

    I guess the thing to think about here is what Tzeentch actually does for his followers. What do Sorcerers of Tzeentch get/do that ones affiliated with Slaanesh or Nurgle don't?

    I do agree with Eldritch, though, that big sweeping changes like this are probably impractical at this stage. Wouldn't bonus Health be a better fit though, since you could give that to every MoT character, but it would benefit Sorcerers more (self-healing)?
  4. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I think it would be easier and better to just give it some Warp Charges or Warp Charge Regen, so that you would be somewhat compensated for the loss of HP (Armor Regen isn't really great on a Sorcerer).
    Also, by giving the mark this, then it wouldn't make it better on the other classes, though admittedly the MoT might just need an overall buff in general (especially when compared to MoS or MoN).
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  5. I don't see why not, the loss of health on MoT is pretty debilitating in such a low TTK environment, to Aspiring Sorcerers especially who require it for some spells and it's the only mark that directly reduces your EHP. Why be Eldar tier durability without the advantages of speed, smaller hitbox and higher damage right?

    My only worry is that it might get a little ballistic with veterans alongside the percentage trinkets.

  6. I agree the life leech for Khorne needs to stay, I"m just saying life leech being the only thing we get from MOK is a bit lame.

    Look at Mark of Nurgle, the blight grenade and the Plague Knife. Nurgle increases durability while the knife and grenade do poison. These weapons compliment Mark of Nurgle and are keeping with the lore and TT.

    Now look at Mark of Khorne. MOK gives 20 health(a single bolter round does more damage) and the life leech. The Manslayer Axe, get ready for it, also does life leech. Is that complimentary or redundant? What does the Mark of Khorne and the Manslayer Axe do for us when we're at full health and using the axe? We pay 150 for MOK and 300 LP for the Axe. So we pay 450 LP and when we're at full health damaging opponents we get absolutely NOTHING in return.

    I'm simply stating that we should see a second benefit from Mark of Khorne and the Khornate weapons. A complimentary boost to our stats or to our abilities, not redundant life leech. As I've stated in other threads the 40% life leech for the Manslayer on top of Mark of Khorne life leech is like adding a drum mag.... to your Box mag. While potentially beneficial in very specific situations, a drum mag added to our box mag would be very redundant, just like adding life leech to our life leech is with Mark of Khorne and the Manslayer Axe.

    I feel Mark of Khorne would be a lot more well rounded piece of Wargear if the MOK added increased armor penetration to the Khornate weapons(20% life leech, +20% armor penetration instead of a straight up 40% life leech), along with some sort of boost or temporary buff AFTER each execution. Something like 25% toughness for 30 seconds after each execution. This isn't a total overhaul of Mark of Khorne, rather it's giving Mark of Khorne users complimentary abilities like we see with Mark of Nurgle.
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  7. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    How about if the Mark of Khorne's life leech actually allowed overhealing up to a reasonable maximum? (say up to 150% health). Obviously the extra disappears once the Khornite is damaged. I think it would be reasonable to have it increase at a slower rate than when below your normal maximum. Maybe at 20% of the normal rate when healing about 100% Health?

    Edit: Oooh, or they could make it stronger, maybe overheal at the same rate as normal, or heal up to 200%, but it starts to drain away after a short delay? That represents Khorne, always thirsty for blood, becoming impatient that his Champion is failing to let any and starts to take it from them instead.
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  8. Delgear Steam Early Access

    No im pretty dead on as far as the history of the fluff is concerned .... only recently has there been a bigger beef between tzeentch and nurgle. Traditionally Khorne has always hated and in fact attempted purged sorcerers from the chaos ranks from time to time. Tzeentch and followers of tzeentch pretty much never get along with khornates, because they cant stand their forward and direct nature. I mean khorne doesnt allow sorcerers to follow him in the more recent fluff ... and tzeentch is pretty much the patron god of sorcery.

    Nurgle by concept is the opposite of slaanesh all his followers take on a "perpetual grey happiness" or Dopey acceptance once they are gone enough and they no longer really feel pain, sadness, really much of anything besides a gentle love for papa nurgle. Followers of Slaanesh are absolutely obsessed with new experiences and hieghts to thier experiences. Slaanesh revels in excess, and nurgle wants to destroy everything .... you cant enjoy things that are gone and destroyed .... when you match slaanesh up to khorne reveling in excess extends to warfare and killing ..... so her followers line right up with khorne on the battlefield they both have a LUST for killing, maiming etc. I mean khorne is probably going to get bored and not want to play with the people hes killing ....

    there will always be conflict between EVERY chaos god, because none of them wants the other to win but they all agree the emperor shouldn't win either .... So it is kinda confusing some times as they are never really allies its more of a "the enemy of my enemy dies second" type scenario. Plus their alliances, and conflicts are ever shifting and mercurial, its kind of cited in the fluff as a major reason they haven't won the long war yet its kind of implied if they ever held to a crusades standard of unity for any real length of time they would probably win.

    Within the context of the current fluff you are somewhat correct nurgle is presently ticked off at tzeench and vice versa, but historically they havent been at each others throats this much very often. Khorne and tzeentch would never be able to be in the same room for very long without a bloodbath ..... and tzeentch and nurgle share many character traits, both are patient, cunning, and play the long game more than the other two. they both have a much thicker penchant for mutating thier followers more. Though they differ in many ways too tzeentch is capricious, and nurgle is pretty matter of fact. If you compare thier relationship to khorne .... khorne is the more glaring diametrically opposed entity by concept. Its not to say khorne CAN'T plan for the long game, but given two choices one thats quick clear and concise, or one thats wrapped in piles of confusing treachery ... .khorne will usually take the first one, Tzeentch .... not so much.

    As far as the abilities are concerned ..... each god does hold special powers that are sacred to only thier followers ... but most of the baseline powers of psychers are actually much more powerful than anything we have in game ..... and most sorcerers if they set their mind to it could obtain a corrosive acid or poison spitting spell ..... sure it wouldn't be the special nurgle follower poison or acid spitting spell(which is probably better) ..... but nonetheless ....

    If it were me at the helm i would make the nurgle poison equipped with nurgle mark capable of targetting tanks and it would build up stacks that lowered the tanks armor rating so lesser weapons could then harm the tank .... to add some diversity to the spells and how they interact with the marks, and when tzeentch equipped it have it maybe have more range, or lower cost in psy, or something .....

    It would be a different story if we had a lot more psychic powers in game like doombolt and stuff so sorcerers had paths to be more "artillery" like units besides thier plasma cannon spell .... Or doom blast for melee ....
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  9. The mark should offer a large increase in armor and armor regen in exchange for little to no health. Considering that tzeentch is all about being sneaky and hiding behind others this would work well.
  10. Khornates, instead of dying instantly, get a beserker rage that last for a fraction of the time that a downed player waiting to be picked up gets. In that time he takes no durability hits, can't be stunned, and does 20% more dmg. But, his life leech will not save him, once his timer is up...he drops dead. This would probably make them OP, but this is just an idea to get the ball rolling.

    Oops, forgot this was a MoT thread...umm, ok. Yeah since the 1.3 patch MoT could use something. That Armor regen is nice, but turning a SM into a larger hitbox version of an Eldar, not so much.

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