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Camera angle adjustment when?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by TheBurgerMeister, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    As has been mentioned over and over again since alpha, fix the camera angle. You have a multitude of other games to work with for reference that do it so much better: Gears of War, Space Marine, Mass Effect, Firefall (though no longer running), etc. Placing the player camera angle to the mid-side blocks all field of vision and you can't even see what is going on around you let alone what you are shooting at. This is one of those high priority issues that makes the game feel bad.

    Its that or give players option for camera angles and let us show you which one we feel is better rather than this horrible static one we are currently stuck with. When aiming down sights, the camera angle needs to be above the head/gun more, not to the side of it.

    Even this new game Project Genome that is in early access and made by some random ass company in Russia got it right the first time around. It can't be that difficult so no beating around the bush Nathan excuses. You know its bad, we know its bad, fix it already.

    The LEAST you could do was copy Space Marine the game's camera angle and you'd instantly have a much better player experience.

    Seriously, go play Gears of War 1 this weekend and tell me which game has a better camera angle; theirs or yours. This should be a really easy fix for easy brownie points with the community.


    Tag any other devs as I forget what all their tags are.

    Fix this game we all paid for and are still waiting to get good. Thnx.
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  2. That and please fix it to where our character, weapons, and all situational awareneness don't all totally disappear when we end up near a wall or an object in game. How can we participate in a fight when all we see is feet, wall, death?

    First part of video below covers camera issues, the second part covers lighting which has thankfully been fixed for the most part.


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