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Can I get my invition reward?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DBH, Jul 12, 2019.


    "passive aggressive faggotry"

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  2. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    Awe that's not nice! How do you breathe with your head shoved so far up their butts? For someoone making such a homophobic comment you sure sound like you got a thing for one of them...
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  3. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    I like the part where you sound like you can actually command me to do anything... All us hot air forum posters leaving is why this game is dead genius.
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  4. What I dont understand is how this game has been in this state for how many years? Alot of us were here before this game was even funded and now most of us are gone. I come and nothing has changed. absolutely nothing. This is not something these devs should be proud of. This game was supposed to be and mmo a freaking MMO! I dont see that anywhere. The people defending this game did not spend hundreds of dollars funding it like the first wave did. I encourage those people to look at the very start of this games development. You wont see this game the same afterwards.
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  5. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    Exactly! These people have absolutely no clue but talk shit well said.
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  6. Can we get some kind of refund for this or have the devs shafted us
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