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Buff Penetration Rating for Default Weapons

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Squigzy, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Squigzy Recruit

    Here is the problem.. Chain Weapons, Bolters, and whatever nonsense the xenos want to say matters (it doesn't.. they are space faries and space football fans but I'm willing to concede) do NOT do the damage they say they do....

    A Boltgun says it does.... X damage (using X in case damage changes in the future) but has a penetration rating of 80. Problem being, everyone except the Eldar has a toughness rating that outmatches that bolter, or whatever shoota the enemy wants to believe they have. Effectively, ranged weaoibs are marketed to "Ekdar damage only".

    Further, if you bother to test low pen melee weapons, you realize that the "Penetration increase" is the only viable way to play the game because (other than Eldar) it increases damage across the boar. Non-Power Weapons = Increase Pen, Power Weapon = Damage.. there is not an alternative unless you are... well.. psychotic or don't have an alternative.

    Basic weapons shold be equal to basic penetration rating (which is what the game is currently balanced around it seems). Sure, Better armor, Mark of Nurgle, etc. can increase toughness... but What is the point of telling players a round will do 38 damage if you know it cannot possible do that damage unless shooting Eldar?
  2. Thana Thana Curator

    Or a Hormagaunt and Termagant. For Melee Weapons you can take a Penetration mod. For Bolters you will have to wait and hope that Kraken bolts give 100~120 Penetration
  3. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Baseline has to start somewhere - I don't think that having it start where you don't like it is grounds for a buff.

    With that said, dummies with varied (relevant to factional differences) toughness in the garrison would be a welcome addition, as would be an option for in-game combat numbers for people who like that kind of thing.

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